Risdon Brook Dam

It’s been several years since I have visited Risdon Brook Dam, which is about 15 minutes from downtown Hobart, Tasmania, but even closer for me because I live on the eastern shore side of the Derwent River. I had forgotten how lovely it is. It was a hot day, 32 degrees, but it felt quite cool walking around the dam.

here I am being “framed” at Risdon Brook Dam
Framed- Risdon Brook Dam, Hobart, Tasmania

Risdon Brook Dam provides much of southern Tasmania’s drinking water. The dam is used to store treated drinking water that is pumped from Bryn Estyn Water Treatment Plant outside of New Norfolk, and its water is used to supply eastern shore homes and businesses with drinking water during the drier months each year (typically summer). When it’s full, the dam can hold 3,640 megalitres of water, or the equivalent of 1,456 Olympic-sized swimming pools!

The Dam was opened in 1968

The track around the reservoir is 4.5 km and takes a leisurely 1.5 hours. There are views to kunanyi / Mount Wellington and Mount Direction from the Eastern side and a variety of bush views.

Along our way, we walked under the shade of trees where,,,,
we spotted a couple of wallabies
… and a flock of noisy yellow-tailed black cockatoos flew over head and settled into a nearby tree. This is a very poor photo but it serves the purpose of recording their visit lol
we passed this stump which is my eyes is an awesome, living piece of beautiful artwork!! I just love it!

The reserve is home to the Recreational Tasmanian Road Runners Group and home of Park Run, a free 5-kilometre run every Saturday morning at 9 a.m., and also the Risdon Brook Radio Yacht Club who sail their little remote-controlled vessels with a great amount of skill and mastery between buoys in miniature regattas.

I love wrinkles on trees!
cliffs and painted old water tanks

It’s nice being with someone who understand your need to try to integrate drawing into your daily activities. I sat by a nice shade try and children’s playground and tried to draw the view. My drawing didn’t do Risdon Brook Dam justice but it was fun and relaxing trying to capture some of the area’s beauty on paper.

Playground at Risdon Brook Dam
the view with the dam wall behind the surveying tower
my sketch

Thanks for visiting and I hope that you can enjoy the outdoors and nature wherever you are.

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