18 + 33 = 51 People

Hello.  Here’s an update on how my day two went with the OneWeek100People2018 Challenge.  Today was easier than yesterday because I went to a Life Drawing class.  There were plenty of people to draw in one place and I didn’t feel like anyone would take offence when I sketched them.

I drew 33 people today, mind some were only 30 second poses, but I’m counting them towards my goal of 100!  Thirty three sketches is too many to show, so I’ve pruned it back to about ten.

Before the life drawing class commenced….  I used a 3B pencil today.

We started the life drawing class with quick 30 second and then one minute poses.

Then we drew some 10 minute poses.

Ten minute pose

Then I sketched a few people during the morning tea break.

After morning tea we had two 20 minute poses.


I have one more sketch that I did but I want to finish it before I reveal it.  I am really loving it so far.

Thanks for stopping by.  🙂


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