26 + 4 = 30: finishing the 30×30 challenge

Surprisingly, I finished the June challenge of producing a daily paint-only painting.  I was doubtful that I would be able to go the distance, but I did!

Here are my final paintings:

On June 26, I painted another echidna.  It’s the biggest echidna out of the echidnas that I painted (painted on a 20 x 20 cm paper made 100% from recycled cotton rags).

A hungry echidna

Next, I painted a platypus diving into cool, refreshing Tasmanian water.

June 27 platypussml
Platypus diving session

On Day 28, I quickly painted a kangaroo and joey.

June 29 kangaroo
I’m watching you!

On day 29, feeling buoyed by what I have been able to paint without using a single pencil mark, I thought I would tackle the BooBook Owl, an owl that I have been wanting to paint for a long time.

June 28 Southern Boobook owl
Southern Boobook Owl

On June 30th, the final day of the 30 x 30 challenge, I tried the Boobook owl again.  I didn’t quite finish it, but I think I did enough for it to count as my final painting of the challenge.

June 30 boobook
A Boobook pose

So, what did I learn from this challenge?  Well, I can no longer use “I forgot my pencil” as an excuse to not paint!

One benefit of participating in these types of challenges for me, is that I always paint something I’ve never painted before. I get quite desperate trying to find things I can paint quickly to meet the quota.  This challenge’s newbies were bees and an octopus.  I have had an unsuccessful attempt with an echidna prior to this challenge, so echidnas were a winner also, and falls into the new category for me.

I’m surprised that I could paint as many things as I did using no pencil.  From my understanding, the premise of direct watercolour painting is to assist in producing ‘loose’ paintings.  Without a few pencil guidelines, I found myself concentrating and giving more thought of where to put the paintbrush on the paper each time.  It impacted my painting choices and my looseness.  I think I paint looser when there are a few pencil lines to inform me.

All in all, in was a great experience and I loved seeing the posts of the amazing direct watercolour paintings from the participants in the #30x30directwatercolor2018 challenge.

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