PjPaintings at Salamanca Market March 17, 2018

Happy St Patrick’s Day! It was lively in front of Irish Murphy’s today with green decorations, music and people wearing green hats.
It was a warm, windless, quiet day at the markets.  After the market, during the night, it got stormy.  I fell asleep with the window wide open but I had to close the window part way because the wind was making the blinds flap around.  There also was a strong smoke smell.  I wondered if a lightning strike had started a fire somewhere.  Then the rains came.  We desperately need rain, so it was a welcome sound.  I’m glad it arrived when it did, rather than yesterday, on a market day.
Four couples from Bathurst, NSW, are spending two weeks in Tassie, celebrating a 60th birthday. They purchased a “Salamanca Saturdays” print as a souvenir.
Salamanca Saturdays smlPNG
Salamanca Market with Mt Wellington in the backdrop
Then I met four women, from Bathurst, NSW, that have been friends since they were 18 years old. They are spending four days in Tasmania, also celebrating a 60th birthday. They’ve bought shares in a race horse, so “Off to the Races!” was the print for them.
Off to the RacesxsmlPNG
Off to the Races!
Then I met a flutist from…, you guessed it, Bathurst, NSW, who has been invited to play with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra’s Peer Gynt Suite. She purchased two prints from the Cheer ‘em Up series: “All Ears” and “Duck Crossing”. An “All Ears” is also going to Donnybrook, Western Australia.
All EarsPNG
All Ears
Duck CrossingsmlPNG
Duck Crossing
Then I met three different groups of people, unknown to one another, all from New Mexico, USA. Uncanny! One bought “Story time” and the other, a small platypus painting. She said that there were two things that she wanted to see when she visited Tassie and they were to see a platypus and wombat in the wild, and she did! She is lucky because platypus are quite elusive.
Story timePNG
Story time
This week’s most popular print is: Thunder! One of the people that purchased “Thunder!” is a young couple from the Central Coast, NSW. He left his driver’s licence at the stall. I tried to find them when I noticed it but couldn’t see them. I’ve left a Facebook Message, so hopefully he will contact me soon. I doubt that he even realises that his licence is missing. (He’s checked Facebook and all is well – he’s been reunited with his driver’s licence).
A thought to ponder: Thomas Merton – “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”
P.S. My website is back up (www.pjpaintings.com). Not all the images have been loaded but hopefully by the end of the week it will be completed.
Take care and I hope that your upcoming week is great,
from the Pjpaintings stall #30 at Salamanca Market.

18 + 33 + 10 + 20 = 81

Well, I didn’t reach 100.  A few unexpected things arose on Friday (day 5) but I drew more people this year than the previous two other attempts of OneWeek100People challenge.

On Thursday, I drew people-sketches at an evening art group.

I actually caught a lot of likeness of the real person with this drawing

Too bad I didn’t draw this picture lower on the page to avoid the spectacles I had drawn earlier.  Please ignore the spectacles on her head, they’re not supposed to be there.  This was a tough perspective.  It was a wrestle between the brain and the eye and I think the eye got the upper hand in this case.

A challenging perspective to draw

More drawings of this artist drawing.

Then we had a coffee break.  One person started doing some stretching exercises (bottom image on page).


Drawings of an artist at work.



… and that’s it.  I drew a total of 81 people sketches in four days.

I hope everybody is having a lovely weekend.  Thanks for stopping by.

PjPaintings at Salamanca Market March 10, 2018

The final cruise ship visiting Hobart on a Saturday for the 2018 season arrived in the morning. Many cruise ship passengers bought greeting cards. They are unique and easy to fit into suitcases. A local Hobartian bought pjpaintings greeting cards for the same reason to take with her on her trip to Ireland next month.

Early in the morning, a mother and daughter from Belarus visited the stall. I think that is a first, but maybe not. I also had a former student from the Return to Study course that I teach, who is now doing an Enrolled Nursing course, stop by. Hearing that she is doing well with her studies provides me with great job satisfaction, a sense of pride and so much happiness for her that she is on her way to fulfilling her dream.

