PjPaintings at Salamanca Market August 5, 2017

It was a fairly slow day under blue skies and temperate temperatures.  Early in the day, the stallholder from the upper part of the street exercised his creative flair with some street and tree art.

street art
Colourful Salamanca Market personality making his mark
tree art
He also decorated the tree near his stall site

A lady, attending a vigil marking the atomic bombing of Hiroshima seventy-two years ago on August 6th, bought a platypus original painting for a baby’s gift.  A grandmother from Western Australia, expecting her first grandchild, which they have named Baby-locks while it is in the womb, chose Duck Crossing.

I met the son of my friend who bought some of my very first paintings.  She has been a great supporter of my art over the years.  Her son bought “39 Keys to Life”.  I gave the painting this title because I painted 39 piano keys.

39 Keys to Life copy Simonsxsml
39 Keys to Life

A father purchased “Joy ride” for his young son.  The print is going to make its home in China.  Two ladies, visiting from Sydney, bought a “Who, Who, Who are You? II,” “All Ears” and “G’Day” print.

Italian Joyridesmlx
Joy ride!

I met two young ladies from Newcastle, Australia.  They are planning to watch the Matilda soccer team play Brazil in Newcastle.  It should be a great and competitive game.

Four pjpaintings prints went to be auctioned to raise money for the Stay ChatTY not for profit charity that works to help prevent suicide by spreading the message that nothing is so bad that you can’t talk about it.

Today’s best seller was: Who, Who, Who are You? II

White Faced Scops Owls xsml
Who, Who, Who are You? II

A thought to ponder:   “Every artist was first an amateur” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wishing you many happy, creative moments, from the Pjpaintings stall #30 at Salamanca Market


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