Update on Succulent Garden

A year ago I started this project. After removing well established large spiky plants and thousands of white rocks, bucket by bucket, I’ve reached the fun part of planting. This is supposed to eventually create a pattern of swirls and stripes.

December 2020

December 2021

December 2020

December 2021

Hopefully next year’s photos will show a thriving, beautiful, patterned succulent garden.

Wishing everybody a good week.

Cheers, from Patricia (PJ)


Very Succulent

For my lock-down Coronavirus Pandemic urban sketch this week, I drew my succulent garden. It is my favourite part of my yard. I had to remove two layers of weed mats and a massive amount of white ornamental rocks from this triangular area to create it. The big rock was there so I placed a few more balancing rocks on it.

I’ve managed to capture the angle of the path true to life, which is a pain to walk on, but I took some liberties with the succulents  🙂

Experts are warning that rock stacking in nature is endangering Australian animals, causing erosion, disturbing wildlife habitats and damaging ecosystems, and can result in being issued a fine. I’m assuming that in a garden bed it is okay.

Here’s one of my favourite succulents. I love the uniquely shaped leaves. They look like they have mouths.


Here’s some of my other favourite succulents.

Here’s my journal page of this week’s sketch.

Thanks for visiting. Take care and be careful!