I had a couple from San Francisco, USA buy a “Duck Crossing” and “Family Outing” print. Then I had grandparents from Melbourne buy the exact same two prints for a child’s nursery at their house.

I had a couple on a bus tour of Tasmania, with Salamanca Market being their last stop, buy an A-3 sized “Hayride” print. (The limited edition print run of 100/100 of the A-4 size has SOLD out.) They live on a bush property in Queensland. Another couple, from New Zealand, also bought “Hayride”. They said they had a ‘hobby farm’. I’m not sure if 200 acres is a hobby farm?? That sounds rather large to me.


The last A-4 sized print of “Salamanca Fresh” sold today. This print is now only available in the bigger sizes. It went to the Gold Coast, Queensland.

salamanca freshsmlPNG
Salmanca Fresh

A gentleman bought “Under My Red Umbrella” and as he was leaving the stall, said that he thinks he, ‘could get a kiss for that’. Ahh, the hidden agendas… 

Under My Red Umbrella

A lady here from the USA, doing a watercolour plein air course taught by David Taylor, said that she is playing hooky today and shopping at Salamanca Market instead. She purchased three prints for her children, one going to Minneapolis, the other two to North Dakota and Arizona.

One young lady from Brisbane bought “Suspended”. She swam with humpback whales in Tonga. A Norwegian lady bought several prints to give to her children living in Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim, Norway.


A group of motorcyclists, touring Tasmania, bought “Joy ride!” for one of their mates, who rides a Ducati, 50th’s birthday. Yesterday, they rode to Cockle Creek, Tasmania. A lady from Perth, WA, who said that she likes unique art, bought “Story time” and “Hayride”.
A couple from Taree, NSW, who do creative and unique framing, bought some cards to frame. He showed me how he had framed four cards that they bought when they visited the outback. He mounted an opal in the middle. It was stunning quality framing. It looked really good. They said that they would try to find some special Tasmanian object to mount in the middle of this collection of cards.

Italian JoyridesmlxPNG
Joy ride!

This week’s most popular print is: Duck Crossing

A thought to ponder: “I dream my painting and I paint my dream.” ― Vincent van Gogh. A lot of my ideas come during the night. I don’t think too many from dreams, but when I can’t sleep, I think of many ideas and some concepts evolve when I’m in the in-between state of awake and asleep.

P.S. My website is still down because it has been hacked. It should be back up in a next week.

Take care and I hope that you take a line for a walk,
from the Pjpaintings stall #30 at Salamanca Market.

PjPaintings at Salamanca Market March 10, 2018

18 + 33 + 10 = 61 People

Day three of the OneWeek100People2018 challenge.  This morning I had to head into the city for errands, appointment and to pick up prints for this week’s market.  I did a grand total of ten very quick people sketches today.  I’m going to have ramp up my effort tomorrow if I’m going to reach the goal of 100.

I stopped at a cafe to do some sketching (I ordered a coffee to look less conspicuous :-)).

This lady was reading.  Her posture was unusual.  Maybe she forgot her eye glasses and was struggling to see the print??
A few more faces at the cafe
A couple more faces.  The man was doing some work on his laptop.  He had quite a protruding Adam’s apple. 
Relaxing with a girlfriend, whose back was to me.
I like this one because I saw this hairdresser through the window and captured her movement in this approximately 5 second sketch

On my way back to the car, I saw four men sitting on stools at a small round table on the sidewalk.  They were all leaning inwards.  It was such a good composition and sketching subject but with my bags, carton of prints and parking meter getting close to expiring, I reluctantly gave it a miss.

I hope I have heaps of sketches to show you tomorrow.  Thanks for visiting and have an awesome evening/day.

18 + 33 = 51 People

Hello.  Here’s an update on how my day two went with the OneWeek100People2018 Challenge.  Today was easier than yesterday because I went to a Life Drawing class.  There were plenty of people to draw in one place and I didn’t feel like anyone would take offence when I sketched them.

