PjPaintings, Salamanca Market January 27, 2018

I found yesterday’s heat rather taxing so when I got home, I went straight to bed. I didn’t even unpack the car. I can’t remember if I’ve ever not unpacked the car immediately, but thankfully I was able to re-energise myself enough to go to a friends’ beautiful home for dinner. She has lots of books in book cases. The book cases have built in narrow-in-height horizontal shelves for big picture books that are cleverly designed to serve as rests for book browsing as well. (I should think like a blogger and have taken a photo of it!!  Apologies).
Friday was Australia Day, a long weekend in Australia, and a hot one for most of the country. Despite the heat, people came out to peruse the market. I met three different couples that had bought prints earlier in the week from Made in Tasmania, a brilliant shop in Salamanca Place, that has supported my art from when I first started producing prints and greeting cards, five years ago now. One of the couples were from Western Australia (WA). From the stall, they bought “Spanish Eyes (Yellow) for a friend and “Hayride” for themselves. He’s a farmer and said that he will have to attack weeds upon his return. With the rain, and then the sunshine, they will be growing in abundance. He was not looking forward to it.

Another couple, from California, USA, purchased “Spanish Eyes (Yellow)” and “Off to the Races” prints from the Made in Tasmania shop.

Off to the Races IIsm
Off to the Races! II

I met a lady, who is originally from Hobart, now living in Brisbane. She’s upgrading her science degree that she did at the University of Tasmania, and she’s doing an IT degree. She’s attending university with her daughter and son. She also has a 15 year old son, who is academically, musically and artistically gifted. She bought two small owl prints.

I have painted a Ducati, Harley and Triumph motorcycles. I met a Sydney couple that have owned all three. They ended up purchasing “Joy ride!” and “Bonnie & Me”.

A lovely couple from northern England, that spent quite a bit of time deliberating, eventually chose a small “Who, Who, Who are You?II” print. He was telling me that people have told him that Tasmania is similar to England but he thinks it’s nothing like it. He drove through the midlands and said it is so dry, like the land is burnt. We really do need rain. Apparently, we should be getting rain tomorrow. We hope so.

A family from Ankara, Turkey, narrowed down the print choices to “Off to the Races!” and “Glamour Girls”. They asked me which one I thought was the best picture, which I think is a quite a challenging question to ask the creator of the pictures! My response was that I find it too difficult to choose because I like them both equally, therefore, I think you should purchase both. Ha-ha, they thought that was funny too. They ended up choosing “Glamour Girls”.

Glamour Girls.jpg
Glamour Girls

An Austrian and Swiss girl, travelling together for a year, only one month left, stopped at the stall. They worked together in a lawyers’ office in Europe. I asked them what they were going to do upon their return. They had no definite education or training plans. They were in agreement that they didn’t want to go back to office work. I gave them my little, which turned out to be rather pro-longed, passionate pep talk, about not limiting themselves, that they need more women in science, engineering and similar fields, that there are 100% women construction and electrician businesses now and more. They thanked me for the inspirational and motivational speech. It was funny, we all laughed, but yet I meant what I said, which I think was understood by all.

A couple from Warrnambool, Victoria, bought a “Suspended” print to take back for their daughter. A couple from Port Macquarie, NSW, bought “White Faced Scops Owls” and “White Faced Scops Owls II”. A young Sydney couple purchased two small original paintings, a Sulphur crested cockatoo and Yellow-tailed black cockatoo. A young lady from Melbourne, purchased the Glamour Girls II original painting. Now there are only two originals from the series available for purchase, “Glamour Girls” and “Glamour Girls I”.

A couple that live here in Hobart, she being originally from the UK, visited the stall again. She sent “Salamanca Fresh” to her two sisters in the UK. She said that they just loved them so she was looking for more three-emu pictures. She chose “Outback Glamping” and encouraged me to paint more three-emu scenes.

Outback glampingsml.jpg
Outback Glamping

This week’s most popular prints were the whales and owls, “Suspended” and “White Faced Scops Owls” in particular.
A thought to ponder: “Action is the foundational key to all success.” – Pablo Picasso
Wishing you a lovely week, full of creative opportunities, from the Pjpaintings stall #30 at Salamanca Market.


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