Salamanca Market, February 25, 2023

Thankfully the weather wasn’t as dire as forecasted, and it turned out to be an alright day other than being very hot.

My first customers were from Boston, USA. They each have a market stall in Boston. One sells leather bags she makes and the other a game she invented. They are going back in two days. Their visit is fairly short because it is difficult to get holidays with the American’s standard one-week holiday per year. They’ve spent time in Sydney and Tasmania. An “Enchanted Forest I” and “Family Outing” print will be accompanying them. They saw my art at Brooke Street Pier and said that they were very pleased they were able to meet me.

Enchanted Forest I

The next visitor to my stall was from Cottesloe, UK She was about to make the return trip home too. She’ll be travelling with “The Three Amigos II”, “Bunk Beds” and “Dinner for Five???”.

“The Three Amigos II” Prints of these kookaburras are available at:

A grandmother, with her two grandchildren bought a card for Grandpa. The young boy asked me if I’ve had a nice day, I said yes and asked him the same question, then he asked me if I’ve had a nice week, “yes” and asked him the same, then he wished me a nice day, and I did the same, then he wished me a nice day for all the days in the week and then he finished by wishing me nice days all the way to Christmas. 😊

Two visitors from Vancouver, Canada, stopped in. One lives in an apartment near Stanley Park and the other lives in Delta. The one living in the west end of Vancouver, near Stanley Park, has a daughter that has been living here since 2011. She got her Australian citizenship a couple of years ago. They bought a “Bunk Beds” print to take home with them.

Bunk Beds

A visitor from Wisconsin, USA purchased a “What the Devil!?!” tote bag and a “Maggie” print.

A couple from Brisbane, expecting their first baby in July bought “Friendship Refreshes the Soul” and “Hammock Life” to put in the nursery.

Hammock Life

A family visiting from New Zealand settled on a “The Three Amigos II” print.

A sister, from Scotland, is in Australia visiting her brother who has been living in Melbourne for 2 years. He loves it here and has applied for Australian citizenship. She bought an “Enchanted Forest II” print.

“The Bun” and “Double Date V” prints are going to Geelong today. She’s been in Tasmania for six weeks helping at the hospital. She’s been working as a contract worker and loved her time in Tassie. Another “Double Date V” print is heading to Orange, NSW.

Double Date V

“Goldilocks and the 20 Penguins” will be making its home in California, USA.

Goldilocks and the 20 Penguins

A young man from Germany, who is travelling and working in Australia for a year, will be in Tasmania until July. He answered a Facebook ad to work in Corinna, driving the Fatman Barge. It is the only cable driven vehicular barge remaining in Tasmania.

Seeing a former student of mine, Emma, was exciting. She’s very close to finishing her Registered Nursing degree.

Another excitement of the day was meeting Cyprien. There’s something about European’s body language that I usually can pick that they are European before they even speak. I thought he was European but when he spoke, he sounded Canadian but there were a few things he said that I still made me think European. He was visiting from Canada. I said, I lived in Vancouver, Canada. He lives outside of Quebec. I asked him in that case do you speak French, which he did. I said that French was my first language because I was born in Belgium. Now, how’s this for coincidence, so was he!! His parents visited Quebec to see the wildlife and they loved it so much that they moved the whole family there, when he was six years old. My family moved to Vancouver, Canada when I was close to 5 years old. It’s not often that you meet a Belgian in Tasmania, much less one who emigrated to Canada too. I had to get a photo of us. He came back to my stall because he couldn’t believe the odds too. Oh, by the way, the reason I had the privilege of speaking to him in the first place  is because he wanted to pay for a “Bunk Beds” print.

Cyprien and I – two Belgian-Canadians (and Tasmanian for over 30 years)

Packing up started early and with earnest to try to beat the storm forecasted to arrive at 3pm. It’s close to 5 pm and it still hasn’t arrived!

Until next week, take care and have fun being creative.

Warmest regards, Patricia (PJ) Hopwood-Wade

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Art thought for the day:

“The chief enemy of creativity is ‘good’ sense.” – Pablo Picasso


Salamanca Market, February 18, 2023

It was 37 degrees Celsius in Hobart yesterday. Thankfully it was cooler today, although the rain arriving at packing up time wasn’t great, but we can’t complain.

It was a busy day, and I sold A LOT of tote bags. I couldn’t keep track of what and how many bags passed through my hands. I think putting in a big tote bag order is on my to-do list for this week.

