Strolling in Knocklofty Reserve

The capital city of Tasmania, an island state of Australia, is Hobart.  Home to approximately 220,000 people, the small city has beaches and reserves easily accessible and both extremely close to the city.  Yesterday, after work, I walked about 5 kilometres in Knocklofty Reserve located in the suburb of West Hobart.

I came across a very iconic Australian bird, a kookaburra.  It looked like it was a juvenile kookaburra. It was sitting at my eye level on a branch very close to the bush track.  The kookaburra presented several poses for me to photograph, which was very kind of it to be so accommodating, because the photos will serve as a great resource for future kookaburra paintings.

Isn’t this just the cutest looking little kookaburra face!
A more standard kookaburra pose

Here are three kookaburras that I painted last year.  The painting is titled “The Three Amigos” and is available as a limited edition print at  I mixed a tiny bit of Aquarelle water based ink into blue watercolour paint to try to more accurately capture the brilliant blue on the kookaburra’s wings.

The Three Amigossml
The Three Amigos

Birds make a great subject to paint and I feel lucky to have come across a photogenic kookaburra during my stroll in Knocklofty Reserve, Hobart.  Bye for now and thanks for reading my blog.


4 thoughts on “Strolling in Knocklofty Reserve

  1. Hi Patricia. I am always amazed at how small a world it is that we live in. Every year I take my 4 grandboys (7-15) out for an end-of-summer celebration before school starts. The last two years at the end of August we have visited the Pacific Northwest Raptors Centre in Duncan, Vancouver Island. Very special birds there like the bald eagle ‘Manway’ and the turkey vultures. But the highlight of the visit is always the kookaburras. We give them our raspberry interpretation of their call and they always make us laugh when they answer. What a magic moment shared with my wonderful boys. Your post brought it back to me with a smile (and a laugh!)


    1. Uncanny, indeed! My parents are actually in Duncan, Vancouver Island right now on holidays!! I grew up in North Vancouver but have been living in Tasmania for close to 30 years now. There’s a reserve on the other side of the street of where I live so I have the pleasure of hearing kookaburras often. Thank you for your lovely comment and for visiting my blog site. 🙂


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