PjPaintings at Salamanca Market August 11, 2018

With winds blowing down trees and causing havoc on Friday, Saturday was approached with trepidation but there was no need to fear because it was a windless, mild day.

My first customers were two young ladies visiting from Taiwan. One was particularly drawn to my small original painting of orphaned grizzly bear, Grinder, housed on Grouse Mountain, Vancouver, Canada.  She said that her heart is connected to bears.  She lives on a mountain in Taiwan and loves it when she sees bear paw prints or their scratches etched on trunks of trees. Forests with bears are healthy forests she told me. Grizzly bears do not roam the forests of Taiwan, rather an endangered species, the Formosan black bear, also known as the white-throated bear. It is a species endemic to Taiwan. In Bunun legend, the Formosan black bears share a common ancestry with humans. Unfortunately, these bears face an uphill battle for funding to ensure their survival.

June4 grizzly bearcropped
Grinder, the grizzly bear

A couple, who had just arrived in Hobart from the mainland, wheeling their suitcases through the market, bought a ‘Glamour Girls’ pouch.  They are staying one night in Tasmania, coming only for the Scottish dancing event, held at the Hobart Town Hall.  They come each year for it and said it is a blast.  I had never even heard of the event.  Another pouch, featuring ‘Tu-whit & Tu-whoo’ is travelling to China and a large tote bag with my ‘Illustrated Tasmanian map’, is going to make its home in Japan.

A young family, building a house in Melbourne, bought a ‘Duck Crossing’ and ‘Sea Life’ prints to hang on their brand new walls.  A family, from Sydney, bought their young son a ‘Hayride’ print and their daughter, ‘Duck Crossing’.  ‘Kookaburra Rescue’ was purchased for a couple living in Norway.

A ‘Black & White + One’ print was purchased for a Sydney music room.  I was shown a photo of the room and the black upright piano on an iPhone.

Black & White + OnePNG
Black & White + One

A couple from Brisbane is taking home a ‘Sea Life’ print to add to their ocean themed collection of pictures hanging in their hallway, which currently consists of an octopus, seahorse and crab.

Sea LifePNG
Sea Life

Duck Crossing was the most popular print this weekend.

A thought to ponder:  “Art is a line around your thoughts.” – Gustav Klimt 

Thanks for stopping by.  Wishing you a creative and happy week,

from the Pjpaintings stall #30 at Salamanca Market.


PjPaintings at Salamanca Market July 28, 2018

I briefly saw the blood moon, the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century, on my drive to the market this morning.  It looked quite small from where I was seeing it.  I had planned to take a photo of it but didn’t because I thought it would look rather insignificant taking it just with my phone.

It was a warm and clear blue sky day at the market today.  Quite a few stall holders were away enjoying a holiday, and so were many visitors, enjoying a Tasmanian holiday, including a few people from Launceston, the north of the state. A mother, visiting from Brisbane, bought a whale print of ‘Weightless’ to take back and give to her twelve year old daughter.


‘Beachside Chatter’ was purchased as a gift for a niece.  ‘Helping Hands’ is going to a mother, and a dog sitter this weekend, who lives in Melbourne. She has a bird feeder and Superb-fairy wrens regularly visit her back garden.

Beachside Chatter
Beachside Chatter
Helping HandsPNG
Helping Hands

A ‘Salamanca Saturdays’ tote bag was bought for a well-travelled sister, who lives in Sydney. Salamanca Market is her favourite market.

Salamanca Saturdays Tote Bag (made in Australia)

A lady from North Carolina, USA bought the Tasmanian series: ‘Retail Therapy, Salamanca’, ‘Salamanca Fresh’ and ‘Richmond Bridge, Tasmania’.  A retired teacher, from South Australia, purchased an original painting of a Yellow-tailed black cockatoo and a couple owl prints.

A couple from NSW purchased a few platypus paintings to hang up in a cottage on their property. They asked for them to be framed.  They said that their adult son loves platypus and they laughingly said that they will write on the backs of the framed pictures that they are for him when they die.

The whale prints and original platypus paintings were the most popular this weekend.

A thought to ponder:  “Tell your own story, and you will be interesting, Louise Bourgeois 

Wishing you a creatively happy week, from the Pjpaintings stall #30 at Salamanca Market.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

PjPaintings at Salamanca Market July 7, 2018

It was somewhat difficult to enthusiastically approach today with the bleak weather forecast of rain and strong winds but it turned out to be much better than what was predicted. There were short bursts of rain and light winds but nothing severe. I think the weather forecast put many stall holders off because there were a lot of empty sites today.

