My favourite Inktober drawing so far

This is a case of where less is so much more.

I really didn’t feel like doing another Inktober drawing and my enthusiasm for Inktober was seriously waning.  I considered quitting but from somewhere I was able to muster enough self-discipline to try to spit something else out.  I chose a rabbit and drew the head part and thought, “I don’t want to do anymore!!!  I’m sick of this relentless coming up with a new drawing every day” so I  quickly and roughly finished off the body.

When I stood back, I thought, “wow!  I love this little guy!!”  I find simplifying and making suggestions in drawings incredibly difficult and if I had set out specifically to try achieve this, I’m quite sure it wouldn’t have turned out as well as this did.  It’s funny how sometimes when “I really don’t feel like painting or drawing” something really good gets created or sometimes that feeling is captured and reflected in the painting and it turns out the way you are feeling, a sad and despondent piece of art.  I suppose I need to keep this in mind for when I don’t feel like painting or drawing. To help motivate myself, I need to remind myself that I might produce something that I really love and that will give me so much pleasure, like this little rabbit.

A rabbit for Day 14 of the Inktober Challenge.

My favourite drawing so far.  I like the lack of detail and the simplicity of  the rabbit’s body.  It helps to lead the eye, and keep the eye, looking at the head of the rabbit. 

A squirrel for day 15 of Inktober.  I wasn’t able to achieve the art of suggestion with this one.

A squirrel for Day 15

We’re more than half way through the Inktober Challenge.  So far I’ve been keeping up with a drawing a day, a little behind with the posting, but travelling okay with that part of it.  At times the Finish line seems far way but I’m still in it, despite finding the motivation part tough at times.

Is anybody else struggling with Inktober??

Thanks for stopping by.

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