PjPaintings at Salamanca Market November 4, 2017

It could have started with a disaster, but thankfully luck was on my side this morning. I loaded a few last items into the car, which fills the car up to the ceiling, and then headed up the steep driveway incline. At the top of the driveway, I noticed the warning light telling me that my boot (trunk) isn’t properly closed. It wasn’t closed at all!! It is amazing that the framed original painting didn’t slide out and smash on the driveway or street.
My bicep curls and side arm raises with bags of groceries and knapsack must be paying off because for the first time ever, I was able to get the 27kg gazebo set up 100% by myself. After getting high fives from neigbouring stall holders celebrating such a feat, I went about the business of setting up and apologising to customers enduring my neighbour’s music choice, but I suppose knowing when to fold ‘em, walk away and so on is an important life skill (lol).
We had rain, wind and sunshine today. A gentleman bought “Salamanca Saturdays” and emu Christmas cards to take to Wichita, USA. He’s going in December, a rather cool time of the year to visit.
Salamanca Saturdays sml
Salamanca Saturdays with Mt Wellington in the background
A father, who bought “Hayride” four years ago for his son’s bedroom, came by to buy another print to go with Hayride. He asked if I had another rural scene, which I really should have, but sadly I don’t, but it has started the rural creative juices flowing…. He settled on “Outback Glamping”.
Outback glampingsml
Outback Glamping with Uluru in the background
A couple, from Gosford, NSW, whose daughter’s name is Bird, bought “Beauty Queens IV” for her. A lady, visiting from Mackay, QLD, that had a tough time deciding which print to choose, settled on “Red Ute”. A Texan, USA couple bought some emu Christmas cards. A mother from Mornington Peninsula, VIC bought “Rising above it” for her daughter. She said that her daughter loves the colours in the painting. A couple from Sydney, NSW, bought a small ink and watercolour original painting of a platypus. They pulled out a brand new $10 note, hesitated, gave it a second look and commented they hadn’t seen one before. I thought that maybe they weren’t Australian then, asked where they were from, because I’ve seen heaps, (but I would, working at a stall) but they were Australian. We had a good laugh. It was funnier in real time, trust me.
Rising Above itxsml
Rising above it
A long-time friend of mine sent me a photo of friends that were visiting her from Melbourne with their A-2 sized “Poppy Fields” print they had got earlier in the day from me! Hobart is a small place.
Poppy fieldxsml
Poppy Fields
Today’s most popular print was a tie between: The Three Amigos and Who, Who, Who are You? II
The Three Amigossml
The Three Amigos
A thought to ponder: “You don’t make art out of good intentions.” ― Gustave Flaubert
Wishing you many happy, creative moments, from the Pjpaintings stall #30 at Salamanca Market 
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PjPaintings at Salamanca Market Oct. 28, 2017

