The great little town of Bangalow, NSW


I’ve just returned from attending a stunning wedding in Byron Bay, NSW.  I stayed in the quaint little town of Bangalow.  The main street is lined with awesome shops that have unique items for sale, unlike the chain store items that you see everywhere.

Bangalow shopssml
The main street in Bangalow

Bangalow has carefully furnished and designed coffee shops.  I like cafes that take you to a different place, where the surroundings gently move you into the relax space and frame of mind, cafes that aren’t shouting commercialism, noise and customer high turnover as a priority.  Lunch at “Woods, Get Forked and Fly”, with a happy, all female staff that were singing along to the music while preparing food, was fun and yummy.

Bangalow Woods
A great little cafe right next to an equally great gallery in Bangalow

We passed by the A & I Hall, with pressed tin lining the walls inside, and it just so happened that the community was putting on “Chicago”.  A couple young girls were rehearsing their dance moves on the front deck of the hall.  There was such a nice community buzz around.

Bangalow A&I Hall
Chicago Musical was a sold out community event

When it rained, I tried my hand at urban sketching again.  I sketched the two buildings I could see out my window, the Anglican church and the little police station.



Bangalow Police station sketch

Bangalow Police stationsml
Bangalow’s cute police station
Bangalow police
the police station across the street from us

Bangalow churchsml

Bangalow Anglican Churchsml
Bangalow’s Anglican Church
sketch booksml
The sketch book with different coloured pages that I used in Bangalow. Not ideal for watercolour but… it worked


I thoroughly enjoyed this little town and I feel like I haven’t finished exploring it.  Bangalow, I hope to see you again soon and I hope you are able too!


2 thoughts on “The great little town of Bangalow, NSW

  1. Sounds like you had a great little get away to the stunning wedding, Patty and the town of Bungalow looks quaint and full of character. Thank you for the lovely photos and sketches/drawings! 🙂


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