PjPaintings at Salamanca Market March 31, 2018

It was a slow day today.  I met a couple from Melbourne, originally from New Zealand, touring Tasmania on a motorbike.  They came across on the Spirit of Tasmania and will be going back across on the Spirit and then riding the Great Ocean Road to Adelaide.  They bought a small “Bonnie & Me” print as their Tassie souvenir.

Bonnie and IPNG
Bonnie & Me!

A “Red Ute” greeting card is going to a nephew living in the UK.  Utes are called pick-up trucks in the UK.

Red UtePNG
Red Ute

A couple from Cairns bought a small “Family Outing” print.  A creek by their house, which has never overflowed, last week did. The water came very close to their house but then in an hour’s time the water receded.

Family Outing IPNG
Family Outing

A brother bought a “DefendConserveProtect” print for his sister’s 18th birthday.  A volunteer from the Sea Shepherd asked me if I could paint something for their 40th anniversary.  Their motto, Defend, Conserve, Protect, is written in the painting multiple times.


This week’s most popular print is: Scarlet robins

Scarlet RobinPNG
Scarlet Robins

A thought to ponder:  “If I create from the heart, nearly everything works; if from the head, almost nothing” ~Marc Chagall

P.S. My website (www.pjpaintings.com) is back up and most of the prints available for purchase are there.

Visit www.theunfurlingartist.wordpress.com to follow my visual travel journal.

Happy Easter!

from the Pjpaintings stall #30 at Salamanca Market.


PjPaintings at Salamanca Market March 24, 2018

Rain was predicted for today and I’m happy to report that they predicted incorrectly. We did get a little but not the amount that was forecasted. All-in-all the weather was great, not too hot or cold.

A bus tour group from New Zealand was at the market today. I met one lady who has fifteen grandchildren and thought “Scarlet Robin Rescue” would be the perfect gift for her granddaughter who is turning thirteen years old.

Scarlet Robin RescuePNG
Scarlet Robin Rescue

A man from the same tour group purchased “Outback Glamping”. He said that he did a lot of work in the outback putting in telecommunications.

Outback glampingsml
Outback Glamping

A grandmother bought three prints from the Cheer ‘em Up series (“Duck Crossing”, “All Ears” and “Helping Hands”) for her grandson who is having his first birthday soon. She is going to frame them up for his mother.  These are part of my Cheer ’em Up series.  I thought of heart warming scenes where the emu comes to the rescue.  They are all available for purchase on my website: http://www.pjpaintings.com

Duck CrossingsmlPNG
Duck Crossing
All EarsPNG
All Ears
Helping HandsPNG
Helping Hands

Sisters, on holidays from the UK, bought a platypus with turtle, kookaburra and Yellow-tailed black cockatoo little original painting.

March 23 platypusPNG Sold

A lady originally from Tasmania, but now living in Tennessee, USA, for over 20 years, is taking back with her a “Scarlet Robins” and “The Three Amigos” print.

A Melbourne artist bought a “Fairy wrens” print. A young lady from South Korea, travelling with her friend living in Melbourne, deliberated for a long time before settling on “Surfing Clifton Beach, Tasmania”. She’s only visiting for a week and she wanted to also see Uluru and Sydney. Her friend told her that she can only do Melbourne and Tasmania. She’ll have to plan a few more trips to Australia. She had troubles deciding between “Walking the Dogs”, which has Sydney’s Opera House and Harbour Bridge in the background, “Outback Glamping”, which has Uluru in the background, and “Surfing Clifton Beach, Tasmania”. The prints of Salamanca Market were also in the mix. What a dilemma!

I didn’t have any wombat paintings with me today, so of course I had people specifically asked for wombats… Murphy’s Law. I met a group from Belarus and a mother and adult daughter from Perth on a ten day holiday together. The owl prints caught the attention of a mother and son. She has a collection of over 4000 little owls! One has to wonder if they get dusted, and if they do, by whom??!

Near the end of the day, grandparents bought “Joyride” for their granddaughter living in Adelaide.

Italian JoyridesmlxPNG
Joy ride!