We had another Salamanca Market day under blue skies and sunshine. It was a busy day. When I came home, Charli-dog and I went for a long walk and enjoyed the beauty and stillness of one of the many reserves at my doorstep. When I returned home I was too tired to write, hence I’m writing my Salamanca Market update Sunday morning, rather than immediately after the market.
Waverley Flora Reserve
The first people to visit the pjpaintings stall were from Malaysia. They chose a red and yellow “Poppy Fields” and a “Fairy Wrens” print to accompany them back home after holidaying for two and a half weeks in Australia.
Fairy Wrens
Fairy Wrens, Australia’s voted number one most favourite bird
A grandmother bought “Duck Crossing” for her granddaughter. She returned later in the day to get “Who, Who, Who are You? II” for another granddaughter, if she could part with them she said.
Duck Crossingsml
Duck Crossing
Two local ladies, one a psychologist, stopped at the stall to buy artwork for her office. She wanted happy images, at eye level, for her clients to look at. The two deliberated and eventually decided upon “Richmond Bridge, Tasmania”, “Retail Therapy, Salamanca”, and “Who, Who, Who are You? II”.
Retail Therapy salamanca(1)
Retail Therapy, Salamanca
A lady, who was in Tasmania for the Masters’ Games, purchased a small print. She won Gold and Silver in the Dragon Boat races of 20 and 10, plus the drummer and one at the back who steers. A young graphic artist from Devonport, Tasmania purchased “Sea Life” and “Tu-whit & Tu-whoo”.
Sea Lifexsml
Sea Life
A couple from Brisbane bought a small platypus original painting. He chose the painting with the rather plump looking platypus. “I’ll have the well-fed looking one”, he said. He was telling me that he saw a platypus, with his binoculars, climb out of the water onto a rock and scratch its tummy with its back paw. How special is that?!
Two ladies from Tamworth, NSW are taking back with them “The Three Amigos” and “Double Date”. They said that they see these birds and rusty gates all the time where they live so these prints fit right in with their surroundings.
The Three Amigossml
The Three Amigos
I had an extremely enthusiastic pair visit the stall from Chinchilla, Qld, a town with a population of approximately 5,500. She bought four prints and then returned later on in the afternoon and bought five more! She said that she went to her hotel room and laid out the four prints on her bed and thought, “I have room on my walls for more.” She returned just before I was going to start packing up, arriving saying she was hoping I was still here because she just loves the art so much she wants more.
Today’s most popular print was: Suspended
A thought to ponder: “Amateurs look for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work.” – Chuck Close
I’m not sure what Chuck is exactly trying to communicate with this statement, but I suspect that in his view waiting for inspiration is procrastination. If time is going by and inspiration is lacking, I agree just start painting something, but some of my most creative and successful ideas have arrived when I allow myself some quiet think time, despite trying to quieten this ‘you are procrastinating’ feeling trying to push me to pick up a paintbrush.
Wishing you many happy, creative moments, from the Pjpaintings stall #30 at Salamanca Market – Thanks for stopping by!  🙂
All artwork is available at http://www.pjpaintings.com

PjPaintings at Salamanca Market October 21, 2017

This week is Diwali, the Indian Festival of Light, so my weekend commenced with a visit to Friday night’s Street Eats Franko, at Franklin Square, which is a much enjoyed new Hobart City Council initiative that debuted in 2016.  Each Friday evening until after Easter, there are food stalls and live bands playing at Franklin Square.  It has an awesome atmosphere.  I love dropping in on a Friday evening.

Franklin Square
Celebrating Diwali at Street Eats @ Franko, Hobart with the awesome Hobart Post Office on Elizabeth Street in the background

Some additional events taking place in Hobart this weekend is a gathering of about 400 Rebel motorcyclists and the International United Nations Peacekeeping & Overseas Policing Association are meeting in Hobart.  The latter are having a service Tuesday morning, October 24th, at St David’s Cathedral, Hobart.

Rebels driving off the Spirit of Tasmania ferry, Devonport to Hobart

It was a hectic day at the market today, as I interacted with people from different parts of Australia and the globe.  I met a lovely young lady from Brazil, who was reluctantly going back home tomorrow, upon finishing her studies at the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies.  She was doing her PhD on whales in the Antarctic Peninsula, thus the whale prints catching her eye.

A lady from Port Macquarie area said that “Suspended” gave her ‘goose bumps’.  She bought it to give to her husband.  They were on a boat for hours when two juvenile humpbacks visited them.  They spent about half an hour around the boat, bobbing their heads up out of the water and laying on their backs, a magic and unforgettable experience.


I met a lovely couple in their 80’s.  The gentleman told me that he was 19 years old and she was 17 when they went on their first date.  They had three daughters  (the younger two were twins).  They spoke some French with me as they lived a year in Montreal.  She was a teacher for many years.  She said that the first class she taught had three sets of twins (one set, identical twins) and one set of triplets.  He was a musician so they went away with a “Black & White + One” and a small “Retail Therapy, Salamanca” print.

Black & White + Onexsml
Black & White + One

A mother bought “Thunder” for her daughter who is elephant mad.  A couple from Indonesia is returning home with “Double Date IV” and “The Three Amigos” and a couple from New Zealand with “Walking the Dogs” and “Off to the Races”.  Both prints from the unfurling series and “Café Paris” are going back to Kalgoorlie, WA and a family from the Blue Mountains in NSW is returning with “Tu-whit & Tu-whoo”, “The Three Amigos” and “Double Date IV”.  “Helping Hands” and “Who, Who, Who are You?II” are off to Sydney.


