Day 5 – #Inktober Challenge

I received a request to paint a frog and now I’m grappling with composition.  I am (not a very nice saying or imagery) but… ‘trying to kill two birds with one stone’ by exploring composition for my little frog and get another ink drawing done for Inktober.

This drawing is getting closer to what I want to try to paint.  I am imagining using some blue Quink ink with bright pink watercolour paint for the waterlily.  I think the bleed of the two could produce some awesome results and that the contrasting green of the frog might sing against the bright pink.

I am starting to get excited!!

Day 5
My Day #5 Inktober drawing

Thanks for reading and hopefully I produce something for day #6 of Inktober so we can catch up again!   🙂



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