Cosy Place

Hello everybody,

I hope that your Wednesday is travelling well.

Back to the Wombatober Challenge. I’m zig-zagging from the Inktober to the Wombatober Challenge. Day 3’s prompt word for the Wombatober Challenge is “Cosy Place”.

This little fellow is feeling sleepy and cosy under its wombat quilt.

Feeling Cosy

I hope you are feeling cosy too!

Cheers, from Patricia (PJ) Hopwood-Wade


6 thoughts on “Cosy Place

    1. Thanks, Kim. I don’t think so. I’ll be falling behind today. Today’s Wombatober’s word is spin. I’ve done a quick sketch, but to draw and paint it today, I can’t see how I can do it, or tomorrow’s word, for that matter. But that’s ok. What I love about it, are the ideas that it generates. How are you going with Inktober? Thank for your comments. I so appreciate them.

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      1. I hope you are feeling better soon. I hope you can do a few of the prompts. I find it hard to not feel like I have to do it all. I have to repeat to myself, “do what you can and focus on the new ideas you’ve got from it”. Take care

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      2. Thank you! They think I might have diverticulitis. We’ll know more after I have a CT tomorrow 😕 That’s better than a bowel obstruction or block-that’s what I was scared of!


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