PjPaintings at Salamanca Market September 2, 2017

This Saturday’s weather and temperature was a vast improvement over last week’s. I didn’t have to wear three layers of everything, and with the predicted high of 19 degrees Celsius, I wore a skirt and my stripy stockings. People refer to me as Pippi Longstocking when I wear them, which I like very much, Pippi or Matilda. Both are great stories where girls rise above less than ideal family situations and triumph against the odds – inspirational stuff. I saw Matilda, the musical, in Melbourne, a few months ago. It was awesome. The music and songs were written by Tim Minchin, but I digress.


I met lots and lots of people from Melbourne today. It was a very slow start today. The first people to purchase a print, “Tu-whit & Tu-whoo”, were a couple from the Gold Coast, wearing puffer jackets and beanies. It didn’t feel as balmy to them as it did to us Tasmanians! A bride-to-be bought “Double Date IV”. The wedding is taking place on Bruny Island.  

Tu-whit and Tu-whoo sm
Tu-whit & Tu-whoo limited edition print

Three prints of Tasmanian scenes are heading to United States. He’s lived near Wollongong, NSW for 1.5 years and is returning to the US in a few days. Another American, is taking back with her to Washington, D.C. a “Beauty Queens IV” and “Richmond Bridge” print. She’s originally from California. 

Richmond Bridge, Tasmaniaxsml
Richmond Bridge, Tasmania, the oldest bridge in Australia, built by convicts.

A couple, from Adelaide, who said that the vibrant colours attracted them to the stall, are returning home with a “White Faced Scops Owls” and “Under my Red Umbrella” print. 

Under my Red Umbrella

A father, from the north of the state, visiting his daughter who is doing her honours at the University of Tasmania, bought a Ducati motorcycle print, titled “Joy Ride!” His daughter is writing her thesis on the benefit of growing seaweed (and a shell that I can’t remember its name) near salmon farms to help oxygenate the water. It’s nice to see an increasing representation of females studying, and obviously doing very well, in the science fields.

Italian Joyridesmlx
Joy Ride!

Today’s best seller was: White Faced Scops Owls

White Faced Scops Owls
White Faced Scops Owls

A thought to ponder: “Blessed are the weird people: poets, misfits, writers, mystics, painters, troubadours, for they teach us to see the world through different eyes.” ― Jacob Nordby

Wishing you many happy, creative moments, from the Pjpaintings stall #30 at Salamanca Market

Thank you for reading

All limited edition prints are available for purchase at http://www.pjpaintings.com

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