Walking the Dogs
Walking the Dogs

I unexpectedly caught up with a former Return to Study student and a current student, who surprised me with a bunch of gorgeous flowers for a belated birthday gift.  So nice 🙂 :-).

birthday flowers
Spinning Gum and Statice Flowers

Today’s most popular print was: Double Date IV

Double Date xsml
Double Date IV

A thought to ponder:  “If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint.” ― Edward Hopper

 Wishing you many happy, creative moments, from the Pjpaintings stall #30 at Salamanca Market

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PjPaintings at Salamanca Market October 14, 2017

Ahhhh, there’s nothing like a cup of tea after the market!  It was a slow start today but it got much busier as the day went on.  I think people saw that it was a nice day so they rolled over and stayed in bed a little longer.  The wind picked up slightly in the afternoon, which rattled the nerves after dealing with three weeks of upending-tables-type-of-wind but thankfully it behaved itself today.

The stall holder from up the street was making his mark early in the morning.

pavement art

There were a few expectant mothers that visited the stall and three of them had Christmas due dates!  Uncanny!  I had the same due date for my middle child but he decided to arrive on January 5th, consequently putting on weight that extra week, weighing almost 10 pounds at birth.  Yikes!

Duck Crossingsml
A popular print for the baby’s room

A grandmother from Darwin chose ‘Story time’ and ‘Who, Who, Who are You?II’ for her grandson’s bedroom.

Story time

Some visitors from the UK, which visited the stall last week, said that they have come back to admire the large, framed original painting of elephants, titled ‘Thunder!’  They decided to take back to UK an A-2 sized print of ‘Thunder’ and some smaller pjpainting prints.  They were lovely and returned again with friends to show them my art work.

elephants 2015xsml

Two ladies stopped by and one said that she had two pet emus, named Pinhead and Boofhead.  They got them as chicks.  She said it took them ten years before they found out that they can eat emu eggs.

A couple from Adelaide bought ‘Black & White + One’ for their music room.

Black & White + Onexsml
Black & White + One

A man visiting from New Zealand purchased ‘Beauty Queens’ to take back with him.  An original Tassie Devil and Koala is travelling to China.  ‘Suspended’ was thoughtfully chosen for a gift for a boyfriend.  It involved a couple visits to the stall and quite a lot of deliberation.


‘Outback Glamping’ was bought for a gift for a partner.  They had not long returned from visiting Uluru.

Outback glampingsml
Outback Glamping

The Christmas cards attracted more attention today, especially ‘Rudolph the Red Nosed Emu’. We are creeping closer to December.

Today’s most popular prints were: Scarlet Robins, Suspended and Who, Who, Who are You?II

Scarlet Robinsxsml.jpg
Scarlet Robins

A thought to ponder:  “At the end of the day your ability to connect with your readers comes down to how you make them feel.” ― Benjamin J. Carey  I think that this applies to all art.

Wishing you many happy, creative moments, from the Pjpaintings stall #30 at Salamanca Market

All prints are available for purchase at http://www.pjpaintings.com

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Angels at the Market

PjPaintings at Salamanca Market October 7, 2017

After three Saturdays in a row of battling with wind, it was such a relief to have a still day.  The sun was shining and the sky was bright blue.  I think we owe our thanks to the visiting angels.

Three young ladies, from Sydney, down for a wedding, were at the market right at 8 am and picked up a Spanish Eyes (Red) for the couple.  Their eyes are locked in love while dancing with only eyes for one another.  So romantic!

PjPaintings limited edition print A-4 and A-3
Spanish Eyes (Red)

There was a tour group from Singapore visiting Salamanca Market and many perused the pjpaintings stall.  A Danish couple purchased a couple of prints to take back to Denmark.  I told them that their prince, Prince Frederik, admired my emus enjoying the snow when I had an exhibition in North Hobart.

Image result for prince frederik denmark
Prince Frederik of Denmark

Sing Australia, wearing their teal green shirts and blouses were dotted around the market.  They have an annual national get together and workshops.  The singers from all over Australia are touring Tasmania.  Also, today the finals were being played of the 2017 Australian Masters Hockey Championship.

