Day 10 Inktober Challenge

A seahorse for day 10 of the Inktober Challenge.  This took about three hours in total to draw with an ink pen.  During the Inktober Challenge, I’ve switched to my bigger Desigual handbag to accommodate my sketchbook and pencil case.  This has been a good move because I find myself pulling out my sketchbook more often.  Some of this sketch has been done in a cafe, while waiting for my food to come, and waiting in a queue.


The beginnings of the seahorse.  This photo more accurately captures the colour of the paper it is drawn on.  I like how you can create a 3-D look on a 2-D plane.

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Quarantine Station, Bruny Island

Day 8 of the Inktober Challenge

One of the goals that I set at the start of the Inktober Challenge was to draw more buildings and do more urban sketching.  I’m not doing great with this goal, but I did make the effort to tackle drawing the Health Officer’s Quarters, built around 1885 on Bruny Island.  This building is one of many that once serviced the state’s quarantine program.

cleansing room
Cleansing Room in the foreground with the Health Officer’s Quarters in the background

The site is situated at Barnes Bay, on an isolated peninsula of Bruny Island.  The historic maritime quarantine station operated from 1884 – 1919.  It also processed 9000 World War I soldiers upon their return to Tasmania.  The ‘Cleansing Room’, enclosed by a nine foot fence, was the only entry point to the site.  It’s sad to think that after surviving the horrors of war, soldiers were then stripped and bathed in a dangerous concoction of chemicals (nasty ones, truly banned from direct contact today) detained for a week and then released to go home to their loved ones if they received the all-clear with a final health check .

The bath soldiers were ‘cleansed’ in
sea urchin display
Sea urchins displayed in the Cleansing Room.  Nature’s art exhibition.

Later, the site was used for Plant Quarantine and techniques from 1955 – 1986.  Because it was the only station in the country on an island, it was used as the national location where introduced plants were tested for diseases.

I struggled with this building, as I do with all my attempts when I try to draw buildings.  Angles and perspectives challenge me, to say the least, but maybe that is what keeps attracting me to this genre of art.

Quaratine Station Bruny Issml
Ink pen drawing of the Health Officer’s Quarters, Quarantine Station, Bruny Island

I forgot to use two strategies that I think could have provided some assistance.  Firstly, focusing on the negative shape of the sky, and secondly, establishing the volume of the building – drawing in the lined cube shape (the skeleton of the house sort of speak).  I think this could have helped with accuracy.  Focusing on the positives now, some angles aren’t too far off and some depth is captured.  I’m not giving up yet!

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Day 7 & 8 #Inktober Challenge

Day 7

Pressed for time, I drew and painted “shy” platypus on day seven.  ‘Shy’ is the Inktober prompt for day seven.  I discovered platypus doing the 2016 Inktober Challenge and I’ve been drawing them ever since.  I do the outlines with a reed and a combined ink mixture of Indian and Quink inks.




I really like the cool effect created when the ink bleeds with the watercolour.  I wish this would happen with every platypus beak I paint!

Cool water colour bleeding happening with the beak

Day 8

An owlet for Day 8 of the Inktober Challenge.


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Angels at the Market

PjPaintings at Salamanca Market October 7, 2017

After three Saturdays in a row of battling with wind, it was such a relief to have a still day.  The sun was shining and the sky was bright blue.  I think we owe our thanks to the visiting angels.

Three young ladies, from Sydney, down for a wedding, were at the market right at 8 am and picked up a Spanish Eyes (Red) for the couple.  Their eyes are locked in love while dancing with only eyes for one another.  So romantic!

PjPaintings limited edition print A-4 and A-3
Spanish Eyes (Red)

There was a tour group from Singapore visiting Salamanca Market and many perused the pjpaintings stall.  A Danish couple purchased a couple of prints to take back to Denmark.  I told them that their prince, Prince Frederik, admired my emus enjoying the snow when I had an exhibition in North Hobart.

Image result for prince frederik denmark
Prince Frederik of Denmark

Sing Australia, wearing their teal green shirts and blouses were dotted around the market.  They have an annual national get together and workshops.  The singers from all over Australia are touring Tasmania.  Also, today the finals were being played of the 2017 Australian Masters Hockey Championship.

A ‘Salamanca Fresh’ and ‘Family Outing’ print is heading over to Hong Kong, but not without a photo of the purchaser, prints and I.  A sister is sending a ‘Beauty Queens’ greeting card to her sister in France.  She’s there as an exchange student.  We weren’t quite sure how to say “emu” in French but we figured it probably is “emu” with a bit of a French accent put on the word.  I’ve Googled it and it looks like we were correct.  It is ‘emeu’, with an accent on the first ‘e’.

salamanca freshxsml
Salamanca Fresh
Family Outing I
Family Outing I

A long time FB supporter and encourager, who took a tribe of little platypus originals and prints to Scotland, sent her neighbour, who is visiting Hobart and Salamanca Market, to pick up another platypus original destined for Europe.  Their neighbour unfortunately had quite a rough ride over on the ferry.

Fashion at Salamanca Market.  Now that the weather is getting warmer we’re starting to see more people get dressed up for the occasion of market visiting.

A market goer dressed for the occasion

Saturday’s most popular print was: Double Date IV

Double Date xsml
Double Date IV

Stall # 29, my stall neighbours, who make gorgeous fairies, beanies and scarves

Jodie's fairy
a handmade pure wool fairy made by Jodie Goggins

gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers for my birthday.  I like this photo because it represents three continents: Africa, where my son is currently living.  I bought this painting in Ethiopia.  The strength and determination, despite a tear creeping over a lower eyelid, drew me to the painting.  The bear from Vancouver where I grew up and the beautiful flowers from beautiful people and Tasmania, where I have lived longer than anywhere else.