This week’s most popular print is: Duck Crossing
A thought to ponder: “This is why art is important. It makes us FEEL.” ~Cherie Haas

P.S. My website is back up (www.pjpaintings.com). Not all the images have been loaded but hopefully they will be soon.
P.S.S. One more market and then I’ll be away the four Saturdays during the month of April. I am hoping to post lots of travel drawings and stories here.
Thanks for stopping by and I hope that your upcoming week is great,
from the Pjpaintings stall #30 at Salamanca Market.

PjPaintings at Salamanca Market March 17, 2018

Happy St Patrick’s Day! It was lively in front of Irish Murphy’s today with green decorations, music and people wearing green hats.
It was a warm, windless, quiet day at the markets.  After the market, during the night, it got stormy.  I fell asleep with the window wide open but I had to close the window part way because the wind was making the blinds flap around.  There also was a strong smoke smell.  I wondered if a lightning strike had started a fire somewhere.  Then the rains came.  We desperately need rain, so it was a welcome sound.  I’m glad it arrived when it did, rather than yesterday, on a market day.
Four couples from Bathurst, NSW, are spending two weeks in Tassie, celebrating a 60th birthday. They purchased a “Salamanca Saturdays” print as a souvenir.
Salamanca Saturdays smlPNG
Salamanca Market with Mt Wellington in the backdrop
Then I met four women, from Bathurst, NSW, that have been friends since they were 18 years old. They are spending four days in Tasmania, also celebrating a 60th birthday. They’ve bought shares in a race horse, so “Off to the Races!” was the print for them.
Off to the RacesxsmlPNG
Off to the Races!
Then I met a flutist from…, you guessed it, Bathurst, NSW, who has been invited to play with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra’s Peer Gynt Suite. She purchased two prints from the Cheer ‘em Up series: “All Ears” and “Duck Crossing”. An “All Ears” is also going to Donnybrook, Western Australia.
All EarsPNG
All Ears
Duck CrossingsmlPNG
Duck Crossing
Then I met three different groups of people, unknown to one another, all from New Mexico, USA. Uncanny! One bought “Story time” and the other, a small platypus painting. She said that there were two things that she wanted to see when she visited Tassie and they were to see a platypus and wombat in the wild, and she did! She is lucky because platypus are quite elusive.
Story timePNG
Story time
This week’s most popular print is: Thunder! One of the people that purchased “Thunder!” is a young couple from the Central Coast, NSW. He left his driver’s licence at the stall. I tried to find them when I noticed it but couldn’t see them. I’ve left a Facebook Message, so hopefully he will contact me soon. I doubt that he even realises that his licence is missing. (He’s checked Facebook and all is well – he’s been reunited with his driver’s licence).
A thought to ponder: Thomas Merton – “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”
P.S. My website is back up (www.pjpaintings.com). Not all the images have been loaded but hopefully by the end of the week it will be completed.
Take care and I hope that your upcoming week is great,
from the Pjpaintings stall #30 at Salamanca Market.