A ‘Salamanca Fresh’ and ‘Family Outing’ print is heading over to Hong Kong, but not without a photo of the purchaser, prints and I.  A sister is sending a ‘Beauty Queens’ greeting card to her sister in France.  She’s there as an exchange student.  We weren’t quite sure how to say “emu” in French but we figured it probably is “emu” with a bit of a French accent put on the word.  I’ve Googled it and it looks like we were correct.  It is ‘emeu’, with an accent on the first ‘e’.

salamanca freshsml
Salamanca Fresh
Family Outing I
Family Outing

A long time FB supporter and encourager, who took a tribe of little platypus originals and prints to Scotland, sent her neighbour, who is visiting Hobart and Salamanca Market, to pick up another platypus original destined for Europe.  Their neighbour unfortunately had quite a rough ride over on the ferry.

Fashion at Salamanca Market.  Now that the weather is getting warmer we’re starting to see more people get dressed up for the occasion of market visiting.

A market goer dressed for the occasion

Saturday’s most popular print was: Double Date IV

Double Date xsml
Double Date IV

Stall # 29, my stall neighbours, who make gorgeous fairies, beanies and scarves

Jodie's fairy
a handmade pure wool fairy by Jodie Goggins 

gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers for my birthday.  I like this photo because it represents three continents: Africa, where my son is currently living.  I bought this painting in Ethiopia.  The strength and determination, despite a tear creeping over a lower eyelid, drew me to the painting.  The bear from Vancouver where I grew up and the beautiful flowers from beautiful people and Tasmania, where I have lived longer than anywhere else.


A thought to ponder:  “All forms of madness, bizarre habits, awkwardness in society, general clumsiness, are justified in the person who creates good art.” ― Roman Payne

Wishing you many happy, creative moments, from the Pjpaintings stall #30 at Salamanca Market.  Thanks for stopping by for a read.  🙂

Salamanca Market Sept 30,2017

Salamanca Market started off with a bang, several bangs actually and literally. While setting up, before getting the gazebo bolted down, a massive gust of wind came out of nowhere and tried to pick up the gazebo for a re-location exercise. Lucky a few passer-byers grabbed the escapee and circumvented its travels. A card stand and both print shelves blew off the table. Fortunately, there weren’t prints on the shelves yet but they suffered significant damage. With some repair work and extra elastic around it, it was more or less holding together until another gust of wind came later in the morning, sending a card stand and one shelf of prints crashing to the ground. The shelf sustained damage beyond my ability to repair, but meanwhile, with all this chaos going on around me, I was serving customers flat out. I thought it would be quiet in the afternoon because it was the AFL Grand Final day (I actually thought I would get some sketching done!) but it was busy the entire market day.  (Just in case you haven’t heard, the Richmond Tigers broke a 37 year drought by a 48 point victory over the Adelaide Crows.)

I had to phone for help because the wind was just ridiculous. There was a stall further down the market that a gust of wind got caught underneath and tried to take it with it but because it was bolted down, the internal poles got twisted, bent and snapped. That was the end of their market day and gazebo.

Hobart is hosting a girls’ 16 years and under national water polo competition this weekend. I met girls from all over Australia: Perth, Queensland, Adelaide and more. One, from Canberra, bought a whale print titled ‘Sea Life’.

Sea lifesml
This photo of Sea life has been taken with my phone.  I haven’t received the file from the photographer as of yet, so it’s not on my website, but hopefully it will be up this week.  

The 2017 Australian Masters Hockey Championship, with teams from 35 to 70+ age groups, is finishing up this weekend. I met somebody whose team is playing in the finals against Tasmania today. He’s been playing with torn knee cartilage. A Melbourne couple, the first time away from their three children, ages 7, 5 and 3 looked for a print with threes and settled on the ‘The Three Amigos’.

The Three Amigossml
The Three Amigos

A young teenager spotted ‘Surfing Clifton Beach, Tasmania’ and asked his Mum if he could please have it. His mother bought it for him and he gave her a thank you kiss on the cheek. He’s a keen surfer and surfs in the Melbourne area. An adult daughter and mother told me that they bought ‘Café Paris’ four years ago and didn’t frame it until their return from Paris. Now they’re planning to go to Uluru, so they bought ‘Outback Glamping’ and said it won’t be framed until after their trip to the Northern Territory.