Despite the poor weather forecast, there were a lot of people about, maybe because Hobart is hosting the Festival of Voices? One of the first visitors was a young couple, she was from Brazil, and he, from Germany. I had to pass on my condolences for the World Cup Football (soccer) as Belgium defeated Brazil. I overheard three women speaking French while they were looking at my art. They were visiting from Quebec, Canada, so I took the opportunity to give my French a short workout.

I met a lovely lady from Ballarat, who also participated in the 30x30directwatercolour Facebook challenge, and her daughter-in-law, who lives in Hobart, originally from Lithuania. We decided that we have the love of urban sketching in common.  Urban sketching is rather new to me.  Here’s one of my most current sketches.  I’m not sure what to do with the tree in the extreme foreground, so I’ve just left it blank for the time being.

A family from Sydney, whose son plays the saxophone in the Sydney Youth Orchestra, purchased a ‘Black & White + One’ print for his music teacher or conductor. I can’t remember which one.

Black & White + OnePNG
Black & white + One (the red is a much brighter red than in this photo).  I collaged the background with bits of sheet music and treble clefs and then applied three coats of water colour to achieve a rich red background.

A senior lady, from Launceston, Tasmania, bought a ‘Glamour Girls’ print for a member of their “Hens’ Group”. They have been meeting fortnightly for 56 years now! She said that she was the young one and she is in her 80s. Another ‘Glamour Girls’, along with an ‘Outback Glamping’ print, is heading to Victoria, and another ‘Glamour Girls’ print is going to Sydney. The original Glamour Girls painting is going to Jakarta, Indonesia. It was bought at the very end of the day, in the midst of packing up.

Glamour Girls IC
Glamour Girls I

A lady bought prints for her two friends’ 50th birthday. ‘Poppy Fields’ is for a friend living in Hong Kong and ‘Glamour Girls’ for her friend living in Australia. A ‘White Faced Scops Owls’ print is journeying to the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. The organiser of the New Zealand and Australia Health Educators Conference in Hobart stopped by too. She said that she was too exhausted to go sight-seeing. She bought a small print to take back with her.

Poppy fieldxsml
Poppy Fields

Often children are given a few dollars to spend at the market. I thought it would be nice to have something available in the small-change price range. I was able to source stickers and debuted them today. Some children bought them.


Tote bags arrived during the week and they went quickly again.

red robin bagsml
One of the tote bags with my painting of Scarlet Robins 

This week’s most popular print was ‘Glamour Girls’.

Glamour GirlsC
Glamour Girls (I’ve put one in foils in this painting)

A thought to ponder: “The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul.” ― Dieter Uchtdorf

Wishing you a creative and happy week,
from the Pjpaintings stall #30 at Salamanca Market.

PjPaintings at Salamanca Market June 30, 2018

I left in the dark for the market taking comfort in the knowledge that the days in the southern hemisphere are now getting longer (sorry northern hemisphere). It was rather chilly setting up and I was glad I was wearing three layers of everything. The rain and wind stayed away and it ended up being a rather busy day.
Two girls visiting Tasmania, one from Melbourne and the other from Brisbane, hurriedly bought a print in the morning because they had an extremely busy day planned; firstly, Salamanca Market, then travelling to MONA, Mount Wellington and Wineglass Bay in their hired campervan.
A rather large group of year 6 students from Ballarat visited the market. A family visiting from Philadelphia, USA bought a little original painting of a wombat and platypus as their Tasmanian souvenir and a couple from Salt Lake City, Utah, USA purchased a ‘Suspended’ and ‘Weightless’ print.

A young lady got a print for her friend’s 18th birthday and showed me some of her step dad’s cow drawings. He’s writing a children’s book. They are very cool and funny drawings. Two ballerinas from the mainland, performing tonight at the Theatre Royal in the Snow White production, visited. They are playing many parts requiring heaps of costume changes. A lady, originally from the UK, now living in Adelaide, loved the print ‘Who, Who, Who are You? II’ and is taking it back with her. 

