Salamanca Market, December 24, 2022

It rained during the night then Hobart turned on a brilliant summer’s day with a high of 26 degrees Celsius.

My first customer of the day were two ladies from south of Wollongong. They purchased A-3 sized prints of “Meet Me at the Gate”, “Afternoon Siesta”, and “Hammock life”.

Afternoon Siesta
Hammock Life

A lady from Adelaide bought “Maggie & Maggie” and “Meet Me at the Gate” prints. and

Maggie & Maggie
Meet Me at the Gate

A music teacher bought “All Ears” to hang in her music studio. She used to teach music in the schools but now she’s going to just teach privately. She had some difficulty choosing between “All Ears’ and “Silent Disco”. and

All Ears
Fairy Penguins enjoying a Silent Disco

A lady bought an original painting of cottages that I drew on location in North Hobart, Tasmania. It is going to be a gift for her friend that lives in Auckland, New Zealand. My original painting of a wombat balancing on a red ball also sold today. The lady made an emotional connection with it. I love it too. It’s so cute.

Cottages on Lochner Street, North Hobart, Tasmania

A man visiting from New Caledonia purchased “Lost Worlds” and “Glamour Girls” prints.

Lost Worlds

A lady from Germany purchased a “Hanging Out” tote bag, and another lady from Ireland purchased a “Hanging Out” print and so did a lady from Townsville. She said that she liked it because it is very different to the art they have in Townsville.

Hanging Out tote bag
Hanging Out

A sister bought “Bonnie & Me!” for her brother that is living in Finland.

Bonnie & Me!

A family from London, UK, purchased an “Enchanted Forest I” and “Hanging Out” print and a “Lazy Days” tote bag.

Enchanted Forest I

A mother bought a “Lazy Days” tote bag for her future daughter-in-law. She is Columbian and the wedding is in Columbia.

A couple bought an Enchanted Forest tote bag for their golfing buddy that they golf with once a year in Bendigo, Victoria.

Art thought for the day:

“If you hear a voice within you say, ‘You cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced” – Vincent Van Gogh

I wish everybody a safe and very happy New Year’s Eve and 2023.

Warmest regards, Patricia (PJ) Hopwood-Wade

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15 Aberdeen Street

A late invite to do some urban sketching this morning, resulted in drawing this grand old house, named QUEENSGRADE.

QUEENSGRADE, 15 Aberdeen Street, Hobart, Tasmania

It was partially drawn and painted on location and finished at home. The gusty winds almost blew me and my stool over!

I hope the weather is more settled where you are.

Take care, from PJ Paintings

Salamanca Market, December 24, 2022

I left at around 5:30 in the morning to Salamanca Market. The morning was still and warm.

My first customer of the day was a man from the north of the island, Launceston. He’s been in Hobart doing insurance work and he’s heading home today with a “Southern Flow” print and a “Salamanca Saturdays“ cushion cover. I accidentally pulled out an imperfect cushion cover and asked him if he wanted an imperfect or a perfect one. He asked for the perfect one, which we both laughed. It just seemed funny asking for a perfect one, our sense of humour aligned, and we both laughed aloud, simultaneously.

“Southern Flow” Archival, quality prints are available at
This 40 x 40 cm cushion cover, made in Australia, with my painting printed on both sides is available at

A family from the docked P&O cruise ship bought an original painting, titled “Glow worm”.

“Glow worm” original painting SOLD

The cruise ship went to Kangaroo Island and Port Arthur and is starting its return journey to Melbourne tomorrow. Another cruise ship passenger purchased a “Friendship Refreshes the Soul” and “Hammock Life” print.

Two other families from the cruise ship stopped by. One boy bought “Bunk Beds” for his dad and another boy bought “The Three Amigos II” for his mother.

A family of sleepy wombats
“The Three Amigos II” Prints of these kookaburras are available at:

A lady from Newcastle, NSW bought a “Double Date” cushion cover and a “Two to Tango” tote bag. Another lady, from the north island of New Zealand, bought a “Salamanca Saturdays” and “Weightless” print.

