Inktober Challenge – catch up

Wow! The last Inktober drawing I posted was Day 18.  I didn’t realise I was that far behind.

So, here’s a bit of a catch up.

For low-motivation Day 19, I drew a quick sketch of an Echidna, sometimes known as a spiny anteater.  They are a monotreme, egg-laying mammals, along with the platypus, and are native to Australia and Tasmania.  I live in Tasmania and I’ve seen them several times, often when they are crossing a road.  I love the way they walk, they dawdle and their whole body moves from side-to-side.  They are cute beyond words. I panic when they are on the road and want to jump out of the car and hurry them along before a car runs over them.


day 19
A quick drawing of an echidna

These are two photos I took of an echidna on the side of a road.

For low-motivation Day 20: a rabbit


day 20
a rabbit – not very happy with this drawing

For feeling more motivated Day 21: a kangaroo with joey

day 21
Kangaroo with joey

… and for Day 22, still feeling quite motivated, I drew a sculpture that is in front of the Government House Tasmania. Which do you like best? A photo of sculptures and buildings or a drawing or painting of sculptures and buildings?

day 22
A sculpture in front of Government House.  I ran out of room on the paper but I think that may be adding to the picture, rather than detracting from it 

and here’s the photo of the sculpture

sculpture at Government House

Thanks for stopping by and wishing you a lovely rest of the day/evening.


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