Who, Who, Who are You II
Who, Who, Who are You?II
A lady connected with ‘Salamanca Fresh’ because three generations of her family visited Salamanca Market often when they lived here. The three emus represented the three generations.
salamanca freshsmlPNG
Salamanca Fresh
A young lady couldn’t decide between ‘Sea Life’ or ‘Suspended’. She returned with four family members to get assistance with the decision but they weren’t much help because two chose ‘Sea Life’ and the other two ‘Suspended’. Then there was the suggestion that I just pick one, wrap it up and they will open it when they get back home. Eventually, she settled on ‘Suspended’.
A ‘bird watching’ card was bought for a retired boss, living in Queensland, who raised an emu and had a wide range of animals.
A ‘Three Amigos’ print was bought by a young lady for her father’s birthday.
The Three Amigossml
The Three Amigos
This week’s most popular print was ’39 Keys to Life’. I gave it this title because I painted 39 piano keys in this painting.
39 Keys to Life copy Simonsxsml
39 Keys to Life
 A thought to ponder: “Create with the heart; build with the mind.” ― Criss Jami, Killosophy
Wishing you a creative, happy week,
from the Pjpaintings stall #30 at Salamanca Market

PjPaintings at Salamanca Market June 23, 2018

Hobart is feeling energized by redness and Dark Mofo. The procession to burn a massive sculpted spider that has been collecting the written fears of Hobartians and visitors alike takes place tonight. The procession will be snaking its way around the waterfront to the ceremonial fire, where ogoh-ogoh, and our fears with it, shall meet their fiery end.  I’ll be putting on my ‘Salamanca Market’ layers to attend this lively event tonight.

At Salamanca Market’s stall #30, a visitor, from the suburb of Devonport, Auckland, New Zealand, purchased a ‘Scarlet Robins’ print for her mother’s Christmas present.  You have to admire people that have a well-in-advance Christmas presents buying methodology/practice.

Scarlet RobinPNG.png
Scarlet Robins

The original painting of a little octopus attracted a lot of attention very early in the morning and sold before 9 am!

June 20 octopus

A young mother, who is visiting Tasmania on her own with an under one year old and a four year old, bought ‘Retail Therapy, Salamanca’ to take back to Washington, USA. She told her husband, who stayed behind, that if she ever comes up with the crazy idea to travel on her own to Tasmania with children, to stop her.  She tries to come her every 9 months or so!!!  That is dedication! It is a gruelling, long, long flight.  She must have a family connection here.

Retail Therapy salamancaPNG.png
Retail Therapy, Salamanca

A woman bought a little 5×7” ‘White Faced Scops Owls’ print for her sister-in-law living in Indonesia.  A young couple, from Sydney, expecting their first child, bought ‘Hayride’ to hang up in the baby’s room. Another young couple, from Hong Kong, bought a ‘Sea Life’ greeting card.  She spent a long time deliberating between two cards.  Even though I couldn’t comprehend the spoken language, I could understand that she wanted to buy the two cards and each time she asked, he told her to choose one. She eventually chose the whale and graciously told me that she loves my art and will treasure the card.


The manager of the Tinker Tailor Dancer Trader shop in Mullumbimby, NSW, stopped by.  She has sold out of my art work and wants to order more for her shop. That’s a bit of nice feedback to receive.  🙂

Then sudden and unexpected wind gusts came and wreaked havoc.  Prints flew everywhere and in all directions, a crate of prints and a card stand blew off the table. All sorts of people chased after prints and cards and a thank you to all that I didn’t get a chance to thank during the chaos.  It brought an abrupt end to the day as a quick pack up ensued.  Thankfully, very minimal damage occurred.

This week’s most popular print was ‘Suspended’.

A thought to ponder:  “That’s the great secret of creativity. You treat ideas like cats: you make them follow you.” ~Ray Bradbury

Thanks for reading. Wishing you a creative, happy week,

from the Pjpaintings stall #30 at Salamanca Market

P.S. Prints of images are available at http://www.pjpaintings.com (except for the octopus.  There are no prints made of this original).


PjPaintings at Salamanca Market June 17, 2018

Kookaburras have made their appearance at the opening of Salamanca Market four Saturdays in a row now. Last week, one perched itself on the court house behind the pjpaintings stall to perform its loud morning cackle. It is a happy iconic Australian sound.  In the afternoon, we had a noisy screeching group of cockatoos visit the market.

Dark Mofo is on but to my eye it didn’t draw many more people to the market.  Maybe the winter temperatures kept people away??  The weather was coolish and there was some light rain, but nothing in comparison to what we had during the night and Sunday morning.  We’ve had very gusty winds and rain.  I think there was hail too.  It sounded like hail pounding against my bedroom window last night.

A grandmother from Victoria bought an original small painting of a wombat and platypus for her niece’s daughter, Hazel, born yesterday, and a grandchild soon to arrive. A little 5×7” ‘Scarlet Robins’ print is heading to Perth.