A thought to ponder:  “All forms of madness, bizarre habits, awkwardness in society, general clumsiness, are justified in the person who creates good art.” ― Roman Payne

Wishing you many happy, creative moments, from the Pjpaintings stall #30 at Salamanca Market.  Thanks for stopping by for a read.  🙂

Day 6 – #Inktober Challenge

Sitting in a waiting room today, mindlessly flipping through a magazine, when I suddenly thought, “what am I doing!!?”, if I have any chance of getting a drawing done for day 6, I got to get cracking!  So, out came the sketchbook and I drew an outline of a bird.  It’s a generic bird.  If somebody thinks it resembles a specific bird, it’s purely a fluke.  I did the ink work with an Artline pen when I got home.

I mainly paint with watercolours. I’m enjoying Inktober, spending time with another medium and exploring creating patterns with pen work.  I think that pattern making is easier to do with ink than it is with watercolour paints.

A bird for Day 6 #Inktober Challenge

Day 5 – #Inktober Challenge

I received a request to paint a frog and now I’m grappling with composition.  I am (not a very nice saying or imagery) but… ‘trying to kill two birds with one stone’ by exploring composition for my little frog and get another ink drawing done for Inktober.

This drawing is getting closer to what I want to try to paint.  I am imagining using some blue Quink ink with bright pink watercolour paint for the waterlily.  I think the bleed of the two could produce some awesome results and that the contrasting green of the frog might sing against the bright pink.

I am starting to get excited!!

Day 5
My Day #5 Inktober drawing

Thanks for reading and hopefully I produce something for day #6 of Inktober so we can catch up again!   🙂


… on your mark, get set, GO!

The Inktober Challenge – Day FOUR – October 4, 2017

Somebody has asked me to paint a frog.  They want to give it to someone, who is mad about frogs, for a Christmas present.  Painting the frog itself isn’t so much of a problem, even though I don’t think I have drawn or painted a frog in my adult life, it is the composition I struggle with a lot more than actually painting a little Amphibia.  I can’t just plonk a frog on paper and have nothing around it.  I have invested a lot of think time trying to come up with an idea on how to present this little fellow.

I thought of having a frog in a somewhat suspended lily pad, suspended by the stem of a waterlily and the flower, with subtle waves below.  The Inktober Challenge is a good platform to try out composition ideas, so I thought I would test out my idea.  I temporarily forgot my idea, when I made the decision to make the lily pad bigger, which didn’t leave enough room for the flower.  Oops!  Oh well, at least I won’t be confronted with, “what do I draw today for the Inktober Challenge?” tomorrow.

I’m looking forward to painting it with watercolours, wet into wet, and seeing the unexpected resulting colours and textures that will appear,  but firstly, I have to figure out how to present this little cutie on paper.

Day 4

Day THREE – October 3, 2017

I think this is the first turtle I have drawn in my adult life.  I want to incorporate some swimming turtles into a whale painting, so what a perfect opportunity to try drawing new creatures in my brand-new, different coloured paged, cool sketch book.


Day TWO – October 2, 2017

This is a quick sketch of my house.  With this picture I would like to add some shading and depth, if time allows.

my house

Day ONE – October 1, 2017

On Sunday, I met up with some good friends and we did some urban sketching, seeking protection from the wind by sitting in a bus shelter and enjoying the warmth of the sunshine.  I sketched the Town Hall from an Elizabeth Street viewpoint.  If I get a chance, I’d like to add some shading to create some more depth.  The slope of the street looks like we are possibly in San Francisco (lol) but I like this exaggeration because I think it adds some drama to the drawing.


As the days aren’t showing any signs of slowing down and a new one continues to roll on  in every 24 hours, there’s no stopping Inktober.  I’m trying to keep pace with it even though the imagery of being defeated by a treadmill tries to sneak into my consciousness.

treadmill fall

Are you doing the Inktober Challenge or struggle with composition too???

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Having a Whale of a Time!

I was asked if I could paint some paintings to help celebrate Sea Shepherd’s 40th anniversary.  Internally, I was thinking, YIKES!  What will I paint and will it be good enough??!  I haven’t painted fish or sea animals before but I’m happy I took on the challenge.  I decided to try to paint humpback whales. I really had so much fun painting them.

          I left the background white, which creates the illusion of this whale floating effortlessly despite its massive size and weight.  I named this painting ‘Suspended’.

In Hobart, Tasmania, they are celebrating the 40th anniversary by having a week-long Artist Showcase and Historical Display at the Waterside Pavilion, commencing October 3rd through to Oct 8th, from 11 am – 7 pm.

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society was formed and founded by Captain Paul Watson in 1977 in Vancouver, BC, Canada.  The original mandate was marine mammal protection and conservation with an immediate goal of shutting down illegal whaling and sealing operation, but later broadened its operations to include all marine wildlife.

Sea LifePNG
Sea Life
“Weightless”      I painted it on creamier paper and left the background untouched.
This painting has Sea Shepherd’s motto: Defend,Conserve,Protect written in the painting to form bubbles and plant stems.  It is titled ‘Defend,Conserve,Protect’.
Whale Sightingsml
This painting is titled ‘Whale Sighting’

Since being pushed out of my comfort zone, I have added different whale species to my painting repertoire.

I’ve added Orcas

A Blue whale
June 21 whalesml
A loose fun painting

And even a painting of my decorative whale that rocks.

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Many of my whale paintings are available at as quality prints printed on watercolour paper with archival inks.