I drew 33 people today, mind some were only 30 second poses, but I’m counting them towards my goal of 100!  Thirty three sketches is too many to show, so I’ve pruned it back to about ten.

Before the life drawing class commenced….  I used a 3B pencil today.

We started the life drawing class with quick 30 second and then one minute poses.

Then we drew some 10 minute poses.

Ten minute pose

Then I sketched a few people during the morning tea break.

After morning tea we had two 20 minute poses.


I have one more sketch that I did but I want to finish it before I reveal it.  I am really loving it so far.

Thanks for stopping by.  🙂

18 People

Hello.  Well, I embarked on my first day of the OneWeek100People2018 challenge.   As I had strategically planned, I went to the public library early, hoping to catch a group of people congregating by the entrance waiting for the library doors to open.  I got there and there was nobody!  Now wouldn’t you too think a public library would open at 9 am??!  Well, not the Rosny Library in Tasmania.  It opens at 9:30 am.

So, I went to Banjos, ordered a coffee and tried to discreetly start my people-sketching.  This man was reading a newspaper on a very low coffee table. I used a new ink pen for the first time today and found out the ink bleeds quite a lot when you add watercolour paint.  With some sketches it works, with others, not so good.

Reading a distant paper

Then I sketched this group of three.  I thought they were having a business meeting, but at one point, the lady in the red, said at a much louder volume, “I will tell them I am a slow learner.”  I think they were getting some job interviewing coaching.

Interview skills coaching at Banjos

Then suddenly, I was the only one in Banjos.  I didn’t feel comfortable drawing the staff so I thought I would try the library again.  On my way, I sketched this person leaning on a railing but he abruptly left the scene about 10 seconds after I started drawing him.

March5 council

Then as a bus was pulling up, I started sketching this guy as he was waiting to get on the bus.  I’m surprised in how much I captured in probably under a minute.

March 5 busstop
starting his bus ride to somewhere

At the library, I sketched this woman (the paint has seriously blurred her glasses).  I think she sensed I was drawing her because she kept looking up from her book at me, so I moved and found this gentleman perched in front of a computer.

The library was quite empty so I went to the shopping centre with the thought there might be people sitting on some of the benches or couches.  There were three teen aged boys sitting on a bench, all looking at their phones.  Their postures were great, teenagery slouched positions, but I wasn’t game to try just in case they looked up and took offence to me drawing them.  So, I decided to try another cafe.  I had better luck here, with subjects to draw, not better drawings.  Here are some of the faces.


While waiting for his take away coffee, this man ran his fingers through his beard continuously.

march5waiting coffee
decision, decisions

I finished my second coffee and decided to head home, even though I hadn’t achieved my goal of sketching 20 people.  I stepped out of the cafe and saw this bloke having a smoke.  I liked his posture so I motivated myself to give him a go.  No sooner had I started, he butted out his cigarette and left.  That’s the main problem with sketching people – they move, and they move a lot!  Tomorrow should be easier because I will be attending a life drawing class.  I’ll sketch the model and the people sketching the model.  I should be able to reach my quota!

butting out

Thanks for reading and all the best with whatever is challenging you.

