In October 2017, I noticed on Facebook the Inktober Challenge, promoting a marathon or half-marathon challenge, the marathon challenge being producing an ink drawing every day and the half-marathon, a drawing every other day.  I hadn’t had much experience with ink, but I thought I’d give it a try. I discovered that they were quick and fun.

For the Inktober Challenge I used ink applied with a reed.


What I particularly like about painting with ink is the bleed.  I love the unpredictability of how colours in ink separate when water is applied.  This is my idea of excitement!  🙂  Many inks have no bleed at all.  Quink Ink is great because it bleeds but I found that pure Quink Ink bled too much.  For example, in the painting below, I lost my iron lace ink work when I applied water to the picture because there was way too much bleed.

ink bleedsml

To resolve this problem, I mix my inks.  I make a potion of Sumi Ink or Indian Ink with black and/or blue Quink Ink.

sumi inksml
My little Blue Quink Ink, Black Quink Ink and Sumi Ink potion

When the Inktober Challenge was finished, I started adding watercolour to the ink drawings.  These are my latest little paintings heading off to Salamanca Market, site 30.  I paint these on handmade paper from the Khadi Mill in South India.  The paper is made from recycled cotton rags.

I’m really glad that I stumbled across the Inktober Challenge and the joy that this different medium and style has given me.  I’d love to hear about the challenges you’ve taken up or how you use ink in your artwork.

Cheers for now, Pj

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