My favourite Vancouver building

I love the grand Roman Colosseum inspired Vancouver Library. It is a stunning building. 


external libraryPNG.png
Vancouver Public Library

library external 4PNG


It is a multi-level building with open crossways connecting each floor.  When I first visited the library, soon after its opening, I wondered how long this would last before all the crossways would be enclosed? 


bridges in libraryPNG
Open crossways connecting the floor to study cubicles lining the circumference of the interior building

If somebody dropped an iphone or book, it could knock somebody out cold below. 



view from abovePNG
looking down from a internal crossway

open planPNG


I’m really happy that all these years later, the open-plan persisted, and with the stunning art, its luxurious feel.

It is a clean, modern, busy and well patronised place.  This library houses so much: city views from the windows, a massive children’s section, thousands and thousands of books and magazines, multiple filing cabinets of maps, census records and more, a box light and so much more. 


A view from one of the library’s windows
Vanc library map
A map from a book full of illustrated maps from the 1600s.




This library is well worth a visit.  It really is an impressive place.

One thought on “My favourite Vancouver building

  1. Thank you for sharing such beautiful photos of the Vancouver Library! It indeed is a very stunning and impressive looking library! 🙂


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