PjPaintings at Salamanca Market March 3, 2018

A cruise ship from Sydney was in Hobart today. I had conversations with quite a few of the passengers. One, who saw my “Duck Crossing” print in the Made in Tasmania shop, and when she saw it at my stall, said that she wanted to buy it for her 5 year old daughter because she loves ducklings. While perusing the stall, she spotted “All Ears” and decided she was buying an A-3 sized print of “All Ears” for herself instead.
Another cruise ship passenger came at the end of the day and bought herself a “Scarlet Robins” print to cheer herself up she told me. Another passenger bought three dancing emu prints to put in her office. She said that her clients like to see different and engaging art.
A couple touring Tasmania on a motorbike bought “Joy ride!”. They’re riding a similar Italian framed Ducati motorcycle. She said that it will be sitting on their piano in Cronulla, Sydney.
Italian Joyridesmlx
Joy ride!
A lovely couple re-visited my stall. They told me that they had bought a “White Faced Scops Owls” print for their cousin’s granddaughter, 8 year old Holly, living in Guernsey, one of the Channel Islands in the English Channel. Holly loves owls. A large stuffed owl also accompanied the print. Needless to say, Holly was a very happy girl when these arrived. I collected postage stamps when I was a child and I remember that Guernsey in particular had stunning stamps.
White Faced Scops Owls
White Faced Scops Owls
A grandfather, 76 years old, daughter 46, son 44 and 12 year old grandson were back from doing The Three Capes walk. The grandfather had been training to improve his fitness so that he could do the walk. He was pretty pleased. It’s now a lovely memory for the three generations. The “Double Date IV” print will also serve as a lovely Salamanca Market memory.
Double Date xsml
Double Date IV
A lady, living locally, bought an A-3 sized print of Yellow Poppy Fields. She said that her lounge room is the same orange as the orange highlights in the painting. It will pop on an orange wall.
Yellow Poppy Fields
Yellow Poppy Fields
A young couple, living in Canberra, bought “G’day”. A couple, who are 7 months into their world trip, bought an original small framed platypus painting to give to their Tasmanian host. They are on their way to Bali, Singapore, the Philippines and then back to the UK. An x-Canadian, from Toronto, who is living in Brisbane, Queensland for the past three years, purchased “Sea Life”. A lady visiting from United States bought five greeting cards to take back with her and a couple from Adelaide bought ten Christmas greeting cards. The cards made them chuckle aloud.
Sea Lifexsml
Sea Life
This week’s most popular print is: Thunder!
A thought to ponder: “If only we could pull out our brain and use only our eyes” ― Pablo Picasso. This rings so true for me when I am urban sketching. My brain so often convinces and tricks me into believing that an angle couldn’t possibly be that severe. Listening to it, rather than trusting what my eye sees, is a frequent source of frustration.
On Monday, the OneWeek100People challenge commences. Good luck to all those taking up the challenge. I will be. I plan to post some of my drawings on Facebook and on my blog:www.theunfurlingartist.wordpress.com
P.S. My website is still down because it has been hacked. It should be back up in a few weeks. Please feel free to contact me through Facebook, blog or email: pjpaintings@gmail.com
Take care and have fun taking a line for a walk,
from the Pjpaintings stall #30 at Salamanca Market.

Drawing 100 People

The OneWeek100People challenge is on again, actually it is five days. It commences March 5-10.

The rules are quite straight forward:  you can use any medium to draw or paint 100 people in 5 days. They can be really loose quick sketches where you are just trying to capture movement or gestures.  Drawing from real life is best but drawing from photos or doing self-portraits are allowed.

Mofo 2017
Quartet playing at MONA, Tasmania, 2017

I’ve attempted this challenge twice, in 2016 and 2017, and both times I didn’t reach 100. The first challenge I drew about five people and last year around twenty. This year, I hope to meet the challenge and draw 100 people, at the bare minimum 50. The trick is going to places where people are and remembering to “see” and acting on opportunities as they arise. I sketched this while sitting in the waiting room at the doctors.

doctor's waiting room 2017
Too bad I mucked up his nose but I like that I quite accurately captured his posture.

Many times while I’m standing in a queue, I remember too late that I could have been doing my heel raises exercises or sketching.  This is an extremely quick sketch I did while waiting in line.

waiting in line2017
It was my turn before I hardly got started drawing

You need to be prepared to take advantage of drawing opportunities when you think “I should be drawing this”. I have a good supply of sketchbooks.  I have some that are coat pocket size, handbag size and so on.  There is a notebook in all my different coats’ pockets and handbags so that I am never caught out without a sketchbook (and a supply of a few pencils, Artline pens and/or coloured pencils).

A breakfast sketch

Sketches of two friends that I ate dinner with.

