Some of my friends said that I shouldn’t add paint to Day #9’s Inktober Challenge’s prompt word “Nest”. They really liked it as it was. So, I left it, but I found myself thinking of it as not finished, so I couldn’t let go of it.

I like to finish art work. Having almost finished or half done art work around me seems to act as a block to starting new paintings. It niggles away at the back of my mind. So, apologies to those who thought I should not add paint because I added paint. What do you think? Should I or should I have not???

Nesting with paint
Nesting without paint

The original “Nesting”, with paint, (lol) is available at

I hope your week is going well.

Cheers, from Patricia (PJ)


Ponytail Bouquet

Hello everybody,

I hope that all is good in your world.

I’m falling behind with my posting for the two drawing challenges I’m participating in this month!

Here’s my drawing for the Inktober Challenge’s Day 6 and 18. The prompt word for Day 6 is “bouquet” and for Day 18 the prompt word is “ponytail”.

Off to the Party!

original painting is available at

Now, I need to find myself a funky, purple jumpsuit! Probably not. lol

Hope you’re having a cheery day.

From, Patricia (PJ)


Day 24 of the Inktober Challenge. Prompt word 24 is “fairy”.

A wish from the Emu Fairy. You may have not known that emu fairies existed but here is proof that they do. 🙂

may all your dreams come true

The “May All Your Dreams Come True” painting was first drawn with an Artline pen and then watercolour paint was added. I painted it on 310gsm watercolour paper, approximately 21 x 26 cm, and it has my full name and signature on the back.

Initial Artline pen drawing

The original painting is available at:

Thank you for visiting and I send you good wishes for dreams coming true.

Bin Chicken

So…., you’re the one giving us a bad name.

The Australian white ibis, due to its increasing presence in urban settings and its past-time of rummaging in rubbish bins with its long, curved beak, has acquired the “bin chicken” or “tip turkey” nicknames. It is becoming an icon of Australia’s popular culture despite that some of the population view them as a pest and aren’t too enamoured with their new-found hobby.

The Australian white ibis is a native Australian bird.

Day 16 Inktober Challenge – prompt word: fowl

Cheers, PJ

Midway Point

We’re midway through the Inktober Challenge so I thought I would have a review of what has been drawn so far, in Hobart, Tasmania, rather than discuss Midway Point, Tasmania.

I have combined some of the prompts. Here’s all the pictures that I’ve drawn for Inktober’s first half of the challenge, ten in total.

Day 1
Prompt word: Gargoyle
Day 2
Prompt word: Scurry
Day 3 & 5
Prompt words: Bat and Flame
Day 4 & 8
Prompt words; Scallop and Match (her bathing suit and towel match)
Day 6
Prompt word: Bouquet
Day 7
Prompt word: Trip

Day 9 & 11
Prompt words: Nest and Eagle
Day 10
Prompt word: Crabby
Day 12 & 13
Prompt words: Forget and Kind (it’s kind to offer to share your towel when you’ve forgotten yours)
Day 14
Prompt word: Empty (the feeling you have when you arrive at the beach and find it is empty)

My favourite drawings from the first half of the Inktober Challenge are:

Off to the Beach
Get Well Soon
Bon Voyage!
Beach Date

Which are your favourites?

Happy Inktober to all those enjoying it, in whichever way.

Cheers, Patricia (PJ) Hopwood-Wade


Here’s my drawing for Day 9 of the Inktober Challenge. The prompt word is “nest”.

“Nest” drawn with an Artline Pen

I also drew this with Day 11’s prompt word “eagle” in mind and drew a little eagle comfortably waiting for its dinner.

I hope you are feeling comfy too.

Cheers, Patricia Hopwood-Wade

Painted Inktober pictures

The month of October has past and so has #Inktober2020. Most of my Inktober drawings tell a story. I have started the process of painting them. Here’s a few that have been painted.

Awwww, there’s nothing like reading a good book in the fresh air and warm sunshine… that is until the neighbourhood wombat decides to start building its home next to you and flicks up dirt onto your book!!!

This picture was drawn for the prompt word “dig” -DAY 24.

Run! A storm is coming.

This picture was drawn for the prompt word “storm” -DAY 17.

Who would have thought that people (and emus) would be buying brand new jeans that are ripped!

This picture was drawn for the prompt words “rip” and “float” -DAY 23 and 28.

Thank you for visiting and journeying with me on my unfurling art journey.

These original paintings are for sale at

A Mixture

The #inktober is marching on and it’s getting a little difficult to keep up with it… but I’m persevering. I think I will temporarily fall behind a little because my drawing for tomorrow’s word is quite complicated. But for yesterday’s and today’s prompt word, simplicity prevails and I’m relying on the application of watercolour paints to bring life and depth to the drawings. So, without further delay, Day 11 of the #Inktober2020 Challenge is “disgusting”.


I think that everybody would agree that stepping into fresh dog poo is rather disgusting. But what is more disgusting is missing the key to true, world-wide peace and human rights. Unfortunately treating every human life with value and respect, remains a theory with everything from genocide to bullying, and in between, still occurring. It is heart breaking and disgusting. Our challenge every day, actions upholding, or not upholding, the values espoused by the Human Rights Declaration?

Key to human rights – valuing each individual

The prompt word for Day 12 is “slippery”.


It is a slippery and tricky exercise riding a whale!

I hope the start of your week is going well!

Cheers, from PJ Paintings

It Snuck up on Me!

I was surprised that today is October 1st already!! and that means the Inktober Challenge is off and running! The Inktober Challenge provides a prompt for each day of the month of October. It challenges people to produce a drawing a day. I’m going to take up this challenge and I hope you enjoy the strange and wonderful items that will be drawn.

The first word on the list is: FISH

I used an ink pen and water soluble coloured inks. I thought that when I add water on top, it would produce a nicely, merging coloured effect.

The Spotted handfish is a rare, bottom-dwelling Australian fish and is classified as Critically Endangered. It is endemic to Tasmania, Australia, and is found in parts of the Derwent Estuary, Frederick Henry, Ralphs and North West Bays.

It is a small, slow moving fish which looks like it is walking on its pectoral and pelvic fins rather than swimming. They live in shallow waters and eat small molluscs, crustaceans and marine worms.

The Spotted handfish is one of the most endangered species of fish in the world. I’ve attached a couple links below if you’d like to read about the conservation efforts, support the handfish and/or learn more about them.

I added water and lost a lot of the detail which I subsequently went back and added
and there it is … my first Inktober drawing of 2020

Thanks for visiting, from PJ Paintings

Before & After shot

The Inktober Challenge for 2019, involving drawing a picture with some form of ink each day of the month of October from a prompt list provided, produced a variety of artwork. Here are some before and after shots of some of the drawings I did for the challenge.


Unexpected Visitor sml

For the prompt word was ‘husky’ I drew a “Husky Wombat”

Husky Wombat 

For the prompt word ‘overgrown’ I drew an emu who has outgrown his bed!

Out grown

For the prompt word ‘dark’ I drew a touching moment between an emu and a twinkling star


Which do you prefer, before or after paint is added?

Thanks for stopping by.

PJ Paintings/Patricia Hopwood-Wade