art as mania

Delivering artwork to the “art as mania” involved staying overnight in Deloraine, Tasmania.  Art as mania  is a large gallery that houses a lot of art, community activities/groups and some very cool massive refurbished furniture.


It now houses some art featuring adventurous emus.  Art as mania Gallery is located on the very appropriately named street – Emu Bay Road.

One of the window displays featuring my paintings at “art as mania” Gallery in Deloraine, Tasmania

I stayed overnight at the Tarcombe House, built around 1898 on a land grant to Thomas Reibey, a once prominent politician, Premier of Tasmania and Colonial Secretary.  The house was also a birthing hospital for two decades from 1929.

The Tarcombe House

The temperature dropped in the evening, so the roaring fire and fresh walnuts from the walnut tree in the front yard was lovely.

Tarcombe House, Delorainesml
My sketch of Tarcombe House

Thanks for stopping by and I hope that the rest of your week bubbles along nicely. 🙂


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