Superb Blue Fairy wrens enjoying a social moment.
Eyes are locked in love while doing the dance of passion.

A family purchased an original 20 x 20 cm watercolour painting, painted on Khadi Mill paper made from recycled cotton rags, titled “Garden Meditation”.

Original painting SOLD

A mother, visiting from Germany, bought for her daughters’ bedrooms a “Devilish Siesta” and a “Lazy Days” prints.

A lady from Colorado, USA purchased a “Friendship Refreshes the Soul” and a “Glamour Girls” print. A mother from Florida, USA bought three prints for each of her daughters: “Sitting on the Fence”, “Scarlet Robins” and “Fairy Wrens”.

“Glamour Girls” Quality prints of Glamour Girls are available at:
“Sitting on the Fence” prints are available at
Fairy Wrens

A young lady bought a large “Thunder” tote bag to put all her purchases in and another lady from Singapore did the same, except that she chose a “Scarlet Robins” bag.

A bright and colourful Australian bag.

At the very end of the market, while I was packing up, a couple bought an original painting titled, “Holding Hands” and a painting of emus at Salamanca Market.

Holding Hands SOLD

Art thought for the day:

Art is the stored honey of the human soul.” – Theodore Dreiser

Wishing everybody a wonderful festive season that is overflowing with joy and happiness.

Warmest regards, Patricia (PJ) Hopwood-Wade

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Salamanca Market, December 17, 2022

The air was crisp and still as the setting up process commenced at 6 am.

On Thursday, when I was doing some restocking at Brooke Street Pier, from behind me somebody said that they loved this artist and it turned out to be the couple from Sydney, who commissioned me to paint their wedding invitation!!  

Stunning bride (the painting doesn’t do the dress and shoes justice either. They are gorgeous)

They had their wedding, in Sydney, NSW, on the weekend and had just arrived in Tasmania for their honeymoon. It was so uncanny, unbelievable, and wonderful that we were both at the same place, at the same time. It was lovely to meet them and to meet again at Salamanca Market. At the market, they bought an original Sydney scene painting (to add to their significant PJ Paintings collection) and two “Beachside Chatter” tote bags. Their enthusiasm is humbling.

I don’t seem to have a photo of the completely finished painting of the emu adventure in Sydney
Beachside Chatter tote bag

Early in the morning, a mother and young son, purchased “Friendship Refreshes the Soul” and “Suspended”. The young boy was looking forward to seeing Tasmanian Devils on Monday.

Friendship Refreshes the Soul

A young man, from Melbourne, back from doing the South Coast Track, from Melaleuca to Cockle Creek, 7 days walking with a backpack and camping. He said he was tired. I’m not surprised. It sounds exhausting. He bought a “Sitting on the Fence” print.

“Sitting on the Fence” prints are available at

A father and daughter, from Montreal, Canada, starting their return trip back to Canada tomorrow after spending 2 weeks in Australia, purchased a “Spiky Bunk Beds” print.

Spiky Bunk Beds

A couple from Young, NSW, famous for their cherries, bought a “Dinner for Five???” print.

Dinner for Five???

A Melbourne couple bought the “Wombat Festivities” original painting and a “Tu-whit & Tu-whoo” print.

Original painting titled “Wombat Festivities” was SOLD today
Tu-whit & Tu-whoo

A family, the dad originally from Tasmania, but now they are living in Portland, Oregon, USA, purchased a “Bunk Beds” print to hang in their toddler’s bedroom.

Bunk Beds

A couple from Harvey Bay purchased a “Bunk Beds” and “Afternoon Siesta” print.

Afternoon Siesta

Art thought for the day:

To my mind a picture should be something pleasant, cheerful and pretty. There are too many unpleasant things in life as it is, without creating still more of them. ― Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Wishing you a joyful, rejuvenating, and safe festive season,

from Patricia (PJ) Hopwood-Wade

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Tickle My Toes


I hope you’re all well in the lead-up to the festive season commencements.

