Creative Journeying

A warm welcome to my unfurling:     Journalising Creative Journeying.


As a beginner artist, as many artists do, I held my art close to me.  My skills developed and I became more confident.  The art became more and more a part of “me”, who I am and what gives me joy.  It became a means to help spread joy and put smiles on faces, and a smile on my face.

I have a Facebook Page: and a website: where I post finished, predominantly successful paintings but I also want a space where I can share the “engine room”, so to speak, of my development of new skill areas, where I can share my ideas, thoughts, flops, and strategies to change flops into non-flops.  My emus will be a constant during my branching out, but I do want to explore and track the development of other art genres.

Bonnie & Mexsml
Bonnie & Me!

For example, I’ve recently discovered urban sketching.  Drawing and painting with my paper flapping in the wind is a different experience.  I’d like to share what I’m learning while I’m learning it and would love to hear from you.

Swan Streetsml
Drawn directly with ink and reed (reed displayed in photo) and then watercolour applied. Swan Street, Hobart