The Inktober Challenge

It’s Day three of the Inktober Challenge and so far I’ve managed to keep up with the pace of producing a drawing a day. For me, it’s about quantity, and quality is secondary with this challenge. What’s important for me is exploring new ideas and being creative. The idea/concept can be refined and reproduced as a quality piece of work later on.

Day #1 – for the prompt word FISH, I drew the critically endangered Tasmanian spotted-handfish

Water coloured inks and watercolour paints were used to paint this picture of the Tasmanian spotted-handfish

Day #2 – for the prompt word WISP, I drew a waft of steam.

A steamy wisp of steam

Day #3 – for the prompt word BULKY, I drew a “bulky” load in a small hammock

ink drawing for the prompt word “bulky”
Bulky painted

Tomorrow’s prompt word is RADIO. Do any ideas come to mind for that word??? I’ll post my drawing for Day #4 – RADIO tomorrow.

Until then, take care and thanks for stopping by.


5 thoughts on “The Inktober Challenge

    1. Thank you for commenting and following! Koalas are a bit of a challenge for me. There is also the Red Handfish in Tasmania: Excerpt from newspaper: New population of world’s rarest fish discovered off Tasmanian coast. … Red Handfish (huge URL! lol)'s%20rarest%20fish%20discovered%20off%20Tasmanian%20coast,-A%20team%20of&text=Red%20Handfish%20(Thymichthys%20politus)%20are,40%20individuals%20had%20been%20identified.

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