The grandmother that asked me last week to paint a whale for her grandson returned and purchased a small humpback whale painting and a Salamanca Saturdays tote bag.  The tote bags debuted today.  These were the three at today’s market ($20 each).  There are more coming featuring different pjpaintings images.

A mother purchased a ‘Hayride’ print for her 11 year old son.  They live on a farm in Denmark.


I had second thoughts about selling my chaotic-looking echidna because I have developed an emotional attachment to the little guy.  It is one of a kind original painting.  Thankfully the young lady, who bought it, really loves it.  She repeatedly said thank you for it. It is going to the Northern Territory, Australia, where she lives.

June2 echidnamatted

Another little original, this time of a humpback whale, framed on-site, was purchased for a 21st birthday. When she came back to pick it up, there were a few others in the stall, and I showed it to her, it drew a gasp and awwwws from everyone. It really did look good framed behind white matting and the white frame.

This week’s most popular prints were ‘Weightless’ and ‘Suspended’.

I had a difficult time choosing this week’s thought to ponder.  There were several that I felt a strong connection with.  I chose this one for today.  There are so many cool shadow effects, patterns in nature, details in buildings, people, poses, birds and more that go unnoticed. A thought to ponder:  “Always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder.” ~E.B. White―

Wishing you a week filled with smiles,

from the Pjpaintings stall #30 at Salamanca Market.

PjPaintings at Salamanca Market June 9, 2018

It was a fun and interesting day at Tasmania’s Salamanca Market.

A couple from South Australia bought a whale print and then they saw ‘Surfing Clifton Beach, Tasmania’ print, which made them laugh aloud, so they decided to add that to their day’s purchase.

Surfing Clifton Beach, TasmaniaPNG
Surfing Clifton Beach, Tasmania

Another couple, from Canberra, chose ‘Weightless’ and ‘Tu-whit &Tu-whoo’ to accompany them in their travels.

Tu-whit & Tu-whoo

A local stopped by to tell me that she has ‘Retail Therapy, Stockholm’ hanging up at the end of her hallway that she sees every morning.  Her husband bought it for her because she loves shopping.

Retail Therapy in Stockholmsml
Retail Therapy, Stockholm

Another local told me that she sent a ‘Duck Crossing’ card to her father living in New Zealand, who is in his 80s and lonely since her mother passed away.  He phoned to thank her and started the phone conversation with “quack, quack, quack”.

Duck CrossingsmlPNG
Duck Crossing

A ten year old girl from Nepal, bought a small card from the Cheer ‘em Up series to take home with her to give to a relative.  A young lady, from Stockholm, Sweden, purchased ‘Weightless’ and another young lady from the UK, doing her PHD in Marine Science at the University of Tasmania, purchased ‘Entanglement’.  She said that she loves Hobart and wants to live here permanently.


Two ladies visiting Tasmania together, one from Cairns and the other from Adelaide loved ‘Thunder’ and ended up buying an A-4 size.

This week’s most popular prints were ‘Weightless’ and ‘Suspended’.

A thought to ponder:  “I dream my painting and I paint my dream.” ― Vincent van Gogh I can definitely relate to this.  Many times my painting ideas wake me up and the excitement they stir up in me makes it difficult for me to fall back asleep!

Wishing you a week filled with smiles,

from the Pjpaintings stall #30 at Salamanca Market.

PjPaintings at Salamanca Market June 2, 2018

It’s winter, so there are less people visiting the market. Next weekend there may be more because it is the long weekend – the Queen Elizabeth’s Birthday public holiday on Monday, June 11th. Why around the world her birthday is celebrated on so many different days, I do not know?? Most of Australia will be celebrating her birthday on June 11th, but for the state of Western Australia it will be September 24th and Queensland, October 1st.
Early in the day, a young lady bought a framed ‘Kiss me Please’ print for her friend who is frog mad and has frog everything.

Kiss me pleasexsml
Kiss me Please!

A family visiting from Newcastle, NSW bought a print for each daughter. Little Mia chose ‘Off to the Races! II’ and the youngest one had ‘What the Devil?!?’ chosen for her. She was a little too young to make decisions about anything.

A lady, visiting from Brisbane, dressed in full winter gear, bought 5 x 7 inch ‘Tu-whit & Tu-whoo’ and ‘Double Date’ prints. Four women visiting from Hong Kong decided ‘Who, Who, Who are You? II’ was the print for them.

