PjPaintings at Salamanca Market May 20, 2017

I thought that I would be having a lot of conversations with raindrops today with the forecast of rain across Tasmania, including flash flood warnings for the north-west, but the rain held off until packing-up time.

I forgot my table cloths and thankfully somebody leant me some colourful ones.  The red table cloths worked well with my art work.

A lady from Perth, Western Australia, visited the stall and told me that she loves the Who, Who, Who are You?II print that she has framed and hanging in her sewing room. She said that it makes her feel happy.

White Faced Scops Owls xsml
Who, Who, Who are You? II

She bought two more prints, Story time I and White Faced Scops Owls II.

A Hobartian told me that she has bought three prints, framed them and gave them as gifts to three different people. She said that they all loved their pjpainting print and that they make great gifts. She bought a print for herself this time.

A couple stopped by the stall and she thought that I looked familiar. Then she asked me if I used to be Marianne’s neighbour? Which I was, but that was over 20 years ago and in Rathmines, just outside of Newcastle, New South Wales. She met me once at an activity that Marianne and I went to together. Uncanny! What an impressive memory!

I met a charming young couple visiting Tasmania from China. They’re heading off to Sydney tonight. They thought that my emus were ostriches (they are not the first people to mix them up) so I described the differences between emus and ostriches. She was very conscientious about adhering to Australian customs and salutations. She asked me if I was planning on visiting China and other small talk. We posed for a few photos. They are taking Yellow Poppy Fields and Spanish Eyes (Yellow) home to China with them.

A woman on a girls’ weekend bought an Emus Can Fly! print for her husband. Parents from Queensland bought Black & White + One for their daughter’s music room that is red, black and white. She’s a music teacher. Perfect! Story time was purchased to hang in a primary school’s library and a young lady bought Beauty Queens to give to her mother, who is a hair dresser. An Adelaide couple bought Two to Tango. We chatted about WOMAD.

Today’s best seller is the Red Poppy Fields print. The final print of 100/100 limited edition of the A-3 size sold today. I’ll have to try to paint another one. It is still available in the A-4, A-2 and A-1 sizes.

Poppy fieldxsml
Poppy Fields

A thought to ponder: “Painting is silent poetry.” Plutarch, Moralia

Warmest regards, from the Pjpaintings stall #30 at Salamanca Market, Tasmania

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