Kempton & Big Hill, please

I accompanied my friend to the historical town of Kempton, Tasmania today. Rain was predicted but blue skies prevailed.

way to Kempton
We took the back road to drive into Kempton. There were lots of sheep dotting the countryside, all facing away from the wind.
on our way
Beautiful, smooth, green slopes on the way to Kempton


We stopped at the Old Kempton Distillery for a cuppa, a yummy bowl of pumpkin soup and a painting drop-off.  The Distillery is hosting the Artlands 2019 exhibition, running from August 25 – September 29, from 10 am – 4 pm daily (free entry). My friend has entered two gorgeous long and narrow paintings of scenes of the southern midlands.

There are many interesting old buildings and houses along the main street.

converted church
A church converted into a home, Main Street, Kempton
Big Hill and Big House
Big House with Big Hill in the background.  The hill is literally named “Big Hill”

I wanted to paint “Big Hill”.  I thought I would draw a picture with Big Hill dominating the composition but it didn’t turn out that way.  I’ll have to come back to do “Big Hill” justice.

Main Street KEmpton
House on Main Street, Kempton with Big Hill
Main St
My drawing spot

I raise my glass and toast the Artsland 2019 exhibition at the Old Kempton Distillery. May many people explore the historical town of Kempton, including the Distillery, a really impressive, grand old building, and feast their eyes on art capturing this special part of Tasmania.

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