Outback glampingsml
Outback glamping

Several prints are travelling to New Zealand and ‘Serenity’ is off to Washington, USA. He’s Australian and has been living in Washington for about 15 years. He’s a gallery curator. He said that every curator he has networked with in the USA knows of MONA. He had a job interview this week with MONA. Fingers and toes crossed he is the successful candidate.


To say that I was surprised and stoked to see one of my whale paintings in the Saturday’s Mercury’s September 30 – October 1, 2017 tasweekend magazine is an understatement. The Sea Shepherd is celebrating their 40th anniversary and is having a week-long Artist Showcase/Historical Display at the Waterside Pavilion, Hobart from Oct 3rd – 8th. I am displaying six large original paintings, prints and will be working on a whale painting at the Pavilion on Wednesday, October 4th from 3:30 – 5:30 pm.

Sea Shepherd magazine article

With all of yesterday’s wind activity, I had a hard time tracking prints. I think the whale prints were probably the best sellers. Now I’m off to do some urban sketching. It’s still rather windy out there. I hope I don’t get blown off my stool!

Wishing you many happy, creative moments, from the Pjpaintings stall #30 at Salamanca Market

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interesting hat
Somebody at the market wearing a cool hat

Pjpaintings prints are available at http://www.pjpaintings.com

PjPaintings at Salamanca Market Sept. 23, 2017

I’ve been quite good with staying off my injured ankle, but Friday evening, when I gazed out the window, it looked so magical outside that I couldn’t resist walking along the foreshore.  The water was glass-like and Mt Wellington looked spectacular.

The view from a newly installed bench near Bellerive Beach, Tasmania: Derwent River and Mount Wellington,  

How different the weather can be a few hours later!  Saturday morning commenced with thunder and rain, and the rain continued, off and on, but mostly on, for the majority of the day.  At one point, the rain only hit one side of this Eucalyptus tree.  Doesn’t it intensify the colour of the bark!  Their trunks are so cool.

 The rain brightens the puzzle-like bark of this Eucalyptus tree.

This is what happens when a car is left parked overnight.  The Salamanca Market ground staff put each wheel of the car on a mini-trolley type of things and then tows the car away.

I met several hockey (grass hockey) players today, including a gentleman from Western Australia, who had played Tasmania earlier in the day.  Unfortunately, Tasmania didn’t fare too well.  Hobart is hosting the week-long event of the 2017 Australian Masters Hockey Championship.  There are quite a few x-Olympians playing too.  There are teams for 35s, 40s, 45s, 50s, 55s, 60s, 65s and 70 plus year olds.

Three whale prints, titled “Whale Sighting!”, “Serenity” and “DefendConserveProtect” made their debut today and were a big hit. They are available at www.pjpaintings.com If you are able to look closely at the “DefendConserveProtect” painting, you will see shapes made from these words integrated into the picture.


A lady purchased a small “White Faced Scops Owls” print to hang in her workplace at the University of Sydney.  A “Beauty Queens IV” print will be adorning a ‘powder room’ in Melbourne.  An ambassador from the Australian Embassy of Costa Rica deliberated over the “Salamanca Saturdays” print.  He returned to the stall several hours, when I was packing up for the day, and purchased it.  A massive owl fan from Taree, NSW, who told me that they were desperate for rain, purchased “White Faced Scops Owls II”. A year 9 student, on a school excursion from the mainland, texted her Mum, who paid through my website, bought an A-4 sized “White Faced Scops Owls”.

Salamanca Saturdays sml.jpg
Salamanca Saturdays (print available at http://www.pjpaintings.com)

A lady, who had bought a platypus ink original painting of mine earlier, with two platypus, bought a smaller painting with one platypus to display together.  She has framed the two platypus painting in a floating frame and said that it looks awesome.

Packing up was done in the rain and then in the evening, it was a repeat of Friday evening.  I couldn’t resist and went for another beautiful, gentle walk along the foreshore. It was not long after I returned home when a spectacular and prolonged thunder and lightning show started.

Blundstone Oval watersidesml
Yesterday evening’s glass-like water at Bellerive Beach with the newly developed playground and Blundstone Oval in the background.