PjPaintings at Salamanca Market March 3, 2018

A cruise ship from Sydney was in Hobart today. I had conversations with quite a few of the passengers. One, who saw my “Duck Crossing” print in the Made in Tasmania shop, and when she saw it at my stall, said that she wanted to buy it for her 5 year old daughter because she loves ducklings. While perusing the stall, she spotted “All Ears” and decided she was buying an A-3 sized print of “All Ears” for herself instead.
Another cruise ship passenger came at the end of the day and bought herself a “Scarlet Robins” print to cheer herself up she told me. Another passenger bought three dancing emu prints to put in her office. She said that her clients like to see different and engaging art.
A couple touring Tasmania on a motorbike bought “Joy ride!”. They’re riding a similar Italian framed Ducati motorcycle. She said that it will be sitting on their piano in Cronulla, Sydney.
Italian Joyridesmlx
Joy ride!
A lovely couple re-visited my stall. They told me that they had bought a “White Faced Scops Owls” print for their cousin’s granddaughter, 8 year old Holly, living in Guernsey, one of the Channel Islands in the English Channel. Holly loves owls. A large stuffed owl also accompanied the print. Needless to say, Holly was a very happy girl when these arrived. I collected postage stamps when I was a child and I remember that Guernsey in particular had stunning stamps.
White Faced Scops Owls
White Faced Scops Owls
A grandfather, 76 years old, daughter 46, son 44 and 12 year old grandson were back from doing The Three Capes walk. The grandfather had been training to improve his fitness so that he could do the walk. He was pretty pleased. It’s now a lovely memory for the three generations. The “Double Date IV” print will also serve as a lovely Salamanca Market memory.
Double Date xsml
Double Date IV
A lady, living locally, bought an A-3 sized print of Yellow Poppy Fields. She said that her lounge room is the same orange as the orange highlights in the painting. It will pop on an orange wall.
Yellow Poppy Fields
Yellow Poppy Fields
A young couple, living in Canberra, bought “G’day”. A couple, who are 7 months into their world trip, bought an original small framed platypus painting to give to their Tasmanian host. They are on their way to Bali, Singapore, the Philippines and then back to the UK. An x-Canadian, from Toronto, who is living in Brisbane, Queensland for the past three years, purchased “Sea Life”. A lady visiting from United States bought five greeting cards to take back with her and a couple from Adelaide bought ten Christmas greeting cards. The cards made them chuckle aloud.
Sea Lifexsml
Sea Life
This week’s most popular print is: Thunder!
A thought to ponder: “If only we could pull out our brain and use only our eyes” ― Pablo Picasso. This rings so true for me when I am urban sketching. My brain so often convinces and tricks me into believing that an angle couldn’t possibly be that severe. Listening to it, rather than trusting what my eye sees, is a frequent source of frustration.
On Monday, the OneWeek100People challenge commences. Good luck to all those taking up the challenge. I will be. I plan to post some of my drawings on Facebook and on my blog:www.theunfurlingartist.wordpress.com
P.S. My website is still down because it has been hacked. It should be back up in a few weeks. Please feel free to contact me through Facebook, blog or email: pjpaintings@gmail.com
Take care and have fun taking a line for a walk,
from the Pjpaintings stall #30 at Salamanca Market.

PjPaintings at Salamanca Market February 17, 2018

Wow, it’s hard to know where to start.  I met so many people today.  The day started with a lady from Northern Rivers, NSW, who had just done the Overland Track.  She was disappointed that she didn’t see a Pink robin on her trek.  They are an elusive little bird but she was going to Binalong, on the east coast of Tasmania, and that is where I saw a Pink robin, Scarlet robins and many Superb Fairy wrens.  Hopefully, they’ll make a presence for her too.

A couple from Townsville, that saw my prints hanging up at Saltshakers in Swansea, Tasmania, purchased a Spanish Eyes (Red) print.  There are very few of these left before its availability ends when it reaches 100/100 sold.

PjPaintings limited edition print A-4 and A-3
Spanish Eyes (Red)

Last night, I framed “All Ears”, “Duck Crossing” and “Helping Hands” and displayed them today.  They certainly caught people’s eye.  A frame really does help set off a print.


A couple from MacKay bought a small “Duck Crossing” print.  She said that in MacKay, the council put a ‘Beware of Wild Animals’ sign where ducks frequently cross the road.  She found that quite funny. A family from China, visiting Tasmania, also purchased a “Duck Crossing” print and an “All Ears” print to make a pair.  Another “Duck Crossing” print went to Perth.

The new owners of emus riding a Triumph motorcycle “Bonnie & Me!” are taking the print home to England.  An ex-Tasmanian, now living in Los Angeles, running a mobile bicycle rental company at Venice Beach, bought a “Family Outing” print.

A young man, originally from Illinois, USA, now living in Washington, USA, bought a 5” x 7” sized “Who says emus can’t fly?!” print.  He said that his mother was really into Harleys when he was young and that she used to sew a lot of appliqué motorcycle scenes. My painting reminded him of her creations.

Who says emus can't fly!
Who says emus can’t fly?!

I met a lovely young lady from Switzerland.  She was doing volunteer work on an organic farm, organised through WWOOF.  She bought a “Motherly Emutions” greeting card to send to her father.  We had a lovely conversation.  I also met some French young travellers.  They have been travelling around Australia for a year and fruit picking along the way to earn an income.

Motherly Emutions

I met a zoologist from Melbourne.  She loves Red-tailed black cockatoos but ended up buying a Yellow-tailed black and Sulphur-crested cockatoo because those were the ones that she connected with, which she was a little surprised about.  She said that she has a very large painting of a Red-tailed cockatoo at home. She sporadically sells at a local market near her.  She said that she frames and sells things she finds, feathers, sea urchins, shells and the like.

