New things

Hello. Hope everybody is travelling along well.

Since 2016’s Inktober Challenge, I have been painting weekly little ink and watercolour paintings on square pieces (approximately 20 x 20 cm and 15 x 15 cm) of paper made 100% from cotton rags and selling them at my stall at Salamanca Market in Hobart, Tasmania.

Feb2yellow tailed cockatoo2
Tasmania’s native Yellow-tailed black cockatoo

It’s a difficult balance to achieve, painting these and trying to squeeze some time in the other part of your week to work on larger paintings.  Ultimately, one hour per piece is the best but I’m not sure how long I spend on each painting because I am usually working on several at a time and there is the drying time.

production line

I paint the eye and nose and then move onto another painting while that dries and so on.  I’m guessing probably just under 2 hours per painting, but maybe more because as the saying goes, ‘time flies when you’re having fun.’

So when it was suggested I paint kookaburra and wombat paintings, to sell on a weekly basis, I was dubious about whether I could do these quickly enough to make it viable.  I kept the motto “simplifying” and “not overworking” in the forefront of my mind. I surprised myself at how quickly I managed to paint the kookaburra. The next one will probably be better.

kookFeb 21,2018

With the wombat, I have discovered that drawing it with a water colour pencil not only speeds up the process but adds a nice additional glow to the painting.

Being made from 100% recycled rags, the paper has imperfections.  To cover up some of the blemishes I started adding gum leaves.  I love painting these delicate additions.  Also it provides a theme to connect all the paintings.

January25,2018 yellowtailed cockatoo
A Yellow-tailed black cockatoo

I make the gum-leaf green colour with Raw Sienna and Cobalt Blue.

So, little original paintings of wombats and kookaburras will be a new addition at the Pjpaintings stall.

Something else that is new that I’ve recently taken up is life drawing.  Simplifying is critical when you are trying to capture something from the one minute poses and the 10 and 20 minute poses.  Here are some of my initial attempts.

One minute poses

10 and 20 minute poses

Something else that is new is that I’ve sadly had to take my website down.  It has been hacked virtually every other day this month and it is just too compromised to leave it up.  So, a brand new website is on its way.  In the meantime, if you’d like to order a print, please contact me through email (, Facebook or the comments feature here.  All images displayed in the Salamanca Market Diary category are available for purchase.

Thanks for stopping by.  Take care.


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