Today’s best seller was a tie: Family Outing and Salamanca Saturdays

Family Outing I
Family Outing

A thought to ponder:  “The object of art is not to reproduce reality, but to create a reality of the same intensity.” Alberto Giacometti 

Wishing you many happy, creative moments, from the Pjpaintings stall #30 at Salamanca Market

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PjPaintings at Salamanca Market September 16, 2017

I literally collapsed onto the couch after the market. There was wind, rain and frequent gusts of wind that whipped merchandise off tables from multiple stalls. At one point, while prints were being blown off my table, the grate displaying framed prints and originals was flapping around precariously, I tried to take down my large, framed original painting of ‘Thunder’, which at this point, was horizontal instead of following normal vertical hanging behaviour! I couldn’t quite reach the hook but thankfully somebody tall helped me get my painting down while market goers were gathering prints off the ground. I managed to get through the day pretty much unscathed, even though with the wind, I had no chance of resting my hurt ankle. But, all-in-all, the day ended well and my leg felt surprisingly good considering the workout it had.
dented frame1sml
Framed ‘Thunder’ saved from a smashing ending
There was an Australian Defence Force (ADF) Expo at the nearby docks and consequently a lot of people in their defence force uniforms walking through the market. The heels of their shoes must be a very dense, solid material because they make quite the noise. I wonder what the orthopaedic sector thinks about these types of shoes?
A sizeable school band from Brisbane perused the markets, along with a large group of visiting young people – the Pimlico Voices. Part of the group sang a couple of songs near the pjpaintings stall. They were superb!
Pimlico Voices
Some of the Pimlico Voices belting out a song.
A couple from Brighton, Melbourne, purchased six prints, which they are going to hang in the entrance of their house. She is a watercolourist too. She paints local seascapes. It’s nice that she is able to display and sell them at a café. Over the years, I’ve had people say that I should exhibit my art but that is often easier said than done. It is difficult to find a public space to exhibit, so consequently I go out of my way to support cafes that assist local artists.
A framer from Melbourne introduced himself and told me that he frames about a hundred of my prints each year. He said that each time he sees one, he thinks, “I know where you’ve been.”
Two little original, framed paintings of platypus were purchased by a sister visiting her twin brother. They were lovely and she asked if we could have our photo taken together.
two platypus 21.05.2017sml
Platypus orginal
I also met a lovely, young lady visiting from Spain. While she was in Melbourne, she met and drew with the Melbourne Urban Sketching group. When they heard that she was visiting Tasmania and Salamanca Market, they recommended that she visit my stall. We also had our photo taken together.
Spanish visitor
A little bit of Spain visits Tasmania
art hair
Art is showcased in many ways
Today’s best seller was: Who, Who, Who are You? II
White Faced Scops Owls xsml
Who, Who, Who are You? II
A thought to ponder: “If art is the bridge between what you see in your mind and what the world sees, then skill is how you build that bridge.” ― Twyla Tharp
Wishing you many happy, creative moments, from the Pjpaintings stall #30 at Salamanca Market.
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PjPaintings at Salamanca Market September 2, 2017

This Saturday’s weather and temperature was a vast improvement over last week’s. I didn’t have to wear three layers of everything, and with the predicted high of 19 degrees Celsius, I wore a skirt and my stripy stockings. People refer to me as Pippi Longstocking when I wear them, which I like very much, Pippi or Matilda. Both are great stories where girls rise above less than ideal family situations and triumph against the odds – inspirational stuff. I saw Matilda, the musical, in Melbourne, a few months ago. It was awesome. The music and songs were written by Tim Minchin, but I digress.

My stripy Pippi Longstocking stockings

I met lots and lots of people from Melbourne today. It was a very slow start today. The first people to purchase a print, “Tu-whit & Tu-whoo”, were a couple from the Gold Coast, wearing puffer jackets and beanies. It didn’t feel as balmy to them as it did to us Tasmanians! A bride-to-be bought “Double Date IV”. The wedding is taking place on Bruny Island.  

Tu-whit and Tu-whoo sm
Tu-whit & Tu-whoo limited edition print  

Three prints of Tasmanian scenes are heading to United States. He’s lived near Wollongong, NSW for 1.5 years and is returning to the US in a few days. Another American, is taking back with her to Washington, D.C. a “Beauty Queens IV” and “Richmond Bridge” print. She’s originally from California. 