A young couple visiting from Melbourne bought Spanish Eyes (Yellow) to post to his Italian mother, living in Italy.  A group of six young women travelling together from Taiwan bought a small whale print and a postcard size print of “Duck Crossing” and “Helping Hands”. A family from Singapore, with extended family members, purchased a small original painting of three emus reading a book. A couple from Laurieton on the NSW’s coast, a small town of a population just under 2000 in the 2011 census, purchased a “Story time” and “Who, Who, Who are You? II” print.

Story timePNG
Story time

This week’s most popular print is: Salamanca Saturdays

Salamanca Saturdays smlPNG
Salamanca Saturdays

A thought to ponder:  “When my students are stuck I say, ‘take the first step, there will be something better on the other side.’” ~Susan Edison

Have fun and good luck to those doing Hobart’s ‘Run the Bridge’ tomorrow.

Hobart’s Tasman Bridge

Take care and have fun pursuing your creative outlet,

from the Pjpaintings stall #30 at Salamanca Market.

PjPaintings at Salamanca Market February 10, 2018

Today’s weather forecast was ominous with severe thunderstorms, large hailstones and flash flooding predicted. A lot of stall holders were packed up before 3 pm, keen to avoid the combination of gazebos, torrential rain and lightning. But none of the above occurred. Very civilly behaved rain commenced while writing this post, but not thunder, lightning or hail. It would be nice to get a decent amount rain as we desperately need it. Fingers crossed.
Two cruise ships were in today, along with the HMAS Hobart (DDG 39), named after the city of Hobart, the lead ship of the Hobart-class air warfare destroyers used by the Royal Australian Navy, visiting Hobart for the first time. It is open to the public tomorrow morning before heading off to visit Toowoomba, Qld and Geelong, Vic.
A couple, who sailed from Queensland on a yacht, not the cruise ship, purchased “Serenity” to take back with them. A group of four young women visiting Tasmania from China, with very little English, purchased “Spanish Eyes (Red)” and “Joyride”.
Two serious mountain bikers, who had spent several days riding in Derby, Tasmania, and then moved onto the newly opened Maydena tracks, visited the stall. In her first Maydena run of the day, going over a jump on a blue run, she fell and broke her fingers. Apparently the tracks on Maydena are much steeper than Derby’s. I found Derby scary! I have posted a blog post about my visit to Derby, titled:  Derby the little town that could.
map Derby
Here’s my unfinished drawing of a mountain biker in Derby, Tasmania 
A couple women from Pennsylvania, USA, from the cruise ship purchased “Off to the Races! II” and “Who, Who, Who are You? II”. Another cruise ship passenger, from Ohio, USA, bought the prints “Salamanca Saturdays” and “Salamanca Fresh”. She went on an excursion to Richmond, Tasmania. Apparently there were 30 buses booked to take cruise ship passengers to Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary today. They would have had a manically busy day.
A family that arrived this morning from Melbourne to attend an engagement party tonight, (but they suspect it is a wedding because the couple got engaged 9 months ago) bought a “Sea Life” print. Another couple bought “Beachside Chatter” for a 60th birthday. A “White Faced Scops Owls” print for a thank you gift is going to Western Australia. The same print is going to a house filled with bird-art on the Hawkesbury River, NSW. They came over on the Spirit of Tasmania. She said the sailing across was great and that the water was really flat.
Sea Lifexsml
Sea Life
A lady on holidays from Jashpur, India, purchased four small prints: “Salamanca Saturdays”, “Yellow Poppy Fields”, “White Faced Scops Owls” and “The Three Amigos”.
Yellow Poppiesxsml
Yellow Poppy Fields

I got the inspiration for this painting from this house in Canada with the dandelion front yard .


