Salamanca Market, October 8, 2022

It was another sunny, Tasmanian Saturday.

The first customers of the day were visiting from New Zealand. They bought two A-5 sized prints of the market: “Salamanca Fresh” and “Salamanca Saturdays”. Another couple from New Zealand purchased “What the Devil!?”, “Bunk Beds” and “Scarlet Robins”.

Salamanca Fresh
Salamanca Saturdays

A couple originally from Chile, South America, now living in Sydney, bought a “Glamour Girls” and “Outback Glamping” print. They were looking for images of three emus.

Outback Glamping
Glamour Girls

A lady from Sydney purchased “Bunk Beds”, “Kiss Me Please”, “Taking it Easy” and “Spotty”. She must like frogs because she asked if I had done any more frog paintings.

A couple from Sydney, visiting Tasmania by car, purchased a small original wombat painting.

A couple from Adelaide bought a Christmas Greeting card pack, an original painting of a church in Newtown, Tasmania that I sketched and painted on site very early in the morning, and “Scarlet Robins”, “The Three Amigos” and “Morning Melody” prints.

Scarlet Robins
available at

A lady approached me with an A-5 sized print of “Hanging Out”. She said that she wanted to buy it because she got this one tattooed on her arm. She told me she googled sleepy wombat and brought the image to the tattoo parlour to have it tattooed, minus the safety pins. She didn’t seem to be aware that she was breaching the copyright that is attached to all my paintings, as they are my ideas and original artwork.

This is the same image that I discovered this week being sold on a paint-by-number website. Thankfully, it was removed when I notified them that they did not receive permission to use it. On my website, I do have that my images are Copyright protected, but I think I will have to start adding this to each image as I have discovered “Hanging Out” also being sold on a colouring book website, my “Scarlet Robins” images used on scarves and so on.

I had a family from Mt Gambier, SA visit my stall. The three girls wanted to buy prints with their Christmas and birthday money they had saved for the market, but the parents said they were just starting, that they have to see the rest of the market and if they still wanted something from here, they would return. Later in the afternoon, there they were. Each girl purchased something and because it is their hard saved money, I gave them a discount. The oldest girl, who looked about 9 years old, chose an A-4 sized print of “Tu-whit and Tu-whoo”, the middle sister chose a small, framed print of “Kiss Me Please” and the youngest, who must have the sharpest eye for art, chose an original, framed painting, titled, “Aussie Friends”.

Aussie Friends

Wishing you a great upcoming week.

Cheers, Patricia Hopwood-Wade


4 thoughts on “Salamanca Market, October 8, 2022

  1. I agree that the coloring books and so on is copyright infringement, but the tattoo I kind of see as an homage to your work. ☺️ She loved it so much, she got it put on her body! Isn’t that a great honor? I understand your frustration with people stealing your art to make their own profit, but the girl with the tattoo is different in my mind. What do you think?
    And that was sweet of you to give the girls a discount 🤗


    1. I suppose homage to my work is good. I’m not overly fussed about it but it is good for her to know she should ask to avoid future potential problems. She didn’t know who the artist was because she didn’t follow up. Most of my images on the web are from my website and has the url address with them. I’ve had requests to use my images for tattoos before and I’ve never said no. She didn’t seem to be aware of copyright or what it meant and I tried to bring it to her attention and thought I’d put it out there on the blog, just to remind people about using other’s work without seeking permission. I hope you are feeling better. Take care, Patricia

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you, every day I feel a little bit better. ☺️
        Well, yes. That’s good for people to know. I’m not sure that is something that is taught in school, but to us, it seems common sense.


  2. Good to hear that you are feeling a little better, I hope the same is true today and that all those “little betters” will add up to “a lot better”. I think that really the responsibility lies with the tattoo parlours and that they are the ones that should be paying some royalty to the artists, but I’m probably too idealistic. Here a small tattoo like that would cost $600 plus.


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