Bad Ink

I’ve started using ink a lot more since doing the Inktober Challenge in 2016.  I mainly use it to outline Australian native animals that I draw.  I mix Indian and Quink ink together and use a reed to apply my outlines.

My inks and reeds

I usually have a few on the go so one of my kitchen counter tops has been taken over by these.  Having them accessible lets me add to them during those short down times.  For example,  while I’m waiting for the kettle to boil, I paint a few blades of grass or I use it as a motivational tool before I try to make myself start making dinner. For example, I’ll allow myself to only paint a platypus’ beak and then I tell myself I can paint more when I finish making dinner.

inked platypussml

I was inking up these platypus before work, and hadn’t quite finished the third platypus in the top drawing, when I realised that time had gotten away from me.  I quickly started packing up.  Ink is a fantastic median on paper to work with because it is bold, dramatic and versatile but when it gets knocked over and spills everywhere, ink is bad, which is what happened.  It fell off the kitchen counter onto the floor, splashed up onto the cupboard doors, dining room chair, dining room table and me.  Charli, the dog, immediately wanted to smell it.  I chased her out the door, tried to clean up the best I could and threw my clothes into the washing machine to soak before I rushed out the door.


I got to work and discovered I hadn’t got all the ink off of me and that my shoes had taken on a more authentic artistic look!

I’ve had other unfortunate experiences with ink, such as, when I placed my art bag on the front passenger seat and then discovered that my ink bottle had leaked.  So, as a result, the front passenger seat has a permanent rather large ink spot on it.  Another time, an ink bottle leaked in my generous sized pencil case.

Despite bad ink experiences, I’m still a big fan of ink and use it almost daily.  Has anyone else had any “bad ink” experiences???

One of the finished paintings.

Thanks for visiting and I hope that your week goes well.


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