dandelion house

The very best neighbour in the world visited the pjpaintings stall today. We were neighbours when we both lived in Rathmines, NSW. I miss my treasured friend and former neighbour. It was so good catching up earlier in the week.
At the end of the market day, a shopkeeper from Mullumbimby, QLD, bought some prints and greeting cards for her shop called ‘Tinker Tailer Dancer Trader’. Mullumbimby is such a cool sounding name, like her shop and shop’s name, that I googled the origins of the name. It is reported that it is believed that ‘mullumbimby’ is a Bundjalung word and that ‘Muli’ means ‘hill’. This makes sense as the town is located below Mount Chincogan which, at 309 metres, can be fairly described as a ‘small, round hill.’ There is an alternative explanation that ‘mulabinba’ was a Bundjalung word for a fern which grew in the area.
Well, all is still here. The skies are clear and unfortunately we got very little rain.
This week’s most popular prints are: the whale and owl prints, Outback Glamping and Off to the Races! II
A thought to ponder: “Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart…” ~William Wordsworth
Take care and wishing you many happy hours enjoying your creative pursuits from the Pjpaintings stall #30 at Salamanca Market.

PjPaintings at Salamanca Market February 3, 2018

Despite spending a significant portion of the night unwillingly listening to a barking dog, I was at the market just before 7 am, ready to start setting up for the day. The morning started off slowly. The first person to the stall was a young lady who has recently moved to Tasmania from Melbourne. She moved to Hobart because she got a job here. She’s a prosthetist. Her husband is Belgian (Flemish).

Before the day started heating up, I met a couple and he was wearing an Australian Football League (AFL) Tiger’s scarf wrapped several times around his neck. I remarked that the footy season hasn’t even started yet and he answered he’s still celebrating, which I reckon after a 37-year premiership drought you are entitled to. 

tiger scarf

A couple, one from the UK and the other from Scotland, who moved to Melbourne last year, bought a Yellow-tailed black cockatoo painting. They saw one when visiting the Bay of Fires on the north eastern coast of Tasmania. They said that the road was above the bush that the bird was in and that it was a bit strange viewing the bird from this perspective.


Feb2yellow tailed cockatoo2
They chose this Yellow-tailed black cockatoo because they liked the way it looked like it was smiling

I enjoyed my chat with a high school art teacher from Chile, South America. She is here for three weeks, visiting her sister.  She found the way I use water colour quite different. She thought it was another medium because she said that she hasn’t seen such detail and vibrant colours made with water colour. She is taking home with her “Salamanca Saturdays”. Her sister, who has been living in Hobart for around 15 years, also has a stall at Salamanca Market, called ‘Cantina Latina’. I often buy my lunch from her stall, very yummy food.

Salamanca Saturdays smlPNG
Salamanca Saturdays

A daughter bought a red mini greeting card for her father. She told me that he has over 300 Mini model cars!! 

Family Outing IPNG
Family Outing

A mother and daughter from France bought “Off to the Races! II” and a young gentleman from Italy, purchased “Spanish Eyes (Yellow)”. “Tu-whit & Tu-whoo” is going to Canberra to someone who loves owls, “All ears” to Sydney, “Poppy Fields” to Brisbane and “The Three Amigos” to Perth.

Off to the Races IIsm
Off to the Races! II

This week’s most popular print is “Spanish Eyes (Yellow)”.

Spanish eyes Yellow
Spanish Eyes (Yellow)

A thought to ponder: “There is no must in art because art is free.” – Wassily Kandinsky

Take care from the Pjpaintings stall #30 at Salamanca Market.

PjPaintings, Salamanca Market January 27, 2018

I found yesterday’s heat rather taxing so when I got home, I went straight to bed. I didn’t even unpack the car. I can’t remember if I’ve ever not unpacked the car immediately, but thankfully I was able to re-energise myself enough to go to a friends’ beautiful home for dinner. She has lots of books in book cases. The book cases have built in narrow-in-height horizontal shelves for big picture books that are cleverly designed to serve as rests for book browsing as well. (I should think like a blogger and have taken a photo of it!!  Apologies).
Friday was Australia Day, a long weekend in Australia, and a hot one for most of the country. Despite the heat, people came out to peruse the market. I met three different couples that had bought prints earlier in the week from Made in Tasmania, a brilliant shop in Salamanca Place, that has supported my art from when I first started producing prints and greeting cards, five years ago now. One of the couples were from Western Australia (WA). From the stall, they bought “Spanish Eyes (Yellow) for a friend and “Hayride” for themselves. He’s a farmer and said that he will have to attack weeds upon his return. With the rain, and then the sunshine, they will be growing in abundance. He was not looking forward to it.

