Day 18 & 23 of Inktober Challenge

I tried drawing a moose for day 23.  I wasn’t very happy with it but, as they say, that’s they way the cookie crumbles.  Some drawings will turn out better than others.

I’ve always loved moose.  I love their squishy looking snout and extra long legs.  I’ve encountered moose twice in the wild.  Once when I was a young teenager at a summer camp in Minnesota, USA.  A girlfriend and I were canoeing on a large body of water.  The scenery was like a photo in a magazine.  The water was still and inky black with evergreen trees lining the shore.  As we canoed around the corner, a moose with a huge set of antlers was standing in the water with its head down eating vegetation.  It lifted its head and looked at us.  I was at the back of the canoe steering and thought I should probably change course slightly and respect the moose’ personal space.

Day 23’s drawing

The second time I saw a moose was distressing and certainly evoked my maternal extincts.  It was in Alberta, Canada, at dusk, while driving we encountered a young moose bellowing and wailing as it was thrashing through the bushes and ditches along the road.  It was running and zigzagging across the road, up and down the ditches and into the bushes and then further down the road reappearing.  It was very distressed and it was crying.  I’ll never forget it.  I wanted to comfort it but obviously couldn’t.  Apparently, when a young moose gets a certain age, the mother leaves it causing the young moose short-term anguish.

Day 18’s drawing, something else from the northern hemisphere but much smaller than a moose! 

Does anybody else have a moose story?

Thanks for stopping by for a read.

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