Pommes de terrible!

The COVID-19 pandemic’s impacts are far-reaching. The Belgian’s potato (pommes de terre) industry is facing having 750,000+ tons of excess potatoes. For the good of the economy, Belgians are pledging to eat more frites (french fries – which, by and by, the Belgian’s invented). The Belgian government is asking its people to eat frites twice a week, in a bid to help save their farmers, and potatoes, from a dire fate.




A global food glut, due to disrupted export channels has emerged, giving rise to citizens being admonished to take up a new patriotic duty, “agro-patriotism” – shovelling down national leftovers.

Trade groups in France are pleading its citizens to eat more cheese, United States and Canada, to eat more potatoes and zucchinis, and similar scenarios are unfolding around the world. No longer should you be asking what you can do for your country, but what can you “eat” for your country. So, go on and have a second serving tonight!

My lunch today – Potato Fritters


Take care from PjPaintings


2 thoughts on “Pommes de terrible!

  1. SNAP! My lunch today was potato, carrot and zucchini fritters, with tomato chutney…all from my garden! Sorry farmers……

    Wendy 😊


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