Who, Who, Who are YouIIPNG
Who, who, Who are You? II

Two young ladies from Taiwan, one translating for the other, were quite intrigued with my art and Tasmanian marsupials. They asked many questions and wanted to know the size differences between Quokkas, which don’t live in Tasmania (I think they were thinking of Quolls), Pademelons, Wallabies, Wallaroos and Potoroos. Then they asked if they could become Facebook friends with me, so we did that. They decided to buy a card each and then asked if they could have a photo with me. They were really lovely. I showed them my folder of originals too, which they seemed to thoroughly enjoy.

A family of five bought ‘Family Outing’. They asked me to add their surname to the title. I came prepared and had a 9B pencil in my pencil case, so I was able to oblige.

Family Outing IPNG
Family Outing

This week’s most popular prints were the owls and whales.

A thought to ponder: “Art is a line around your thoughts.” – Gustav Klimt

Take care, enjoy your imagination and the art around you,
from the Pjpaintings stall #30 at Salamanca Market.

Now I’m off to paint my painting for today for the 30×30 challenge (trying to paint a watercolour painting every day of the month of June). You can follow my efforts here on http://www.theunfurlingartist.wordpress.com

PjPaintings at Salamanca Market May 26, 2018

Aw…, the familiar feeling of cold toes and fingertips while setting up for Salamanca Market in semi-light conditions…

A young lady from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, donning a beanie, scarf and puffer jacket, was one of the first to visit the stall.  She chose a small ‘Suspended’ print.


A young family, visiting from the north of Stockholm, Sweden narrowed their choice down to a print of ‘The Three Amigos’, a small original painting of a Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo and a ‘What the Devil?!?’ greeting card.

Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo

‘Glamour Girls I’ is travelling to Adelaide.  The new owner of the print told me that her sister works as a hairdresser and kindly cuts her hair for free at the salon.  Each year they give the owner a thank you present for this arrangement.  ‘Glamour Girls I’ will be 2018’s gift.

Glamour Girls IC
Glamour Girls I

An auntie bought a ‘The Three Amigos’ print for her third nephew.  He has two brothers and gets the hand-me-downs. She thought this would be nice to hang in his bedroom, something new especially for him, and three kookaburras like three brothers.

A family from Malaysia that have toured Tasmania bought an original painting of platypus.  They had visited the Seahorse and Platypus House in Georgetown and were quite excited to get a platypus souvenir.


This week’s most popular print is: Suspended

A thought to ponder:  Imagination is more important than knowledge” ~ Albert Einstein.

Take care and enjoy your imagination,

from the Pjpaintings stall #30 at Salamanca Market.

PjPaintings at Salamanca Market May 19, 2018

More than 900 women descended upon Hobart for the weekend’s national convention and to compete in the Sweet Adelines competition. Twenty-three women’s barbershop quartets and twenty-three choruses are contending for a chance to sing in the USA World Sweet Adelines competition.  I didn’t notice them at the market.  I would think that they would be protecting their voices and choosing to stay out of the cold.

I did notice AFL Kangaroo supporters at the market and a dozen women on holidays together, all wearing pink beanies.  The Housing Industry Association was also in Hobart, hosting an event in one of the large sheds on the waterfront.  Early in the day, I met a Loss Assessor from Townsville.  She is here to help RACT with their inundation of claims from last week’s storms. She said that there are assessors from across Australia here to help with insurance claims.

A grandfather deliberated long and hard for the right pictures for his 2 year old granddaughter, Emily.  He decided on ‘Richmond Bridge, Tasmania’ and ‘Who, Who, Who are You? II’.

A couple from Sydney bought an A-2 sized print of ‘Suspended’ and a smaller ‘The Three Amigos’ print.

The Three Amigossml
The Three Amigos

A family, with grandparents, also from Sydney, spent quite a long time at the pjpaintings stall and were quite intrigued how I came up with my ideas for various pieces of art.  I told them the newest ideas occupying my head when I should have been sleeping.  I described some of the images, which reassuringly made them smile and chuckle.  They purchased two prints from the Cheer ‘em Up series: ‘Duck Crossing’ and ‘Helping Hands’.

A lady bought a framed original platypus painting for her husband’s birthday. Two sisters holidaying together bought card packs of the Cheer ‘em Up series and friends from Launceston bought a small framed (5×7”) ‘White Faced Scops Owls’.

This week’s most popular prints are: Suspended and The Three Amigos

A thought to ponder:  “Have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it” ~ Salvador Dali.

Take care and I hope that your upcoming week is great, from the Pjpaintings stall #30 at Salamanca Market.