Sydney to Sidney

The Washington State Ferry to San Juan Island and Sidney on Vancouver Island was great.  There are some unexpected nice touches.  The food options weren’t impressive but the rest impressed me.

Leaving Friday Harbour, San Juan Island
Travelling through lots of little islands
Passing by a larger island that had a lot of deer grazing on the green banks and Puffins resting.
Several tables had jig saw puzzles for passengers to work on.  I thought this was really nice.  I worked on a 1000 piece puzzle picturing a stack of quilts.  Very challenging!  I did my bit to contribute to the community project and added about 20 pieces.

The ferry also had historical photos displayed.  These two were taken in 1912 and 1916.



Sidney’s suburbs have well maintained, nice looking houses, flower beds and yards.  The main street is neat and tidy with many sculptures, wide sidewalks and flowers.

If you can, I think that the ferry is a more pleasant way to travel from United States to Canada than flying.  You can avoid some of the more intense security measures, for example, body scans when you travel by ferry, and the ferry ride is scenic and fun.

Thanks for visiting.

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