Another couple, from California, USA, purchased “Spanish Eyes (Yellow)” and “Off to the Races” prints from the Made in Tasmania shop.

Off to the Races IIsm
Off to the Races! II

I met a lady, who is originally from Hobart, now living in Brisbane. She’s upgrading her science degree that she did at the University of Tasmania, and she’s doing an IT degree. She’s attending university with her daughter and son. She also has a 15 year old son, who is academically, musically and artistically gifted. She bought two small owl prints.

I have painted a Ducati, Harley and Triumph motorcycles. I met a Sydney couple that have owned all three. They ended up purchasing “Joy ride!” and “Bonnie & Me”.

A lovely couple from northern England, that spent quite a bit of time deliberating, eventually chose a small “Who, Who, Who are You?II” print. He was telling me that people have told him that Tasmania is similar to England but he thinks it’s nothing like it. He drove through the midlands and said it is so dry, like the land is burnt. We really do need rain. Apparently, we should be getting rain tomorrow. We hope so.

A family from Ankara, Turkey, narrowed down the print choices to “Off to the Races!” and “Glamour Girls”. They asked me which one I thought was the best picture, which I think is a quite a challenging question to ask the creator of the pictures! My response was that I find it too difficult to choose because I like them both equally, therefore, I think you should purchase both. Ha-ha, they thought that was funny too. They ended up choosing “Glamour Girls”.

Glamour Girls.jpg
Glamour Girls

An Austrian and Swiss girl, travelling together for a year, only one month left, stopped at the stall. They worked together in a lawyers’ office in Europe. I asked them what they were going to do upon their return. They had no definite education or training plans. They were in agreement that they didn’t want to go back to office work. I gave them my little, which turned out to be rather pro-longed, passionate pep talk, about not limiting themselves, that they need more women in science, engineering and similar fields, that there are 100% women construction and electrician businesses now and more. They thanked me for the inspirational and motivational speech. It was funny, we all laughed, but yet I meant what I said, which I think was understood by all.

A couple from Warrnambool, Victoria, bought a “Suspended” print to take back for their daughter. A couple from Port Macquarie, NSW, bought “White Faced Scops Owls” and “White Faced Scops Owls II”. A young Sydney couple purchased two small original paintings, a Sulphur crested cockatoo and Yellow-tailed black cockatoo. A young lady from Melbourne, purchased the Glamour Girls II original painting. Now there are only two originals from the series available for purchase, “Glamour Girls” and “Glamour Girls I”.

A couple that live here in Hobart, she being originally from the UK, visited the stall again. She sent “Salamanca Fresh” to her two sisters in the UK. She said that they just loved them so she was looking for more three-emu pictures. She chose “Outback Glamping” and encouraged me to paint more three-emu scenes.

Outback glampingsml.jpg
Outback Glamping

This week’s most popular prints were the whales and owls, “Suspended” and “White Faced Scops Owls” in particular.
A thought to ponder: “Action is the foundational key to all success.” – Pablo Picasso
Wishing you a lovely week, full of creative opportunities, from the Pjpaintings stall #30 at Salamanca Market.


