A walk in Buderim Forest Park

I found some hidden gems in the Buderim Forest Park, near Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Firstly, there was the waterfall.

The vegetation was cool. I came across camouflaged trees.

Trees dressed in military camouflage
Palms’ colourful roots bursting out from the base of trees

Brightly coloured fungus …

…. and some red mushrooms

A quick painting of the beauties I saw today.

I love seeing wild mushrooms/fungi but my love for fungi doesn’t run as deep as “Fungi Girl”.

“Fungi Girl” original painting available at https://pjpaintings.com/collections/original-paintings

Meet you in another park, in the meantime, take care.

PJ Paintings

5 thoughts on “A walk in Buderim Forest Park

      1. I’m so sorry I have missed this message. I hope the grief counselling is helping to lift some of the pain and move it more to the back of the mind, rather than at the front of mind. I hope that unexpected pleasant things come your way to help with your journey. Take care.

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