18 People

Hello.  Well, I embarked on my first day of the OneWeek100People2018 challenge.   As I had strategically planned, I went to the public library early, hoping to catch a group of people congregating by the entrance waiting for the library doors to open.  I got there and there was nobody!  Now wouldn’t you too think a public library would open at 9 am??!  Well, not the Rosny Library in Tasmania.  It opens at 9:30 am.

So, I went to Banjos, ordered a coffee and tried to discreetly start my people-sketching.  This man was reading a newspaper on a very low coffee table. I used a new ink pen for the first time today and found out the ink bleeds quite a lot when you add watercolour paint.  With some sketches it works, with others, not so good.

Reading a distant paper

Then I sketched this group of three.  I thought they were having a business meeting, but at one point, the lady in the red, said at a much louder volume, “I will tell them I am a slow learner.”  I think they were getting some job interviewing coaching.

Interview skills coaching at Banjos

Then suddenly, I was the only one in Banjos.  I didn’t feel comfortable drawing the staff so I thought I would try the library again.  On my way, I sketched this person leaning on a railing but he abruptly left the scene about 10 seconds after I started drawing him.

March5 council

Then as a bus was pulling up, I started sketching this guy as he was waiting to get on the bus.  I’m surprised in how much I captured in probably under a minute.

March 5 busstop
starting his bus ride to somewhere

At the library, I sketched this woman (the paint has seriously blurred her glasses).  I think she sensed I was drawing her because she kept looking up from her book at me, so I moved and found this gentleman perched in front of a computer.

The library was quite empty so I went to the shopping centre with the thought there might be people sitting on some of the benches or couches.  There were three teen aged boys sitting on a bench, all looking at their phones.  Their postures were great, teenagery slouched positions, but I wasn’t game to try just in case they looked up and took offence to me drawing them.  So, I decided to try another cafe.  I had better luck here, with subjects to draw, not better drawings.  Here are some of the faces.


While waiting for his take away coffee, this man ran his fingers through his beard continuously.

march5waiting coffee
decision, decisions

I finished my second coffee and decided to head home, even though I hadn’t achieved my goal of sketching 20 people.  I stepped out of the cafe and saw this bloke having a smoke.  I liked his posture so I motivated myself to give him a go.  No sooner had I started, he butted out his cigarette and left.  That’s the main problem with sketching people – they move, and they move a lot!  Tomorrow should be easier because I will be attending a life drawing class.  I’ll sketch the model and the people sketching the model.  I should be able to reach my quota!

butting out

Thanks for reading and all the best with whatever is challenging you.


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