Anthill parrot

The beautifully coloured Golden-Shouldered parrot is listed as Endangered. It is said that there are more Golden-Shouldered parrots in birdcages than in the wild. Nearly a century after the extinction of the paradise parrot, there are conservation efforts taking place to protect the survival of its cousin, the Golden-Shouldered parrot.

The Golden-Shouldered parrot was found across most of the Cape York Peninsula, Australia, but now it is only found in an area of approximately 3,000 km2.

A Golden-shouldered Parrot poised for action. Photo Geoffrey Jones (

The choice of the Golden-shouldered Parrots’ nesting site is unusual. They nest in conical termite mounds. The Golden-shouldered Parrots are also known as antbed or anthill parrots. They make their nests just after the wet season, when the termite mounds are soft enough for them to excavate. The mounds insulate the chicks on cold nights, but their timing must be just right – if termites are still active, they can cover over the nest entrances, or kill the eggs by cementing them to the bottom of the nest. Survival is a difficult business!

Grazing by cattle and feral pigs exacerbates the plight of the Golden-shouldered Parrots. They require suitably old (30-50 years) termite mounds to nest in. As such, the loss of, or damage to these crucial nesting sites has an impact on their population.

This Golden-shouldered Parrot that I painted is part of a larger painting. I painted a variety of Australian birds in one painting, but I wanted this blog post to feature and focus just on the Golden-shouldered Parrots. How can you not but relish that gorgeous turquoise colour!! It’s an amazing bird, as all birds are.

The Golden-shouldered parrot

I hope that you are keeping well and safe.

Warm regards, Patricia (PJ) Hopwood-Wade


Salamanca Market Aug 17, 2019

It was hectic under blue skies today.  The first visitors to the stall this morning were from Singapore.  They each bought a little pouch and greeting card.  They asked me to sign their cards and pose for a photo.

Next, a couple, from Launceston, stopped by and purchased a “Meet Me at the Gate” and “The Three Amigos” print.  One is going to be a gift for her parents.

Meet me at the gatesml
Meet me at the Gate

The Three Amigossml
The Three Amigos

A “Hanging Out” greeting card was purchased for a teenager, who is always sleeping, I was told. Some framed prints went today too:  “Sleepy Wombat”, “Kiss Me Please”, “White Faced Scops Owls” and “Joy ride!”, with “Kiss Me Please” being purchased by my dog groomer.

My framed Original Painting of “Bird Watching” is making its way to Sydney to hang in the lounge room with Wendy Binks’ emus.

Bird Watching

“Afternoon Siesta” and “Under My Red Umbrella” is travelling to Thailand and a couple is posting a “Devilish Siesta” print to their daughter living in Canada. Girlfriends from New Zealand bought a “Scarlet Robins” and “Hanging Out” print. A “Spiky Bunk beds” and “Devilish Siesta” is accompanying a young lady to Canberra. Two young optometrists, here on a work week/conference from Sydney, are returning with two A-5 sized prints: “Spanish Eyes (Red)” and “Who says emus can’t fly!?”, and a small “Salamanca Saturdays” pouch. A young lady from Atlanta, USA bought some greeting cards.

A man couldn’t believe it when he saw “Bonnie & Me!”. He has the exact same motorcycle and showed me a photo of his bike.  Needless to say, he bought the print.

Bonnie & Mexsml
Bonnie & Me!

An A-4 sized original painting of a wombat was purchased as a gift for her sister’s birthday.  I forgot to take a photo of it, so I can’t even show you what it looked like. L

The most popular prints today were the Sleepy Head series, featuring wombats, echidnas and Tassie devils.

A thought to ponder: I guess I’m a little weird. I like to talk to trees and animals. That’s okay though; I have more fun than most people”, Bob Ross (I guess I’m a little weird too because I talk to the animals I paint and welcome them to the world, once I give them nostrils to breathe.  My friends at art group find it quite amusing).

Wishing you a week full of emu antics and joy,

from the Pjpaintings stall #30 at Salamanca Market.

P.S. Prints and tote bags are available at

PjPaintings at Salamanca Market June 30, 2018

I left in the dark for the market taking comfort in the knowledge that the days in the southern hemisphere are now getting longer (sorry northern hemisphere). It was rather chilly setting up and I was glad I was wearing three layers of everything. The rain and wind stayed away and it ended up being a rather busy day.
Two girls visiting Tasmania, one from Melbourne and the other from Brisbane, hurriedly bought a print in the morning because they had an extremely busy day planned; firstly, Salamanca Market, then travelling to MONA, Mount Wellington and Wineglass Bay in their hired campervan.
A rather large group of year 6 students from Ballarat visited the market. A family visiting from Philadelphia, USA bought a little original painting of a wombat and platypus as their Tasmanian souvenir and a couple from Salt Lake City, Utah, USA purchased a ‘Suspended’ and ‘Weightless’ print.

A young lady got a print for her friend’s 18th birthday and showed me some of her step dad’s cow drawings. He’s writing a children’s book. They are very cool and funny drawings. Two ballerinas from the mainland, performing tonight at the Theatre Royal in the Snow White production, visited. They are playing many parts requiring heaps of costume changes. A lady, originally from the UK, now living in Adelaide, loved the print ‘Who, Who, Who are You? II’ and is taking it back with her. 

Who, Who, Who are You II
Who, Who, Who are You?II

A lady connected with ‘Salamanca Fresh’ because three generations of her family visited Salamanca Market often when they lived here. The three emus represented the three generations.

salamanca freshsmlPNG
Salamanca Fresh

A young lady couldn’t decide between ‘Sea Life’ or ‘Suspended’. She returned with four family members to get assistance with the decision but they weren’t much help because two chose ‘Sea Life’ and the other two ‘Suspended’. Then there was the suggestion that I just pick one, wrap it up and they will open it when they get back home. Eventually, she settled on ‘Suspended’.
A ‘bird watching’ card was bought for a retired boss, living in Queensland, who raised an emu and had a wide range of animals.
A ‘Three Amigos’ print was bought by a young lady for her father’s birthday.

The Three Amigossml
The Three Amigos

This week’s most popular print was ’39 Keys to Life’. I gave it this title because I painted 39 piano keys in this painting.

39 Keys to Life copy Simonsxsml
39 Keys to Life

 A thought to ponder: “Create with the heart; build with the mind.” ― Criss Jami, Killosophy
Wishing you a creative, happy week,
from the Pjpaintings stall #30 at Salamanca Market

A little humour

Ideas float through my head when I can’t sleep at night.  Sometimes I remember them and sometimes I don’t… This one stuck in my head, so I painted it.  I think birdwatchers would get a real kick out of receiving this card.


It’s available at:

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