Today’s Inktober prompt is “tranquil”.  I thought I would draw a sleepy wombat in a hammock enjoying the tranquility.  Hopefully gusts of wind don’t bring a rude ending to this afternoon nap.

I used an Artline, Copic and Staedtler pen to do this drawing. I’m tempted to paint the hammock a soft blue or gum leaf green colour.  What do you think?  Leave it as it is or add paint?


Thanks for visiting. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Tranquil

  1. The wombat definitely looks tranquil. 🙂 I think it looks good the way it is, but I also think the hammock would look good with some colour, too. Either way, it’s a winner. 🙂


  2. I like it as it is Trish. I reckon it would be a good seller at the market. Maybe a bit of colour for selling them…..

    See you Thursday evening. Cheers, Wendy 😊


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