Bruny Island

I celebrated my birthday on Bruny Island, an island about 50 km long, which is more like a north and south island joined by a thin piece of land, named The Neck (pictured above).  There are only about 600 of the people-kind of residents living on Bruny, the other residents being many rare and endangered plants, animals and birds, including regular visits from the infamous fairy penguins.  Its natural surroundings display year-long art exhibitions.  Nature puts on fabulous art shows.

Artistically placed by nature.

More sand patterns found at Cloudy Bay Lagoon

A sand stream at Cloudy Bay Lagoon, Bruny Island

Sand bubbles

A natural beach necklace

natural rock art at Cloudy Bay Lagoon

A sea urchin on display at the Quarantine Station, Bruny Island.

Bruny Island is such a peaceful, relaxing and picturesque destination.  Art is found everywhere in nature.

Bruny Island’s fairy penguins

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