My Dog LOVES my Art!

Meet Charli, my small American Cocker Spaniel that is now almost 12 years old.  I’ve had her since she was a puppy.  Don’t let this cute little face fool you.  She is mischievous and requires an eagle eye on her at all times.

There are a few tasty items that she finds scrumptiously tempting beyond self-constraint. Each time, after she commits the crime, she hangs her head in shame, but to no avail… she cannot resist the tasty chewiness of paper products, especially the extra delectable, mouth-watering 100% recycled cotton rag paper kind.

I was photographing this painting, titled “don’t look up” and had placed another painting on the chair beside me.

platypus fishAug12
Don’t look up

My phone pinged and while I was texting a reply, I thought I saw something black pass behind me but when I looked nothing was there (she’s very sneaky) and then I heard the familiar sound of trouble – chewing!  Charli! I called out but it was too late… she was already internalising my art work.

Charli loving my art 

I’ve tried to rescue the remainder of the painting.  What do you think?  Is it salvageable?

platypus fishAug13
I framed the remainder of the painting

Thanks for visiting and hopefully you and your art have a safe week.


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