PjPaintings at Salamanca Market January 20, 2018

I started at Salamanca Market rather sleepily after spending Friday, Day 1 at MONA Mofo. I’m writing this week’s update on Sunday because after the market on Saturday, I attended Day 2 of MONA Mofo. Day 2 ended with the most awesome band. Their visuals on the big screen behind them, music and message were amazing. I will write a blog post about my three days at MONA later but for now, I will focus on yesterday at the market, do next week’s order and then head back out to MONA.
The “Fairy wrens” and “Scarlet Robins” prints were incredibly popular yesterday. Two are going to Salt Lake City, Utah. Another one was purchased by a couple that had done Tasmania’s Three Capes walk and saw lots of Superb Fairy wrens along their way. She was from Brisbane, Queensland and he was from South Africa. Another one was purchased by a lecturer at the College of Nursing in Bozeman, Montana, USA. I can’t remember were the others were heading off to.
Three generations, a father, daughter and grandson, originally from France visited the stall. The daughter now lives in Melbourne and her father lives in Frontiere, a town on the French/Belgian border. She bought “Who, Who, Who are You? II” to take back home. Another family of three generations visited the stall, this one originally from Italy and the daughter moved to Tasmania only a year and a half ago. She was at the stall with her teenage son and mother-in-law. She bought a “Scarlet Robins” print and an original painting of platypus and a platypus visitor.
platypus turtle Jan 18th
Platypus visitor
“Poppy Fields” is going to a bush property in Rihanna, Gippsland. “All ears” and “Kookaburra Rescue” is going to be posted to nieces living in England. “Glamour Girls” I, II and III were bought for herself and two girlfriends. The three of them are great friends and she wanted all of them to have a print of ‘them’ at the hairdressers.
A lady, from Brisbane, Queensland, who attended a Native Plant Conference in Tasmania, bought a card. She raved about the conference. There were five days of lectures and then five days outdoors examining nature. She inspected plants at Cradle Mountain and on the west coast of Tasmania. She said that she was so impressed with the depth of expertise and knowledge in Tasmania, especially that it is drawn from a fairly small population, hovering around 500,000.
A couple from Sydney, who came to Tasmania specifically to escape the 47 degrees Celsius heat that they were having in their suburb in Liverpool, Sydney, purchased “Double Date”, “The Three Amigos” and “Kiss me please”. Many regions on the mainland are getting temperatures in the high 30s and into the 40 degrees Celsius range this week.
Kiss me please
Kiss me please
“Barn Owls” and “Tu-whit & Tu-Whoo” are going to the USA and “Thunder” is going to New Zealand. “Suspended” and “Sea Life” will be residing in Perth, Western Australia.
elephants 2015xsml
This week’s most popular prints were the whale, Fairy wrens and Scarlet Robins prints.
A thought to ponder: “Every artist was first an amateur” — Ralph Waldo Emerson.
Warm wishes of creativity from the Pjpaintings stall #30 at Salamanca Market.
Thanks for visiting. 🙂

PjPaintings at Salamanca Market, Tasmania, January 13, 2018

The word that characterises today is “rain”. Thankfully it came intermittently and there were only a couple torrential, bucketing down rain periods, and no wind. People came out when the rain subsided. I met market-goers from Brazil, Chicago, Portugal, Germany and many different parts of Australia. I may have met some runners who are taking part in tomorrow’s Cadbury Marathon too.
I painted three cockatoos during the week and all three went today. The Yellow-tailed black cockatoo to a young lady from Bulgaria, the Sulphur Crested Cockatoo to a lady living on the mainland of Australia and the female Red-tailed black cockatoo to a lady from Ontario, Canada. So, all three will be flying to their new homes.
yellow-tailed cockatooJanuary
A Yellow-tailed black cockatoo, the only black cockatoo native to Tasmania
yellow sulphur crested cockatooo
A Sulphur crested cockatoo, not native to Tasmania but here in abundance nevertheless
female re-tailed black cockatoo
A female Red-tailed black cockatoo
A Tasmanian, who is travelling to Germany next week, purchased “All Ears” to take as a gift for one of her friends. “Scarlet Robins” is going to Chicago as a souvenir of Tasmania. “Double Date” is going to settle in Orange, NSW.
All Ears
All Ears
A lovely young couple, that unfortunately, on their second day in Tassie, at a bush walk rest area in Bicheno, she slipped and broke her arm. It was a really bad arm break that also pushed her hand out of position. They had to walk two hours back out of the bush to their car, which thankfully they had because they came across the Bass Strait on the Spirit of Tasmania ferry. They went to the Bicheno Hospital, where they were told they had to get it treated at the Launceston Hospital, which is a more than a two hour drive away. Then they had to drive back to Bicheno. They said that they drove most of the way back at 40kmph because there was so much wildlife around. They even saw a young Tasmanian Devil along the road. That is a rare sight.
A man, wanting to surprise his wife, daughter and granddaughter, snuck in and bought prints featuring birds for his daughter and granddaughter and “Thunder” for his wife. He said that his daughter and granddaughter were born one week apart, January 18th and January 26th.
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The most popular prints today were the whale and glamour girls prints.
A thought to ponder: “Creativity is allowing oneself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.” — Scott Adams, The Dilbert Principle
Warm wishes of creativity from the Pjpaintings stall #30 at Salamanca Market.