Yesterday, we had the coldest December day in 50 years! Tasmania is experiencing cold Antarctic blasts for a few days. We’re supposed to be experiencing summer weather, not wintery conditions.

Lucky its summery weather where this little wombat decided to jump on a swing. I’ve named this painting “Tickle My Toes”

Tickle My Toes

Enjoy your weekend!

Cheers, Patricia (PJ)


Some of my friends said that I shouldn’t add paint to Day #9’s Inktober Challenge’s prompt word “Nest”. They really liked it as it was. So, I left it, but I found myself thinking of it as not finished, so I couldn’t let go of it.

I like to finish art work. Having almost finished or half done art work around me seems to act as a block to starting new paintings. It niggles away at the back of my mind. So, apologies to those who thought I should not add paint because I added paint. What do you think? Should I or should I have not???

Nesting with paint
Nesting without paint

The original “Nesting”, with paint, (lol) is available at

I hope your week is going well.

Cheers, from Patricia (PJ)

Early Exit at Salamanca Market, December 2, 2022

I was bitten by a jack jumper ant, yesterday afternoon (Friday). My foot wasn’t too bad when I headed off to the market in the morning but as the day progressed, my foot ballooned and blistered. The market’s ambulance personnel recommended that I get it treated as we were unable to get the swelling down. So, the stall was packed up by various helping hands (a big thank you to all those that helped!) and I was ushered out. I have been referred to the jack jumper clinic. I didn’t know that there was such a place, but apparently there are so many people allergic to jack jumper bites that there is a clinic in Tasmania. Has anyone else experienced a jack jumper bite? What was it like for you?

My first customer of the day was a couple from Singapore. They purchased “All Ears”, “Kookaburra Rescue”, “Scarlet Robin Rescue” and “Duck Crossing” from my Cheer ’em Up series.

All Ears
Kookaburra Rescue
Scarlet Robin Rescue
Cuck Crossing

They also purchased “Salamanca Fresh” and “Beach Date”.

Salamanca Fresh
Beach Date archival prints available at

A couple visiting Tasmania from Scotland purchased “Meet Me at the Gate” and “Maggie & Maggie”.

A couple, with a bush property in NSW, purchased “Sitting on the Fence”. They regularly have kookaburra visits.

“Sitting on the Fence” prints are available at

A couple from the UK, who have been in Australia for 2 years and have another 18 months before heading back home, purchased “Devilish Siesta”, “Spiky Bunk Beds” and “Hanging Out”.

A couple from Germany, visiting Tassie, bought a “Friendship Refreshes the Soul” print to take back home with them.

Friendship Refreshes the Soul

A Tasmanian couple bought a “Birdwatching” greeting card for their New Zealand friend’s 80th  birthday.

Bird watching

Art thought for the day:

“Life beats down and crushes the soul and art reminds you that you have one.” – Stella Adler

My foot is at home now, feeling better elevated and ice packed, and I hope that you are also feeling better, wherever you are.

Wishing you lots of time to rejuvenate and create, Patricia (PJ) Hopwood-Wade

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The car is packed and ready tomorrow’s Salamanca Market in Tasmania. It’ll be nice and warm at site 30. They are forecasting 26 degrees Celsius, so the emus have headed back to the beach. This original art piece will be for sale at the market.

Holding Hands

I have more original paintings that will be there, along with prints and a new design of tote bags, Enchanted Forest I and II. I have also added new cushion covers too. You can check them out here

Enchanted Forest I tote bag, Australian made and washable. Available in small and medium sizes at
Enchanted Forest I tote bag, Australian made and washable. Available in small and medium sizes at

If you’re in Tasmania, I hope to see you there. Wishing everybody an awesome weekend, wherever you are.

Cheers, Patricia Hopwood-Wade