My first visitor was from Queensland, and she purchased a “Salamanca Fresh” tote bag for a friend who is looking after her dog while she’s holidaying in Tassie.

A father and daughter from the UK stopped by. The daughter is living in Sydney, and this is her father’s third visit to see her. Neither have been to Tasmania, so they organised a holiday to Tassie, inside his holiday to Sydney. They purchased an “Enchanted Forest II” and a “The Three Amigos II” print.

Another holidayer from Sydney, who bought two cushion covers from me in August 2022, bought two more cushion covers. She chose “Silent Disco” and “Sitting on the Fence”. Her brother lives here and she dog sits for him when he goes on holidays. I asked her who takes care of her house, while she’s here. She has a 30-year-old daughter who lives with her, so that answers that puzzle nicely.

Fairy Penguins enjoying a Silent Disco
“Sitting on the Fence” cushion cover

A couple from Canberra purchased an original platypus painting, and a “Spotty”, “Maggie & Maggie” and “Bunk Beds” print.

Maggie & Maggie

A couple decided celebrating her 40th birthday holidaying in Tassie was a special way to enjoy the milestone occasion. As a souvenir, they purchased a “Salamanca Saturdays” print.   

Salamanca Saturdays

A Tasmanian, who married an American and has been living in Michigan, USA, for 9 years, is making a short 10 day visit back home, on her own. She has three children, the youngest is five years old. She’s thoroughly enjoying visiting her family, being back in Tasmania and the novelty of being on her own for a week. She told me that they have a large “Salamanca Fresh” print framed and hanging up in their house and that it gets so many compliments. Now she’s going to add a “Bunk Beds” and a  “The Three Amigos II” print.

A family of sleepy wombats

A mother and daughter visiting from Brisbane, Queensland purchased a “Meet Me at the Gate” print and a “Suspended” print. I sold out of “Meet Me at the Gate” prints today. They were a popular choice.

Meet Me at the Gate

“Taking it Easy” and “Friendship Refreshes the Soul” are going to make their home in Germany. She’s been here working as a volunteer at Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary. This is where I’ve taken many of my photos of animals and birds for my paintings. It’s a wonderful spot.

Taking it Easy

I tried to pack up the stall as fast as I could to beat the rain. I wasn’t quite fast enough, but it was a good effort because only a few things got wet.

Until next week, take care and have fun being creative.

Warmest regards, Patricia (PJ) Hopwood-Wade

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Art thought for the day:

“An artist is not paid for his labour but for his vision.” — James McNeill Whistler

Off with the Birds

Birds give me such joy. I currently have three birdbaths in my garden and plan on adding more.

Birds can spot a safe mode of travel, as evidenced by this painting, where they spotted a fashion-conscious, large bird, wearing a bird-friendly patterned dress and shoes, and immediately knew that this was just the right kind of vehicle to embark on!

Off with the Birds

This original painting is painted on Khadi Mill paper, made from recycled cotton rags, painted by Patricia Hopwood-Wade. It has my full name and signature on the back of the painting. The painting is approximately 20 x 20 cm.  It is available at 

I hope that you are able to enjoy birds wherever you are.

From PJ Paintings 

All my images are copyrighted.

Salamanca Market, February 11, 2023

It doesn’t take long for the days to get shorter. This morning, I drove out of the driveway in darkness. It’s no longer light at 5:20 am.  I set the stall up in drizzly rain. Thankfully, full sun soon arrived for the day.

There were a lot of people about with a cruise ship docking in the morning and the Wooden Boat Festival taking place. Usually, I sell around thirty greeting cards at Salamanca Market, but today I reckon it was close to 100 cards! I ask everyone if I can re-use the packaging and the majority said yes, which is great being able to package next week’s cards in this packaging and not having to fight the pull-strips’ static that sticks to everything. 😊

My first customers were from Melbourne. They purchased six cards. He really like the original painting, titled, “Burnt Landscape”. He was tempted but she didn’t love it as much as he did.

The texture in this painting was created by laying glad wrap on wet watercolour paint.

A “Bunk Beds” print is going to Singapore and another “Bunk Beds” print is going to Estonia.

A couple visiting from NSW to attend a niece’s wedding in Huonville, purchased “Bunk Beds”, “Supportive Nestworks” and “Morning Melody” prints. They said that they are being proper tourists and going to MONA this afternoon.

Supportive Nestworks
Morning Melody

Two friends, one from Flinders Island, and the other from Cairns, bought “Glamour Girls”, ”Time for a Swing”, “Supportive Nestworks” and “Fairy wrens”. She highly recommended that I visit Flinders Island. She said that they have wombats and wombats, ‘wombats on steroids.’