I am very comfortable sitting on the sidewalk/footpath drawing a building. People walk by and take no interest. I find it less comfortable sketching people so I’ve armed myself with a few strategies:

  1. Draw the backs of people (then they won’t know you’re drawing them)
    festival goer 20171
    Music festival 2017
    festival goer 2017
    Music festival 2017


  2. Draw sleeping or book-reading people (for the same reason, they won’t know you’re drawing them. Airport lounges are a good place to find these kinds of people).

    festival goer 20172
    Somebody reading a book in a park, 2017
  3. Have a rehearsed response ready. My planned response for anybody taking objection to me drawing them is, “I’m such a poor people drawer (only stating the truth) I doubt you’d be able to recognise yourself or whoever I’ve drawn” and then I’d confirm this by showing them the drawing. Or saying, if you like the drawing, you can have it.

Last year, I was sketching people at a music festival.  A man came up to me and said, “you’re drawing people”.  I was freaking out thinking, oh no, here we go but then he asked me if I could draw his baby.  I thought, you’re kidding!  I can’t draw well enough to draw a baby and have it look like a baby but I said I’d give it a go.  I hardly started and he walked away with the baby.  I didn’t see him the rest of the evening.  That is my one-and-only encounter while drawing people, thankfully.

babyFranklin Square2017
The start of baby drawing

Another strategy is to plan ahead.  There are about 20 people that show up for the life drawing session, and half a dozen for another art group, I attend. During the Draw 100 people challenge, I’ll do a very quick sketch of the model and then try to sketch each person of the group drawing the model.  I’ll try to do several sketches of each person at my art group.  This should help me with efficiency, producing many people-drawings in one location and block of time.

Sydney airport scene2017
Quick drawing at the Sydney airport, 2017

Well, words are one thing, action is what is now needed.  Will you be doing this challenge?  The hashtag is: #OneWeek100People2018

Happy drawing!

Pjpaintings website

If you were looking for my website and ended up here it is because I had to take down my website.  It has been hacked virtually every other day this month and it is just too compromised to leave it up.  So, a brand new website is on its way.  In the meantime, if you’d like to order a print, please contact me through email (pjpaintings@gmail.com), Facebook or the comments feature here.  All images displayed in the Salamanca Market Diary category are available for purchase.

Thanks so much!

Embrace Individuality

Last week, I did a two-day drawing workshop.  In the evenings, I checked out the neighbourhood.  It’s one of my favourite things to do, looking at houses and gardens.  Some people aren’t afraid to express their individuality, actually they celebrate it.


Some yards had very cool things in it, like this three storey treehouse, with three decks.  It is difficult to see the three storeys in my photo, but it has three decks, with each one looking like they are meeting current building regulations.


… and this very cool way to store your firewood.


We had nine participants doing the drawing workshop.  Each person is an amazing artist.  An impressive range of diverse art skills was represented, pastels, penwork Mandalas, woodwork, some imaginative whimsical art and some unbelievable realism.  Often, people that paint life-like portraits wish they could think of imaginative things to paint and lament their ‘lack of creativity’, which isn’t accurate, it’s there, it is just being presented in a less obvious way, and people who have no shortage of quirky ideas, wish they could paint realism, people who paint loose, wish they painted more detailed, people who paint detailed, wish they could paint looser and so on.  From my observation, people undervalue their individual style. There will always be people who may not like a particular style, but there will also be heaps who admire and wish they had somebody else’s style or talent.  My theory is to celebrate individual style and to not allow negative self-talk interfere with the joy of producing art.

We started the workshop by drawing upside pictures to help engage the right side of our brains.

We went outside to find a splotch to turn into an imaginative character.  To my eyes, the blob on the right of the centre looked like a pig with a broken snout.

I’m unsure about this style but it definitely has given me some ideas that I want to explore.

Here’s an unfinished blob from the footpath that I’m transforming into an imaginary creature.

Melbourne 4

Thanks for visiting and for being ‘you’.