Franklin Square

On the second Sunday of the month, the Hobart Sketchers group meet at a chosen location and we sketch. Today we sketched in Franklin Square which is in the city of Hobart, about a block from the water of the Derwent River. We each sought a shady spot and drew.

I focused on the Elizabeth Street Post Office’s tower. I took this photo from where I was seated to do my drawing.

The drawing and painting that I did in 1 hour and 10 minutes. A large blob of ink unexpectedly came out on the right side of the dome, where I wanted to leave white paper, as this was where the light/sun was hitting it. I’m disappointed that I wasn’t able to capture the light on the dome.

The statue of Sir John Franklin, husband of Jane Franklin, is in the foreground. The power couple came to Tasmania in 1837, when Tasmania was called Van Diemen’s Land. They intended to bring culture and improvements to the penal colony. She established the Lady Franklin Gallery that today is again the home of the Tasmanian Art Society. The gallery has had a bumpy ride and even served as an apple storage shed for a period of time. It is a Greek style building that looks a little out of place in the Hobart suburbs. An ABC reporter asked and answered the question Why there’s a Greek-style building at the back of Lenah Valley? tm

A front view of Sir John Franklin. I like the way the photograph has captured and frozen the water spray.
Here’s a link if you’d like to learn more about this couple’s time in Tasmania.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you are able to make time to draw. It is so much fun!

Frank’s in Franklin



Franklin, located in southern Tasmania, is named after Lady Jane Franklin, who subdivided a large property to settle teetotalling families of modest means in 1837.  In this quaint town of Franklin, nestled along the Huon River, is Frank’s Cider Bar & Café.  It’s a very cool place.  There are couches outside and inside, large barrels of fresh herbs growing in the entrance and rocket growing inside.

Frank's top floor seating area
Frank’s cosy interior

A herbal greeting committee

rocket at Frank's
Indoor Rocket-growing


The goat-minding dog on duty

Frank's WWI display
World War I display

It serves up delicious food and history in the one location.


Lady Franklin
Lady Franklin exhibition

jane FRanklin's pianosml

It also served up the awesome Belle Miners, three Canadian singers and their stunning harmonies and music.  It was such a great venue for their concert.  There’s something special about hearing music in a wooden building.  It’s a distinctive relationship.  Also special, was hearing the stories behind the songs they sang.  It was much appreciated by me and I felt privileged to be given a window into their lives and humanness.

Belle Miners singers
The Belle Miners

The Belle Miners have received lofty accolades from musical people of note saying things, such as, “a living, breathing quality like the best of Missy Higgins – breaks your heart and mends it in the same breath” and “a shimmering sound and awe –inspiring set”.

Here’s their latest CD of wonderful music, Powerful Owl, artwork by Marla Wilson (owls that I would like to have a go at trying to draw!).

powerful owl CDsml


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powerful owlsml