My drawing and painting for Week Two’s prompt word, “Puppet”, for #inktober52.


I spent significant time and care drawing the fur in with an Artline pen. I usually just draw outlines and do my details in the painting part of the process. I accidentally deleted the drawing photo from my phone. Quite frustrating.

Wishing you an ‘unfrustrating’ week.

Cheers, from Patricia (PJ)



A Builder

I’m starting Inktober52 (actually I have had a very hard time finding the prompt list for Inktober52). This challenge provides one drawing prompt word per week, for 52 weeks of the year. For week 1 the prompt word is “build”.

My emus are a caring lot, as evidenced by my Cheer ’em Up series that has captured some of their many “save-the-day” and “the emu comes to the rescue” acts. Here’s the link to view this heart-warming series: https://pjpaintings.com/collections/emus/products/duck-crossing

Well, the emu has again risen to the challenge and built a bird house for a needy family.

I usually only draw a few outlines before I start painting but because this is a drawing with ink challenge, I drew the picture in detail before I started painting. It’s not my preferred method of working but I think it is good to mix things up.

ink drawing

I hope you are warm and toasty, wherever you call home.

Cheers, from Patricia (PJ)


Journey with Platypus

My platypus journey started with Inktober in 2017.

My very first platypus were done with only ink and water, using a reed and paintbrush. I used a mixture of Indian ink and Quink ink so that there would be some bleed.

after doing many ink-only platypus, I started adding paint

and then I started adding reeds and grasses…

followed by platypus looking at various things….

I drew this platypus for Inktober’s prompt word “cruel” – with the idea that it is cruel that platypus have to navigate a web of pollution.

then I started exploring platypus swimming again

… then a whimsical twist with the platypus, putting one in a hammock. I titled it Hammock Life. It looks happy. Hammock Life prints, cushion covers and tote bags are are available.

This is my latest painting of platypus. I finished it a few days ago. I added a bit of green to add interest and more of a watery feel to the painting. It was harder to do than it looks! lol

I’m sure this is not the end of my platypus journey and that there will be more.

Wishing you pleasant journeying from PJ Paintings


Another Perspective


I hope you are enjoying blue skies and your neighbourhood architecture.

I did another sketch of the same Queenslander in Noosa, Queensland, but this time I stood on the side of the road instead of standing in the middle of the cul-de-sac. Standing and drawing brings an additional level of difficulty to the exercise.

Same house but from a different perspective
House drawn from front-on, standing in the middle of the cul-de-sac. I only had to move a few times for cars.

I hope that different perspectives are adding interest to your day.

Cheers, from Patricia (PJ) Hopwood-Wade


Rainbows in Noosa


I hope that a bird has added some cheer to your morning today.

There is a Frangipani outside our kitchen window in Noosa, Queensland that is host to a LOT of bird traffic. There’s a flurry of activity; jumping around, switching branches, stretching downwards, looking up, down, left and right, and flying in and out. This is the only photo from ten that shows an almost whole lorikeet!

Rainbow lorikeets

I have tried to loosely capture some of the very quick Rainbow lorikeets’ poses.

Trying to capture the essence and bird-busyness of the morning

Some more morning photos.

Emerging eucalypt flower
flowering eucalypt

A young banksia flower
A grevillea in flower

Wishing you a great day.

from Patricia

PJ Paintings


Tickle my Toes

Good evening,

I hope that the week has got off to a good start for you.

Isn’t it special when a butterfly joins you! This print of my newest original painting captures a cute encounter of a wombat and a butterfly.

Tickle my Toes

This print is printed on William Turner 310gsm print version, textured watercolour paper with archival inks, to look and feel like a watercolour painting.  It is available at: https://pjpaintings.com/collections/wombats/products/tickle-my-toes

Wishing you a good week with some special encounters.┬á­čÖé

Cheers, Patricia (PJ)

A new tote bag

Hello everybody,

I hope that all is well and that you were able to start your day by hearing a singing bird.

My painting titled, “Maggie” , is proving to be popular as many Australians have a strong connection with magpies (maggies). Australian Magpies are found throughout Australia, including Tasmania, where I live. The distinctive melodic birdsong of the magpie is synonymous with Australia and the Australian bush. It’s a special way to start the morning, hearing their melodious song greeting when you are lying in bed. 

Magpies begin to produce sounds shortly after they are born and the vocal range and complexity of their song continues to improve as they get older. The call of the Magpie is reputedly one of the most complex in the world which sound like a loud musical flute-like call, often performed in groups.

Magpies often establish relationships with people, routinely visiting for a feed, hence so many people developing a strong connection with the bird, becoming involved with each new generation of the bird’s family.

I’ve expanded my tote bag collection with the new addition of “Maggie”. These sturdy┬átote bags, with the “Maggie” image printed on both sides, are Made in Australia and are 100% polyester, meaning they wash up a treat. Put them in a lingerie bag for extra protection and cold machine wash.┬á They come in a Small (approximately 33 cm x 33 cm), Medium (approximately 41 cm x 41 cm) size or Large (approximately 46 cm x 46 cm) size.

The days and weeks seem to be flying by so quickly. Despite the speed of life, I hope that you are finding time to stop to smell the roses and listen to the birds.

Cheers, from Patricia 


Off with the Birds

Birds give me such joy. I currently have three birdbaths in my garden and plan on adding more.

Birds can spot a safe mode of travel, as evidenced by this painting, where they spotted a fashion-conscious, large bird, wearing a bird-friendly patterned dress and shoes, and immediately knew that this was just the right kind of vehicle to embark on!

Off with the Birds

This original painting is painted on Khadi Mill paper, made from recycled cotton rags, painted by Patricia Hopwood-Wade. It has my full name and signature on the back of the painting. The painting is approximately 20 x 20 cm.  It is available at https://pjpaintings.com/collections/original-paintings/products/off-with-the-birds 

I hope that you are able to enjoy birds wherever you are.

From PJ Paintings 

All my images are copyrighted.