Richmond Bridge, Tasmaniaxsml
Richmond Bridge, Tasmania, the oldest bridge in Australia, built by convicts.  

A couple, from Adelaide, who said that the vibrant colours attracted them to the stall, are returning home with a “White Faced Scops Owls” and “Under my Red Umbrella” print. 

Under my Red Umbrella

A father, from the north of the state, visiting his daughter who is doing her honours at the University of Tasmania, bought a Ducati motorcycle print, titled “Joy Ride!” His daughter is writing her thesis on the benefit of growing seaweed (and a shell that I can’t remember its name) near salmon farms to help oxygenate the water. It’s nice to see an increasing representation of females studying, and obviously doing very well, in the science fields.

Italian Joyridesmlx
Joy Ride!

Today’s best seller was: White Faced Scops Owls

White Faced Scops Owls
White Faced Scops Owls

A thought to ponder: “Blessed are the weird people: poets, misfits, writers, mystics, painters, troubadours, for they teach us to see the world through different eyes.” ― Jacob Nordby

Wishing you many happy, creative moments, from the Pjpaintings stall #30 at Salamanca Market

Thank you for reading

All limited edition prints are available for purchase at http://www.pjpaintings.com

PjPaintings at Salamanca Market August 26, 2017

The morning started calmly and the temperature was lovely but by lunchtime, gusts of wind rolled in and caused havoc. You could hear gazebos flapping violently and items crashing and banging. My table got upended and miraculously I caught a crate full of prints! The day is so much more tiring when there is wind. You are forced to stay on high alert and hope that your reflexes react quickly enough to save things from being blown away. Because of the wind, most people started packing up early, and so did yours truly.
Before the destructive wind made its presence, I enjoyed many-a conversation with visitors and locals. Well before 8 am, a local came to buy two prints for her partner to give to his friend. The friend had bought “Family Outing” and had mentioned that she wanted “Thunder!” She also bought “Salamanca Fresh” for him to give to her.
Another local arrived at the crack of dawn and bought “Surfing Clifton Beach, Tasmania” for her granddaughter and “Beauty Queens III” to give to a friend who needs cheering up. Her friend is a hairdresser, sole income earner of the family, and is an older lady who finds the standing and cutting hair physically taxing.
A couple attending an optometrist conference, which apparently is held annually in Tasmania, this year in Launceston at Grindelwald, bought “Hayride” for a friend that collects toy tractors and all manner of tractor themed items.
Clifton Beachxsml
Surfing Clifton Beach, Tasmania
Beauty Queens
Beauty Queens III
I met a couple from Finland that have moved to Binalong Bay, Tasmania three years ago. They absolutely love it and told me that they walk on the beach each morning. They said that they are glad when they see the Australian map on the news without Tasmania because they want this gem of a place to be a secret. I met another couple who told me that his nickname was ‘Emu’ and hers was ‘Owl’. They wanted to buy “Who, Who, Who are You? II” and said that they would pick it up on their way back, but I didn’t see them again. There are 353 stalls at Salamanca Market and I think that by the time people get to the other end of the market they are kaput!
White Faced Scops Owls xsml
Who, Who, Who are You? II
Another couple were having a long awaited weekend away, without children. They bought a “Cheer ‘em Up” pack. A lady from Newcastle, Australia, purchased a print of her dream motorbike, a Ducati. A New Zealand couple departed with a “White Faced Scops Owls” print and another person got one for her sister’s birthday. “Café Paris” is going to the Sunshine Coast and “Poppy Fields” is off to Washington, D.C., U.S.A. She travelled to Australia for work, commencing her travels in Sydney. She attended a few meetings here and an Agricultural Economics conference. She was going to catch the ferry to MONA and try to get out to Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary to pat some marsupials.
Today’s best seller were the motorbike prints: “Who says emus can’t fly!?”, “Bonnie & Me” and “Joyride”.
Italian Joyridesmlx
Joy ride!
A thought to ponder: “Eleanor was right. She never looked nice. She looked like art, and art wasn’t supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something.” ― Rainbow Rowell The motto of my art is helping put smiles on faces. I hope it does and that people feel happiness when they view it.
Wishing you many happy, creative moments, from the Pjpaintings stall #30 at Salamanca Market