18 + 33 + 10 = 61 People

Day three of the OneWeek100People2018 challenge.  This morning I had to head into the city for errands, appointment and to pick up prints for this week’s market.  I did a grand total of ten very quick people sketches today.  I’m going to have ramp up my effort tomorrow if I’m going to reach the goal of 100.

I stopped at a cafe to do some sketching (I ordered a coffee to look less conspicuous :-)).

This lady was reading.  Her posture was unusual.  Maybe she forgot her eye glasses and was struggling to see the print??
A few more faces at the cafe
A couple more faces.  The man was doing some work on his laptop.  He had quite a protruding Adam’s apple. 
Relaxing with a girlfriend, whose back was to me.
I like this one because I saw this hairdresser through the window and captured her movement in this approximately 5 second sketch

On my way back to the car, I saw four men sitting on stools at a small round table on the sidewalk.  They were all leaning inwards.  It was such a good composition and sketching subject but with my bags, carton of prints and parking meter getting close to expiring, I reluctantly gave it a miss.

I hope I have heaps of sketches to show you tomorrow.  Thanks for visiting and have an awesome evening/day.


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