Battery Point, Tasmania

Well, to be more exact, Arthur Circus, located in Battery Point, Tasmania. This is where today’s urban sketch-meet took place. It was so peaceful and quiet sketching under the shady trees. Even visitors that came through with their children to use the swings, were telling them to speak quietly. It was like they were entering a library zone. It was quite surreal really.

I drew two cottages located in Arthur Circus.

my first drawing of the day – a heritage listed cottage at Arthur Circus
photo of the cottage I drew

For over 100 years, the crowded working-class cottages in Arthur Circus housed large families whose livelihoods were reliant on the waterfront.  Each cottage is now valued over $1,000,000. Battery Point is a postcode held in high esteem, close to the city, waterfront, and in such a quaint, well-kept, prestigious, historical suburb of Hobart, Tasmania.

Arthur Circus Bsml
One of the quaint cottages surrounding the green space of Arthur Circus

Battery Point derived its name from the presence of a battery of cannons placed around the shoreline to protect the Hobart coastline. The cottages surrounded the village green of Arthur Circus, where children used to gather in the 1930s to play marbles. The cottages were built for officers of the garrison.  When they were originally built in the 1800s, they probably consisted of just two main rooms.

Arthur Cirsml
Houses are built around the green space of Arthur Circus

Arthur Circus is reportedly the only street named “Circus” in Australia.  Given the shape of the street, one would think it would have been named Arthur Circle.  But, in fact, “Circus” is an appropriate name for this special place because apparently “circus”, in Latin means “circle”, a round open space at a street junction.  Who knows, maybe a clown or two visited the grassy area to add to the festivities and fun of the birthday parties hosted there. Piccadilly Circus in London is a busy meeting place, and Arthur Circus seems to serve much the same purpose, especially with urban sketchers as many, many artists paint these cute cottages.

My second drawing of the day, #47 Arthur Circus, Battery Point.

I even drew in part of a car! Unusual for me because I avoid even attempting to draw cars.

A photo of #47 Arthur Circus. This house has a unusual roof. I don’t think I’ve ever seen another like it.

The house and car I drew from a standing position. I drew the first one while sitting on the grass.

To close off our final Hobart Urban Sketching group’s outing of 2020, we enjoyed a social throw down and coffee at Jackman & McCross, Battery Point.

We’re looking forward to another fun-filled year in and around Hobart armed with pens, pencils, paper and paint.

All the best and thanks for visiting.


Evandale, Tasmania

Evandale, home to about 1300 residents, is a small town in northern Tasmania.  It is a National Trust classified Georgian village boasting many unspoiled heritage buildings.  I loved the mixture of humble, simple and chic small houses next to some opulently lavish homes.

Evandale’s main street has an IGA that is still called a General Store with a gorgeous little iron-laced house attached to it.

John Batman lived in Evandale before he founded Melbourne in 1835, Ned Kelly’s father served time as a prisoner in Evandale and the Evandale countryside inspired the Australian landscape artist, John Glover.  Maybe one of them lived in one of these houses??

Evandale was founded as a military post in 1811 and has many references to its early beginnings.


The former St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church

The former St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church is noted as one of the most important colonial building in Tasmania that has retained its interior and exterior without significant change to its appearance.  It was built in 1839 – 1840.  The architect has not been identified and it resembles no other building in the Australian colonies.  The building has some similarities to Roman temples, but with a steeper roof and an added bell turret.  Reverend Robert Russell was the minister for almost 40 years.


In the town, houses and gardens are well maintained.  Lawns are green and there are plenty of well trimmed hedges.  Residents must not be afraid to use water.

My purchases at the Evandale Sunday Market, a bird house and a cheese knife.

Evandale is a quaint town, well worth a browse.

Thanks for stopping by,  Wishing one-and-all a joyful and peaceful festive season.