Having a Whale of a Time!

I was asked if I could paint some paintings to help celebrate Sea Shepherd’s 40th anniversary.  Internally, I was thinking, YIKES!  What will I paint and will it be good enough??!  I haven’t painted fish or sea animals before but I’m happy I took on the challenge.  I decided to try to paint humpback whales. I really had so much fun painting them.

I left the background white, which creates the illusion of this whale floating effortlessly despite its massive size and weight.  I named this painting ‘Suspended’.

In Hobart, Tasmania, they are celebrating the 40th anniversary by having a week-long Artist Showcase and Historical Display at the Waterside Pavilion, commencing October 3rd through to Oct 8th, from 11 am – 7 pm.

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society was formed and founded by Captain Paul Watson in 1977 in Vancouver, BC, Canada.  The original mandate was marine mammal protection and conservation with an immediate goal of shutting down illegal whaling and sealing operation, but later broadened its operations to include all marine wildlife.

Sea Lifexsml.jpg
‘Sea life’
This painting is titled ‘Weightless’.  I painted it on creamier paper and left the background untouched.
This painting has Sea Shepherd’s motto: Defend,Conserve,Protect written in the painting to form bubbles and plant stems.  It is titled ‘Defend,Conserve,Protect’.
Whale Sightingsml
This painting is titled ‘Whale Sighting’

Now I’d like to add turtles add to my painting bucket list.

Thanks for reading.  All my whale paintings are available as prints and can be ordered online at http://www.pjpaintings.com



2 thoughts on “Having a Whale of a Time!

    1. Thanks, DG! I’m pleased I tried to paint something for the exhibition because I was pleasantly surprised with the results and really loved painting whales. I’ve got so much on I almost declined. I’m glad I didn’t and I will paint more whales. Thanks for your comment. 😊😊😊

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