PjPaintings at Salamanca Market January 20, 2018

I started at Salamanca Market rather sleepily after spending Friday, Day 1 at MONA Mofo. I’m writing this week’s update on Sunday because after the market on Saturday, I attended Day 2 of MONA Mofo. Day 2 ended with the most awesome band. Their visuals on the big screen behind them, music and message were amazing. I will write a blog post about my three days at MONA later but for now, I will focus on yesterday at the market, do next week’s order and then head back out to MONA.
The “Fairy wrens” and “Scarlet Robins” prints were incredibly popular yesterday. Two are going to Salt Lake City, Utah. Another one was purchased by a couple that had done Tasmania’s Three Capes walk and saw lots of Superb Fairy wrens along their way. She was from Brisbane, Queensland and he was from South Africa. Another one was purchased by a lecturer at the College of Nursing in Bozeman, Montana, USA. I can’t remember were the others were heading off to.
Three generations, a father, daughter and grandson, originally from France visited the stall. The daughter now lives in Melbourne and her father lives in Frontiere, a town on the French/Belgian border. She bought “Who, Who, Who are You? II” to take back home. Another family of three generations visited the stall, this one originally from Italy and the daughter moved to Tasmania only a year and a half ago. She was at the stall with her teenage son and mother-in-law. She bought a “Scarlet Robins” print and an original painting of platypus and a platypus visitor.
platypus turtle Jan 18th
Platypus visitor
“Poppy Fields” is going to a bush property in Rihanna, Gippsland. “All ears” and “Kookaburra Rescue” is going to be posted to nieces living in England. “Glamour Girls” I, II and III were bought for herself and two girlfriends. The three of them are great friends and she wanted all of them to have a print of ‘them’ at the hairdressers.
A lady, from Brisbane, Queensland, who attended a Native Plant Conference in Tasmania, bought a card. She raved about the conference. There were five days of lectures and then five days outdoors examining nature. She inspected plants at Cradle Mountain and on the west coast of Tasmania. She said that she was so impressed with the depth of expertise and knowledge in Tasmania, especially that it is drawn from a fairly small population, hovering around 500,000.
A couple from Sydney, who came to Tasmania specifically to escape the 47 degrees Celsius heat that they were having in their suburb in Liverpool, Sydney, purchased “Double Date”, “The Three Amigos” and “Kiss me please”. Many regions on the mainland are getting temperatures in the high 30s and into the 40 degrees Celsius range this week.
Kiss me please
Kiss me please
“Barn Owls” and “Tu-whit & Tu-Whoo” are going to the USA and “Thunder” is going to New Zealand. “Suspended” and “Sea Life” will be residing in Perth, Western Australia.
elephants 2015xsml
This week’s most popular prints were the whale, Fairy wrens and Scarlet Robins prints.
A thought to ponder: “Every artist was first an amateur” — Ralph Waldo Emerson.
Warm wishes of creativity from the Pjpaintings stall #30 at Salamanca Market.
Thanks for visiting. 🙂

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