A grandfather with his adult granddaughter, visiting from Perth, bought her a “Salamanca Saturdays” print.   He is originally from Tasmania and is here visiting friends.

“Silent Disco” and “Double Date” going home to Bruny Island. Both birds live on Bruny Island. 

Fairy Penguins enjoying a Silent Disco

“All Ears” will be travelling to Adelaide. The new owner told me that she loves ‘the positivity of my art’. She’s originally from the Ukraine.

“Bunk Beds” and “Taking it Easy” is going to New Zealand with their new owner, and “Enchanted Forest II” and “Lost Worlds” will be going to their new home in Baltimore, USA.

Lost Worlds

A novice sailor crossed the Bass Strait from Adelaide on a small wooden yacht for the Wooden Boat Festival. She got very seasick and told me she vomited 28 times! Thankfully she is returning on The Spirit of Tasmania, a large ferry . She purchased eight greeting cards and an original painting, titled, “May all Your Dreams Come True”. You probably weren’t aware that there are emu fairies. This painting is evidence that they do exist!

A family, who knew that they were coming to Hobart in February, decided they would do their Secret Santa shopping for Christmas 2022 at Salamanca Market. One sister was from Lismore, the other from Coffs Harbour, and the parents from outside Newcastle, NSW. The first sister I met is studying Regeneration Agriculture. She told her family she liked my art, so her mother bought a “Bunk Beds” print for her. Happy belated Christmas wishes.

…. and soon packing-up-time arrived.

Until next week, take care and have fun being creative.

Warmest regards, Patricia (PJ) Hopwood-Wade

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Art thought for the day:

“A line is a dot that went for a walk” Paul Klee    

Salamanca Market, February 4, 2023

Good soaking rain, the kind that gardens love, not Salamanca market stallholders, greeted us this morning. Because my stall is on a slope, I had to build bridges with the lids of my crates, with an edge on the curb and the other side on the pavement, to put my bags of tote bags and the like on, so that the stream of water ran underneath the lids. The kookaburras seemed to be enjoying the steady rain. Thankfully, we did get some breaks from the rain, but it kept reappearing.

My first customer appeared wearing shorts. I didn’t notice because I can’t see people’s legs very easily from over the prints, but he was bemoaning wearing shorts. He just arrived from Brisbane where it is hot and humid, so he had a good excuse. He bought a “Hammock Life” cushion cover.

Hammock Life 40 x 40 cm cushion covers, made in Australia, are available at

A family visiting from Munich, Germany, purchased “Silent Disco”. They liked the fairy penguins that come to Tasmania’s shores.

A couple from Brisbane bought “Bunk Beds” for themselves. She loves wombats.

A family of sleepy wombats. Quality prints of Bunk Beds are available at

Two brothers from Melbourne purchased “Sitting on the Fence” for their Nanny’s 60th birthday. She brought them to Tassie to celebrate her birthday.

“Sitting on the Fence” prints are available at

A couple, from the cruise ship docked in Hobart, purchased an original ink and watercolour painting of chickens to hang in their kitchen in Brisbane, Queensland (Qld).


Another original sold today. I titled it, “Mesmerising”. The couple that bought it had bought a “Richmond Bridge, Tasmania” print several years ago. She described that they had it framed in an antique frame, how good it looks, the joy it brings and how much they love it. Stories like that are always so nice to hear.


Two sisters, one living here, who moved from New Zealand with her husband and children, the other from NSW, bought a “Salamanca Saturdays” print for their Mum.

Salamanca Saturdays

One of many working on the Iron Man event purchased a “Maggie & Maggie” print. She calls Noosa, Queensland home.

Maggie & Maggie – a print of my original painting

Somebody from the cruise ship, from Cairns, Qld, loved and purchased a “Salamanca Fresh” tote bag.

such a cheery and colourful tote bag

A “Glamour Girls” print is travelling to Montreal, Canada and “Devilish Siesta” is going to Newcastle, NSW, with a student studying Occupational Therapy.

“Glamour Girls”
Quality prints of Glamour Girls are available at:

At the end of the day, I packed my soggy things into the car and then unpacked them to air out and dry.

Until next week, take care and have fun being creative.

Warmest regards, Patricia (PJ) Hopwood-Wade

Quality prints of my art are available at

Art thought for the day:

“The source of genius is imagination alone, the refinement of the senses that sees what others do not see, or sees them differently.” -Eugène Delacroix