Drawing to the Finish Line

I think Inktoberers all over the world breathed a collective sigh when October 31st arrived, not because Halloween had arrived but the end of Inktober had arrived!!  I didn’t expect I would maintain the pace of a new drawing everyday.

Here are more drawings that drew me closer to the finish line:

Day 24

By this time I was struggling with thinking of things that I was motivated enough to try to draw.  I saw a close up of this dragon fly.  The colours were amazing…. so a dragonfly is what I drew.


Day 25:

There was a family of raccoons living under the front steps of a house I rented in North Vancouver, B.C., Canada.  One day, I heard a lot of squawking and squealing noises and went outside to see what was happening and that is when I unexpectedly walked into a  tree climbing lesson.  The adult raccoon, with its front paws, picked up and placed a young, squirming, noisily protesting raccoon at the base of the tree and nudged it up the tree with its nose.  It squealed and complained loudly all the way up and down the tree. Then the adult raccoon plucked it off the tree and repeated the process with the other two young raccoons, each having the same reaction as the first one.  They made sure that everybody knew they were not enjoying their first day of tree-climbing school, but obviously an essential skill for raccoons to master so their protests were ignored by their teacher.

A raccoon for the Inktober prompt word “mask”

Day 26:

A Fairy Penguin for day 26.  It is the smallest of all penguins and breeds on the mainland of Australia and Tasmania.  I’ve had the privilege of seeing them scurry up the beach several times.  So cute!

fairy penguuin
Fairy Penguin

Day 27:

For day 27, a pelican, a common sight on the mainland of Australia.  Sometimes I told my young children, ‘not to be a silly pelican, eating more than your belican’.  A pelican’s beak can hold more than its belly can. Hence, there are several limericks that have been crafted about this unusual feat:

Oh, a wondrous bird is the pelican!

His bill holds more than his belican.

He can take in his beak

Enough food for a week.

But I’m darned if I know how the helican. 

By Dixon Lanier Merritt


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